Bo Derek and John Corbett finally got married. Corbett announced that he and Derek wedded in December after nearly two decades together on Tuesday’s edition of The Talk. According to Page Six, the Sex and the City alum’s buddy, Hollywood agent Norby Walters, hooked up Corbett and Derek for the first time in 2002.

During the show, Corbett stated that this was the first time he or Derek had revealed the news publicly. “Around Christmas time, we got married,” he said. Jerry O’Connell, the newest co-host on The Talk’s panel, said, “I noticed your ring, and I was going to say something, but not on live T.V, but wow, Congratulations.” The actor explained that he and his now-wife decided to get married in 2020 amid all of the stressful events that were going on in the world that year.

John Corbett and Bo Derek have finally tied the knot.
John Corbett and Bo Derek secretly married in December after 20 years.
Photo Source: Us Weekly

The American actor continued, “After twenty years, we decided to get married. We didn’t want 2020 to be that thing where everybody looks back and hates it. Let’s get one nice thing out of this.” As previously stated, Walters was the one who set up Corbett and Derek. The partners met on a blind date arranged up by the agent. Bo was married to John Derek from 1976 until his death from heart failure in 1998, before starting a relationship with Corbett.

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While this is the first time Corbett has spoken publicly about his marriage, it isn’t the first time he has discussed his long-term connection with his long-term girlfriend. In 2018, Corbett and Derek talked to Closer Weekly about how they’ve managed to keep their romance going after all these years.

Corbett noted during the episode that this was the first time either he or Derek shared the news publicly.
The pair were set up back in 2002 by Corbett’s friend, Hollywood agent Norby Walters.
Photo Source: Page Six

According to the Fashion House star, the couple enjoys spending a peaceful day at home. “We both travel so much, so for us, our favorite vacation place is home,” she explained. That’s where the romance is.” Corbett went on to talk about the simple things that make a significant impact on their relationship.

The country music singer replied, “We enjoy each other’s company; we make each other laugh. After 15 years, we still hold hands; we still have barbecues with friends a couple of times a week. He added, “[And Bo] still laughs at all my jokes even though she’s heard them a million times. We just enjoy each other. I’m sad when she’s not around.

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