How Old is Taina Smits? Daughter of Actor, Jimmy Smits

Taina Smits was born in 1973, but she has not disclosed her birth date on any social media platforms. The daughter of Jimmy Smits was born in the United States, and both of her parents gave her a nurturing and loving upbringing there.

Taina Smits's old photo with her brother.
Taina Smits’s old photo with her brother.
Image Source: Taina Smits’s Instagram @taismits

Her late mother, Barbara Smits, was employed in a Cornell Cooperative Extension office in New York City, and her father, Jimmy Smith, is a well-known American actor. She was named after her father. Similarly, she was raised by her loving brother Joaquin Smits, who was by her side throughout her childhood.

Taina Smits's Late Mother.
Taina Smits’s Late Mother.
Image Source: Taina Smits’s Instagram @taismits

Moreover, the media star comes from a Christian family and identifies as Chris regarding her religious practice. Since she was born and raised in the United States of America, it follows that her nationality is that of the United States.

Taina Smits’ Qualifications And Education

Taina Smits has a vital education and completed her elementary and secondary education at a prestigious private school in her hometown. After that, she graduated from a prestigious college in the United States and received a degree in that field.

On the other hand, the celebrity daughter has not disclosed any information about her academic background or the subjects she studied in college.

Who is Taina Smits’ Father, Jimmy Smits?

Jimmy Smits was born on July 9, 1995, in the United States of America, in the borough of Brooklyn. He was born under the Cancer zodiac sign and is now 67. He is the only child of his Dutch father, Cornelis Leendert Smits, and his Puerto Rican mother, Emilina (née Pola).

Taina Smits's Father Jimmy Smits.
Taina Smits’s Father, Jimmy Smits.
Image Source: Jimmy Smits’s Instagram @officialjimmysmits

Likewise, Smits’s father is from the Netherlands, and his mother is from Puerto Rico. Therefore, he is of a multi-ethnic background by inheritance. His parents were devout Roman Catholics, and his mother and father raised him, his two sisters, Yvonne and Diana, and primarily in a working-class neighborhood in Brooklyn.

In addition, when the celebrity was a child, he lived in Puerto Rico; today, he considers himself to be of Puerto Rican heritage and travels there frequently. In terms of his spiritual beliefs, he identifies as a Christian.

Jimmy Smits’ Movies And TV Shows

Smits’ career showcases versatility, spanning stage and screen. He rose to fame as attorney Victor Sifuentes on “L.A. Law,” winning an Emmy starring Joyce Hyser in 1990. He navigated movies like “Running Scared” and “Star Wars” films, while his portrayal of Detective Bobby Simone in “NYPD Blue” resonated deeply.

His talents shone in “The West Wing,” “Dexter,” and “Sons of Anarchy.” Awards, including three American Latino Media Arts Awards and an Ackerman Leadership Award, highlight his impact. The charming guy’s commitment to acting, storytelling, and community contributions remains evident throughout his dynamic career.

Is Taina Smits Married? Who is Her Husband?

Taina Smits, 50, tied the knot with her boyfriend-turned-husband, Bo Beasley. The two have been together for a long time, and yes, Bo Beasley and Taina dated for years before walking down the aisle. Similarly, the couple has not divulged much information concerning their married life.

Taina Smith with her husband Bo Beasley.
Taina Smits with her husband, Bo Beasley.
Image Source: Taina Smits’s Instagram @taismits

Similarly, the adorable couple has been bestowed with a child, but information about the child is now being withheld from the public. They both refused to reveal the date that they tied the knot. Aside from this, it is highly likely that Taina Smits is living a solitary life. Regardless, she does not talk about her personal life on any social media platform. She made a few appearances before the general public.

Taina Smits’s Parents’ Marriage

Moving on to Taina Smits’s Father, Jimmy’s status in the dating world, I should mention that he is married. Wanda De Jesus, an American actress, is Jimmy Smits’s wife, and they have been married for a long time. 1986 marked the start of the couple’s relationship. Before their divorce, Smits was married to Barbara, who is now his ex-wife.

Barbara is a senior in high school and has a crush on Jimmy. 1981 was the year that the couple tied the knot. Their marriage lasted for a total of 6 years before ending in divorce in 1987.

Taina Smits’s Net Worth Collection

Taina Smits was born in the United States of America, and she currently has a total net worth of $500,000, thanks to the success of her career. Because of the win she has had in her career as a director, a writer, and a successful teacher, she has access to such a significant amount. Similarly, Allie Molner and Imani Duckett are celebrity daughters.

Taina Smits is posing for the photo.
Taina Smits is posing for the photo.
Image Source: Taina Smits’s Instagram @taismits

On the other hand, the lady does not run any different businesses or has other possessions that she can sell to make money. Through his years of hard work, Jimmy has amassed a significant fortune. As a result of Jimmy’s roles in several films and television series, Jimmy has amassed a considerable fortune. He is believed to possess approximately $12 million net worth.

Taina Smits’ Career Highlights

Even though Taina comes from a prominent family, she decided to pursue a career in education and is now working at Glasgow Middle School in Fairfax, in the United States of America. She is an outstanding writer, and you can frequently find examples of her writing on her Instagram account.

In addition, the star kid is a director, and throughout her career, she has helmed several films and television series.

Does Taina Smits Use Social Sites?

Taina Smits uses various social sites; she is more active on her Instagram account, @taismits; She maintains an active presence on the platform and has accumulated 643 followers. She updates her Instagram account with numerous posts about her day-to-day activities and has more than 612 posts.

On the other hand, she does not engage with others on Facebook and has no official account associated with her name. She is very active on Twitter, and on her official page (@Taina Smits-Beasley), you can find more than 1590 tweets that she has posted.

Taina Smits’ Body Measurements and Controversy

The author from the United States possesses a sultry and alluring physique that is almost ideal in terms of its curvaceousness. She is a stunning woman who maintains a healthy height and weight for her frame. The brown waves in Taina’s hair are the ideal accessory to her lovely face, complemented wonderfully by her pretty dark eyes.

Moreover, Taina is not a person who is the subject of rumors, and she has not been involved in any controversy or story that has been reported in the media as of yet. In addition, she makes an effort to keep her private life out of the public eye as much as possible, which contributes to the fact that she is rarely the subject of rumors.

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