Vincent Curatola is an acting professional who rose to fame for his appearance as a New York mafia in the HBO series The Sopranos. Additionally, he played the judge in the episode of Law & Order: Special Victim Units that aired on television.

Besides acting he is also involved in singing and has performed on stage on different occasions. Curatola was born in the year 1953 and celebrates his birthday every 16th of august. He was raised in Eagle Wood, New Jersey where he had the chance to meet many talented performers which created his interest performing in him.

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Net Worth – The Richness Of Vincent Curatola

Vincent Curatola is a wealthy personality who is living a rich lifestyle. He has earned a huge amount from his professional life. Curatola is estimated to have a net worth of Jaw-dropping $10 Million.

His primary income is his acting career. He has 29 credits as an actor which are for The Sopranos, Meet the Mobsters, Fun with Dick and Jane, Law & Order: Special Victim Unit, and so on.

In addition to this, Curatola earned a good amount from his Masonry business. Also, he is on the board of commission of the New Jersey Hall of Fame and trustee of the Hackensack University Medical center foundation.

Relationship Status – Married To Maureen Curatola

Vincent Curatola is a married guy who has been living in a nuptial relationship for a long period of time now. He tied the knot with Maureen Curatola in a holy ceremony that was attended by their close friends and family.

Vincent Curatola with his wife Maureen Curatola. 1
Vincent Curatola with his wife Maureen Curatola.
Source: Instagram @Zimbio

Vincent and Maureen have been very secretive about their personal life and has not shared information regarding their love life. As there are no headlines about their disputes, it can be safe to assume that, the couple is happy and content with each other.

Blessed With Children

From his long relationship with Maureen, Vincent has been blessed with a son. His name is Ryan Curatola he is a well-grown man now.

He was born before the actor Vincent into the acting industry got famous. Ryan now handles his father’s masonry business.

Close To His Grand Children

Vincent loves his two grandchildren Blake and Grayson Curatola. He spends quality time with them and they also enjoy it very much.

Vincent Curatola with his wife and grandchildren.
Vincent Curatola with his wife and grandchildren.
Source: Instagram @vince_curatola

Vincent and his wife go to visit different places with their grandchildren and also play Monopoly with them. He has shared pictures of himself with his grandchildren on his Instagram.

Maureen Has Encouraged Vincent To Pursue an Acting Career

The Proverb Behind Every Successful man, there is a woman’s hand has proven to be true in the life of Vincent. If it was not for his wife, He could not enjoy the fame he has now.

Although Vincent always wanted to act ever since he was a child, he was hesitant. His wife, Maureen pushed him to go to acting classes and told him to follow his dreams. Vincent joined Michael Moriarity’s acting classes at the age of 39.

Thanks to Maureen, audiences were able to watch her amazing display of the acting skills of Curatola.

The Sopranos Turned His Life Overnight

Although Curatola started acting in 1995, he got a breakthrough from the HBO series The Sopranos. His life turned overnight as he received huge popularity and love for his role and acting.

The Sopranos – Tony Meets With New Boss Johnny Sack.

The unknown celebrity turned into a star and his name became a household name after the portrayal of the role of Johnny Sack.

Curatola’s character Johny is a New York Mobster who is the boss of the Lupertazzi crime family and has a good relationship with Tony Soprano from the Dimeo Crime family. His acting skill greatly contributed to the drama.

Interest In Singing And Has Performed On Stage

As a teenager, Curatola used to work as a delivery boy for Record Newspaper and he used to meet famous musicians. He was very interested in their lifestyle as well as music.

Curatola got interested in singing and now he performs occasionally. He teams up with the Rock band of Chicago and set the stage on fire. In addition to singing, he can play guitar really well.

As an actor

Vincent Curatola started acting at the age of 39 and his debut was a short with the title Dearly Beloved which was released in 1995. Following that, he got a part in Law & Order. He received popularity when he appeared as Johny Sack in the popular drama The Sopranos.

To date, Curatola has 29 credits as an actor which are for Meet the Mobsters, Fun with Dick and Jane, Law & Order: Special Victim Unit, etc.

Vincent Is Also The Writer And Producer Of His Debut Short

Vincent did not just act in his debut short Dearly Beloved, but he also contributed as a writer and a producer for it.

He has got one credit each in writing and producing for Dearly Beloved on his IMDb profile.

Teaches Acting At Imperioli’s New York Acting Studios

Curatola appreciated the help of his family members and the acting studio that he enrolled in to learn acting. They have helped him to achieve his childhood dream and therefore he wants to pay it back by helping others.

Vincent Curatola’s Acting Workshop Class for both the seasoned and inexperienced!

He teaches acting to aspiring new acting enthusiasts at Imperioli’s New York acting studios. His colleagues at the studio are Sharon Angela and Michael Imperioli.

Used To Be A BusinessMan Before Joining Acting Industry

Curatola has become a well-known personality now and people know him as an actor. It would surprise a lot of people to know that he was a successful businessman before joining the acting industry.

He used to run his father’s masonry business and was a successful businessman. However, he was not famous. Now the Masonry business is handled by his son Ryan. Curatola also worked as a delivery boy for Record Newspaper in his teen days which got him an opportunity to meet the famous musician.

Is A Humanitarian

Curatola believes in humanity and helps whoever seeks help from him. He and his wife have raised funds for the heart share human service of New york.

Likewise, he is on the board of commission of the New Jersey Hall of Fame and trustee of the Hackensack University Medical center foundation.

Vincent Curtalo Loves Watches

Apparently, Vincent is a watch lover who likes to have a collection. He has shown his love for watches on his Instagram.

Vincent Curatola holding lots of watches.
Vincent Curatola holding lots of watches.
Source: Instagram @vince_Curatola

He buys all the watches from his friend’s shop Johnathon Jewelers. According to him, his friend always provides quality products to him and he has recommended the shop to everyone.

Social Media Presence

The Blacklist actor, Curatola is quite active on social media and has activated accounts on major social media platforms like Instagram, and Twitter.

His Instagram account is @vince_curatola where he has more than 56k followers. He constantly posts content relating to his personal and private life on his Instagram.

Likewise, Curatola’s Twitter account @vincentcuratola has more than 26k followers. He joined Twitter in October 2012 and has tweeted more than 20k tweets on various topics. He is not available on Facebook.

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