Stephaine Cozart Burton is a well-known professional makeup artist. She was born on November 10, 1953, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States. She is the wife of an American actor Levar Burton. They got married and are living together for almost three decades.

She was nominated for Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Individual Achievement in make-up for a series and won awards like Daytime Creative Arts. She is even recognized as an actor as she has done a few works in the entertainment industry.

Married To Popular American Actor

Stephaine Cozart Burton is married to an American actor, television host, director, and author Levar Burton. they have been married for about two and half decades. they tied the knot on October 3, 1953. they organized a beautiful wedding ceremony and haven’t looked back to part their way till today. they both share their fun moments on their social media.

Stephine Cozart and her husband in a formal outfit
picture of Stephanie Cozart Burton picture source @stephaniecozartburton

This beautiful couple even welcomed two kids and now they are living a very happy life. they keep sharing about each other on their social media.

Raised in Indiana

Cozart was born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana in the United States. She always had a huge interest in makeup from the very beginning, later she learned to make and took classes to achieve her dreams. She studied makeup at Joe Blasco Makeup School, Hollywood CA where she learned professional makeup and took part in many pieces of training related to makeup, makeup art, corrective beauty, prosthetics, and special effects.

She even studied film at UCLA and Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana due to which she could later continue her acting career as well. Though she didn’t actively participate in the acting field she has done a few remarkable works.

Past Relationships

Taking about Stephaine Cozart Burton’s relationship, It was rumored that she had been dating John Matuszak for a very long period before her marriage. There is no more information about her other dating history.

The relationship status cannot be stated based on rumors so as of now she had been in a relationship with only one person before her marriage. Since her marriage, she has been with her husband only and their relationship is working to the date.

Family Life

Cozart was raised by her mother Michaela who was a hairdresser inside the industry by profession, which also later inspired he daughter to become a makeup artist. Her mother alone raised her as a single mother since her parents got divorced during her childhood. Her mother guided and motivated her to become a professional makeup artist.

Now Cozart has two kids, Mica Burton and Eian Burton, and her husband in the family. They seem very happy together. We can see her sharing moments and pictures with her family on her social media. Her kids are as smart as she is.

Makeup Journey

After completing her course in makeup she started doing it professionally. She worked as a makeup artist for many movies and series. She has worked with several celebrities and did their makeup for their movie series and award functions. Including Aisha Tyler, Jim Carrey, Jennifer Lopez, Tracee Ellis Ross, Julia Louis Dreyfus, and many more.

Because of her amazing makeup skill, hard work, and dedication she won many awards. she knows how to play with colors and use makeup brushes like a magic wand. She is very popular for her work and keeps getting appreciation from many other celebrities.

Acting Journey

Besides her interest in makeup, she always wanted to continue and improvise her acting skills. In her acting career, she has worked on many television, film, series, and fashion. Her work includes Ghost, White Men Can’t Jump, They’re Off, and A Low Dirty Shame.

Her work on television includes CBS’s The Talk, and CW’s Whose Line Is It Anyway. Though she hasn’t done a lot of work, her little works made her recognize people.

She even did commercials for many big brands like McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Chrysler, Kodak, Walmart 7up, and many others. She got much appreciation for her work. She is not much active currently in this sector as her schedule is quite tight because of her makeup and fashion-related work.

Net Worth of $6 Million

Stephanie Cozart Burton has been able to collect a good amount of fortune because of her hard work, dedication, and lots of patience. She was able to gather such an amount of fortune by working as a makeup artist and working on different commercials, movies, and television.

It is estimated that she has been able to amass a hefty amount of $6 Million in 2022 which includes all her assets and royalties. She will be earning more in the future as she still working as a makeup artist.

How Active Is Cozart Active In Her Social Media?

Cozart seems quite active on her social media but she is not able to gain a lot of followers. she mostly posts about her makeup art and makeup. She even shares about her coworkers, clients, and family. She shares her fun moments with them and also shares posts about her pets. Her content looks quite interesting and attractive to anyone who would love make-up. She also shares some food pictures.

Her social media account is not verified yet but you can follow her @stephaniecozartburton on her Instagram account for more information and updates.

Does Cozart Own Any Pets?

Cozart seems a very happy pet mom of two dogs. She has cute little puppies one with black fur and another with gray/white fur. She keeps posting about her dog on her social media account. She has shared very cute and happy moments with her puppies. She even celebrated the birthday of her pet dog.

She even has a horse that is owned by her daughter. Their family looks very fond of animals and they spend a lot of time with their pets.

Where Does Cozart Live?

Cozart is currently living in the United States of America but her actual address is not revealed because of some security reasons. She has maintained her privacy so that her family can be secured from harm.

With all the hard work they have been able to build their dream house. She has a house in the United States with her husband and children where they live together with their pets giving us an example of an ideal family.

Cozart and Her Controversies.

Stephanie Cozart Burton is a controversy-free celebrity. She is known for all the good reasons only. She is not caught in any kind of controversy till today as she is known for her humble and kind nature.

She is always far from the arguments and because her personal life is not much-revealed people don’t get a chance or criticize or create a controversy.

Hobbies and Interests

Cozart is very well known for her interest in acting makeup and fashion. She even chose to become professional in the areas she is interested in but besides that, she is interested in art we can see her sharing some art ideas and some art on her social media. Her interest in art cannot be unseen.

Stephanie Cozart Burton in her chef coat with her name
Stephanie Cozart Burton portrait picture source Instagram: @stephaniecozartburton

She even loves to cook she sometimes shares her recipes on her social media she has shown a great interest in cooking. Mostly she shares healthy recipes which are why her followers get benefited from her content as they are very useful.

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