Yuri Sardarov is an American actor who is in the limelight because of his performance in NBC’s show Chicago Fire. He played the role of Brian Zvonecek in the series. Besides, he also has some credits as a producer.

Sardarov was introduced to the world on the 28th of January in 1988 and was raised in Baku, Azerbaijan until he was two years old. Then, he relocated to the United States as a refugee alongside his parents. He grew up idolizing his grandfather.

Yuri Sardarov’s Net Worth

Yuri Sardarov is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $1.5 Million. He has accumulated this huge sum of amount with his long professional career. He is yet to reveal his house, salary, and vehicles.

As a veteran actor, Sardarov has earned a substantial amount. He was the recurring character of the popular TV series Chicago Med and Chicago Fire. Likewise, he has also appeared in The Rookie, Adam, Boyband, and so on.

Relationship Status -Is Yuri Sardarov Married?

No, the Amy and Peter Are Getting Divorced actor is not married yet but that does not mean he is living a single life. Sardarov is dating a beautiful woman named Madeleine currently. The love birds have been together and share a great bond.

Yuri Sardarov with his girlfriend Madeleine
Yuri Sardarov with his girlfriend Madeleine.
Source: marriedceleb

They are yet to take their relationship to the next level. Hopefully, they might give the good news soon. The love birds are often spotted in public as they love to spend quality time in beautiful destinations.

Family Background

Chicago Fire actor, Sardarov has not disclosed much information about his parents. But it is known that his parents and grandparents were a musician. He grew up idolizing his grandfather and was very close to him.

Yuri was named after his grandfather and because of their same name, he often would spell his name with an extra Y to differentiate him. He has a matching tattoo with his grandfather which is written in Cyrillic script. Although he admired his parents and grandparents, Sardarov did not walk in their footsteps and did not make a career in music.

Past Relationship

Yuri is rumored to have been in a relationship with Brittany Zimmermann for two years prior to being in a relationship with Madeleine. However, there is not enough evidence to back the claim.

Yuri Sardarov with Brittany Zimmermann 1
Yuri Sardarov with Brittany Zimmermann.
Source: Zimbio

They frequently appear together, and in a photo from November 9, 2015, the couple is seen at a Chicago Fire premiere party.

Sibling – Nick Sardarov

Yuri is not the only child of his parents, he has a younger brother who is eleven years older than him. His brother’s name is Nick Sardarov and Yuri sometimes mockingly calls him a son.

Yuri Sardarov with his brother 1
Yuri Sardarov with his brother.
Source: Twitter @yursar

Not much is known about him, however, Nick uses an Instagram account under the username @nicksardarov which has a follower in the range of 600. Also, he went to the Prom on the 21st of May, 2018 which was posted by Yuri on his Instagram.

Yuri on The Rookie As Trevor Gurin

Yuri is going to play the role of Trevor Gurin in the series The Rookie. The audience will get to see the familiar face that they know from the series Chicago fire in the series.

Talking about his character, Trevor is a Russian bomber and his character is a crucial one in the storyline. The episode Enervo has a direct reference to Gurin.

Currently, the show is in its fourth season and is getting a good response from the audience.

Yuri Sardarov Education

Sardarov is a well-educated person who attended Glenbrook North High School, which lies near Chicago after relocating to America. Furthermore, he went to the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance to achieve higher education after he graduated high school in 2006.

In 2010, Sardarov graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in fine arts. After receiving his Bachelor’s degree he started to search for career opportunities.

Why Did Yuri Leave Chicago Fire?

Yuri, who is well-known for playing Brian Otis Zvonecek, has departed the television program Chicago Fire. He was one of the series’ most well-known characters. In season 8, his persona died.

What happened to Yuri Sardarov (Otis) during Chicago Fire? Why did he leave?

Also, the actor was planning to move to Los Angelos to pursue comedy writing. Although, the death of his character was because of the story plot and not because of his desire to leave the Chicago fire.

Many of the audience of the show miss him, as the character Otis was pure-hearted and kind, and Yuri portrayed it so well.

Was One of The People To March For George Floyd With the Slogan Black Live Matters

Although Sardarov initially was staying at home himself and saying all his friends and neighbors to stay at home to minimize the covid infected curve, he couldn’t stay put in the George Floyd murder case.

According to Sardarov, he joined a thousand others in the street to march for justice for Floyd and the life of countless others.

Sardarov’s House Was Immersed In Water When He was Child

During one rainy night, Sardarov’s house was flooded with water because of the clogged pipe and poor drain. He has revealed this story on his Instagram remembering his father and wishing him father’s day.

Yuri Sardarov with his father
Yuri Sardarov with his father.
Source: Instagram @yursar

As per him, his father immediately rushed to him and took him to the roof, both in their underwear to fix things.

Yuri Sardarov Weight Loss

In the response to a comment on Twitter from one fan named Tina, Sardarov has talked about his weight. Tina had said that Sardarov appears to have lost some of his weight.

In one interview Sardarov revealed that he gained some weight while working on the Chicago fire as it was all food. So, to deal with it, he pushed himself in the summer with boxing and all those vegetables and successfully lost some pounds.

After his weight loss, Yuri got attention from his co-stars and fans.

Career Highlights

Yuri Sardarov started his on-screen acting with a short Dupe in 2008. Following that, he has featured in many movies and TV series.

To date, he has 18 credits as an actor and some of his credits are for Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, The Rookie Shark tank, Boyband, and so on.

Furthermore, he has tried to expand his range of fields and has three credits as a producer on his IMDb profile.

Loves To Travel

Sardarov loves freedom and wants to visit new destinations and immerse himself in new traditions and lifestyles. He has traveled to many beautiful places with his friends and love.

Yuri Sardarov in Michigan
Yuri Sardarov in Michigan.
Source: Instagram @yursar

Some of the places that he has been to are Paris, Barcelona, Ludwig’s castle, and so on.

The Physical Appearance Of Sardarov

Sardarov is a gentleman with a charming personality and attractive looks. He has black hair which he prefers to keep short and has serene black eyes.

Chicago fire actor stands tall with a height of 5 ft and 9 inches which is equivalent to 175 cm. He has maintained a weight of 60 kg i.e 132 lbs. He has a tattoo in Cyrillic script which is the same as his grandfather’s.

Social Media Presence

Sardarov is quite active on social media as he is a media personality and does not feel shy about displaying himself publicly. He often posts on social media and he has activated his accounts like Instagram and Twitter.

His Instagram account @yursar has more than 254k followers and has posted more than 700 content. Most of the posts are from his professional life while he has also shared some glimpses of his personal life.

Likewise, Yuri has tweeted and retweeted on various topics under the username @yursar and has amassed more than 84k followers in it.

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