Weste Ross Erickson was born in 1983 in Forks, Sekiu, Washington. He became well-known in the horror television industry, especially for his role in the 2017 horror TV series, “Terror in the Woods.”

People became attracted because of his good manners and behavior towards them. He was an It expert who worked for Tahoma Middle School. He was a famous and lovable actor well-known in the horror documentary television series Terror in the Woods. 

He is a man with a charming personality. He used to be a very nice and cooperative person, and everyone who worked with him had a good impression of him.

Unfortunately, Erickson, a wonderful, hardworking, kind, and caring person died on January 23, 2017.

Early Life

Erickson was raised with his family in Sekiu, Washington. His parents had a Pysht Pottery business, but his loss was devastating to his family.

Moreover, his parents are Karen and Ron Erickson, and he has three siblings: Lincoln, Thomas, and Emma. He cherishes his family and has a close relationship with them.

He used to have a lot of friends that he was close with because of his nice demeanor. They also emphasized how much they missed him and praised him for his devotion and love.

In the same way, his charisma helped him make more friends in his professional life. A good-looking and loving guy, on the other hand, must leave his life early, saddening his loved ones.

Educational Background

Nowadays, a lot of celebrities and actors have a good quality education. They are mostly seen in the media or on social networking sites with their college or certificate degrees framed and hanging up on the wall.

Some famous people even go to school after making it a big success in life, and some drop out of high school because they cannot afford to continue their education Because of their career, they drop their studies.

To add more, Weste was a talented, disciplined, and humble student in his School life. He participates in all school college programs organized by the school. But He has not revealed about his college and university studies. Maybe he wants to keep it private to the public and people.

Carrier Background

Weste is a popular and famous actor. He also worked as the IT specialist at Tahoma Middle School and was lauded, loved, and appreciated by students, staff, and administrators for his expertise, wit, compassion, and willingness to “go the extra mile.”

He was an inquisitive youngster who would pick up any bug for a thorough inspection. He climbed the tree next to his house at age 3 for a fascinating view of the entire bay from Sekiu to Slip Point.

This is Weste Erickson's photo. He is wearing a black shirt. He has a dark brown eyes.
Weste Erickson Photo.Source@Celebsgraphy

All his life Weste loved camping with family and friends. He was an active member of the Public School Employees Union, SEIU Local 1948. Weste Erickson was a famous and lovable actor well-known in the horror documentary television series Terror in the Woods.

They set out to explore the wide outdoors, but they were discovered first. “Terror in the Woods” is based on the true experiences of people who went on a wilderness trip only to be chased by a strange phenomenon.

Family Background

Weste has a lovely and supportive family. He was raised by his mother and stepfather, Karen and Scott Nangle; father Ron Erickson. His parents love him, very much and he also loves them. His parents give him a good moral education so he is very polite and manner full.

This photo is Weste Erickson's father-mother and grandfather photo. They have white hair and they are smiling.
Weste Erickson family photo.Source@Republican Eagle

He was raised with his supportive family and siblings. His family has a great role in being a success. They helped him in every work and his career. But his real father’s name is still disclosed to him. But he had a good family.


Weste has lovely, disciplined, and educated siblings. He has good relationships with them. He is the brother of three siblings named Lincoln, Thomas, and Emma. 

They are well-disciplined and have a good relationship among themselves. His friends and family describe him as an inquisitive particular person.

Relationship Status

There is an interest among all the people and fans in the relationship and marriage of successful and popular celebrities. Most popular celebrities reveal their relationship to people. But some celebrities don’t reveal it to the public they keep it secret. Some are happy in their married life and have been living together for ages.

The popular and talented actor Weste is single. So there is no information regarding his girlfriend. His relationship status is single. He may be single or he may keep it private from people. He didn’t want to fall into any controversies that harmed his career and his life.


Weste is a popular and talented actor who died on 23 January 2017. He was living his life as an IT specialist for Tahoma Middle School. He was a cheerful and kind-hearted person, popular, and everyone loved him. The students, the school staff, and everyone who knew him loved him.

This is Weste Erickson's death photo. His family is carrying his dead body. They are wearing a black coat.
Weste Erickson Death Photo.Source@Republican Eagle

He left his cheerful personality and kind nature behind and passed away when he was only 34 years of age.

The reason for his death is still unknown, leaving numerous questions regarding his death. Imagine for a long time his death one organization named Cady Cremation Services organized organize the final ceremony. But he is still alive in fans’ hearts and minds.

Cause of Death

Erickson who is known as a popular actor was very kind to everyone and had to leave the world soon. The people who have good hearts had to leave the world soon because it became a very tragic moment for their loved ones.

He is taking his last breath in his home. At that time he was turned at the age of 34 years but he had to face his death early.

So many investigations have also been done for the case but did not find any suspects in his death. Besides this, his death story can be seen in the TV series “Terror in the Woods”.

The series features real stories so that people know about many incidents that have happened to many people. The series was released on 10 October 2017 in the United Kingdom. The series is also known as “These Woods Are Haunted,” where the series was aired on Wild Dream Films.

Death Investigation

Erickson’s death has been investigated by police and other sources of investigation but no one has been able to determine the cause of his death.

Moreover, his death is still unknown. The inquiry is still ongoing, but no one has been able to determine the true reason for his death.

His death has become when featured in the series “Terror in the Woods,” which features all true stories of people.

Many fans are still waiting for the real reason for his death after Terror in the Woods portrayed his narrative in the series to continue the investigation. His family is also hoping to learn the true cause of his death.

Net Worth Before Death

Weste Erickson is the most popular and talented actor. Since he was an IT man and He appeared only on TV series. If he was alive he was living a comfortable and luxurious life. He had collected a good sum of money from his vocation.

Even though his actual net worth has not been revealed, Erickson probably had a total of $500 thousand ensued from his vocation.

 Besides, he does not have a passive source of income. Therefore, his wealth constitutes his salaries, wages, and any other luxuries he owned.

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