Vanity Alpough is known as the wife of Kendrick Perkins, a former basketball player. Perkins played for several teams in the NBA, including the Boston Celtics, Oklahoma City Thunder, Cleveland Cavaliers, and New Orleans Pelicans. He had a successful career on the court before retiring from professional basketball. Nowadays, he shares his insights and expertise as a sports analyst for ESPN.

Alpough, born on July 7, 1985, in Houston, Texas, is not only recognized as Perkins’ wife but also for her philanthropic endeavors. As a philanthropist, she is passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of others. Her zodiac sign is Cancer, which is associated with traits such as empathy, nurturing, and a strong sense of family.

Married Life Of Alpough And Perkins

Vanity Alpough and Kendrick Perkins have a beautiful and enduring love story. They tied the knot on July 25, 2009, in a memorable wedding ceremony held at the Carlton Woods Country Club in The Woodlands, Texas. However, their journey as a couple started long before that special day.

Kendrick Perkins and Vanity Alpough are posing as Kendrick is holding the dog.
Vanity Alpough with her husband, Kendrick Perkins (Source: Vanity Alpough Instagram @_queenvanity)

Vanity and Kendrick were high school sweethearts, having met each other during their 10th or 11th grade. They shared a deep connection and grew together as they navigated their teenage years. Throughout the challenges and triumphs of high school, their bond remained strong and blossomed into a lifelong commitment. Their journey from being young sweethearts to walking down the aisle is a testament to the strength and enduring love they have for each other.

Net Worth Of Alpough’s Husband

Kendrick Perkins has not only achieved success on the basketball court but has also made a significant impact in the business world. With a net worth of $28 million, (similar to Yolanda Adkins Hardaway’s husband, Tim Hardaway Sr.) he has built a solid financial foundation. After retiring from professional basketball, he transitioned into a career as a sports analyst at ESPN, where he shares his expertise and insights with viewers.

However, Perkins’s entrepreneurial spirit extends beyond sports broadcasting. He has ventured into the world of dog breeding, specifically focusing on French Bulldogs. With his love for these adorable canines, he has established a thriving business breeding and raising Frenchies.

While Perkins’s wife, Vanity Alpough keeps her exact wealth private, she is a multi-talented businesswoman with a diverse portfolio. One of her ventures includes owning a beauty business called Vanity Forever. In addition to her involvement in the beauty industry, she also dabbles in real estate. With her keen eye for opportunities, she engages in real estate work.

Mother Of Three Sons And A Daughter

Alpough is a proud and loving mother to her four wonderful children. Her eldest child is Kendrick Perkins II, who was born on September 11, 2007. Following Kendrick II, she welcomed Kenxton Raymond Perkins into the world on October 11, 2011. Her youngest two children, Zoey Perkins, and Karter Perkins, were born on October 21, 2016, and they share a special bond as twins.

While Alpough is surrounded by three energetic boys, Zoey is the only girl in the family, bringing a unique dynamic to their household. Being a mother is a significant and cherished role for Perkins’s wife, as she nurtures her children, supports their growth, and celebrates their individuality. The love and joy that she experiences as a mother to her four kids are immeasurable, and she takes pride in witnessing them grow and flourish based on all of her social media posts about them.

Kendrick, Kendrick II, Kenxton, and Karter are all posing with a red sports car in the background.
Kendrick Perkins with his kids, Kendrick II, Kenxton, and Karter Perkins (Source: Vanity Alpough Instagram @_queenvanity)

However, it hasn’t always been good times with the kids for Perkins. The incident involving the Alpough kids and their excessive spending on the video game “Fortnite” caused quite a stir in their household. With a mixture of frustration and disbelief, he shared the story to ESPN about how his two sons (name not disclosed) drove him crazy.

Perkins once went to the store to indulge in a pint of cookies and cream ice cream before starting his diet. However, his plans were halted when his credit card was declined. Perplexed, he contacted his credit card company to inquire about the issue. To his shock, he discovered that his card had been charged a whopping $16,000 for Fortnite expenses as reported in CBS Sports. He firmly declared that there would be no more video games for them in the next two weeks.

Alpough Is A Business Owner

Vanity Alpough, in addition to her other ventures, is a successful business owner. She operates an online hair store called Vanity Perkins, specializing in a wide range of hair products, with a particular focus on wigs. Her store offers a diverse selection of high-quality wigs that cater to various styles, preferences, and occasions.

Whether customers are looking for natural-looking human hair wigs, trendy synthetic wigs, or even custom-made options, Vanity Perkins has it all. With keen understanding of the hair industry and passion for helping people look and feel their best, Alpough ensures that her store delivers top-notch products and exceptional customer service.

Perkins’s Wife Is Also Involved In Real Estate

In addition to her various business endeavors, Alpough is also actively involved in the real estate industry like Christina Haack. She works as real estate agent at Keller Williams Realty, reputable agency based in Texas. With her knowledge of the local market and her passion for helping people find their dream homes, she assists clients in buying or selling properties, ensuring a smooth and successful real estate transaction.

Vanity Alpough is wearing a white top with ripped jeans.
Vanity Alpough with a mirror selfie (Source: Vanity Alpough Instagram @_queenvanity)

Not only does Alpough excel as an agent, but she also aspires to become a builder in the future. In an interview with The Hype Magazine, she expressed her ambition to expand her expertise and venture into the construction field. With her drive and determination, it is evident that she is constantly seeking new opportunities to grow and make a positive impact in the real estate industry.

Alpough Physically Assaulted Her Husband

Vanity Alpough was once found to be physically attacking her husband Perkins based on what the 911 caller described it. According to the caller, she saw a man and woman fighting in a car on the side of Crocker Rd. near Hilliard Blvd. on May 13 at 9: 37 AM. Upon the arrival of the police, it was discovered that they were the famous basketball couple.

Both Perkins and his wife, Alpough said to the police that it was just a verbal altercation which contradicted what the caller had said As per the caller, she saw her hitting her husband, and also the former basketball player was trying to leave the car but she kept trying to grab him. Whatever the reason may be, seems like they worked things out as they are still married today.

A Mini Bio On Alpough’s Husband, Kendrick Perkins

Kendrick Perkins is a former professional basketball player and current sports analyst. He was born on November 10, 1984, in Nederland, Texas. Standing at 6 feet 10 inches (2.08 meters) tall and weighing approximately 270 pounds (122 kilograms), he made a name for himself as a dominant center in the NBA.

Perkins began his basketball career at Ozen High School in Beaumont, Texas, where he gained recognition for his skills and size. In 2003, he declared for the NBA Draft straight out of high school and was selected 27th overall by the Memphis Grizzlies. However, his draft rights were soon traded to the Boston Celtics.

During his time with the Celtics from 2003 to 2011, Perkins became an integral part of their roster. He played a significant role in the team’s success, especially during their championship-winning season in 2008. Known for his defensive prowess and physicality, he formed a formidable frontcourt alongside Kevin Garnett, helping the Celtics establish themselves as one of the top teams in the league.

After his tenure in Boston, Perkins went on to play for the Oklahoma City Thunder, Cleveland Cavaliers, and New Orleans Pelicans. He provided veteran leadership and toughness to each team he played for, contributing on both ends of the court.

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