Stelle Ciccone’s Age, Birthday, Personal Life

Madonna‘s adopted daughter, Stelle Ciccone, was born on August 24, 2012, in Malawi, East Africa. She is 9-year-old as of now and will be celebrating her 10th birthday on August 24, 2022. Sadly, she lost her mother not long after she was born. Her biological mother died only a few days after giving birth due to health issues during the delivery.

Stelle Ciccone is enjoying her vacation.
Stelle Ciccone with her sister and mother.
Photo Source: Instagram

However, Stelle and her sister Ester Ciccone were born as twins. Despite having a house, the twins’ father, Adam Mwale, gave them to “Home Of Hope,” an orphanage in Africa. Adam claimed that he could not provide for the twins because he already had five children at home. So he took the heartbreaking decision to send the girls to the orphanage.

Ciccone had a difficult life, having to grow up without the love and care of her parents. But, by God’s grace, Stelle and her twin sister Ester were discovered by Madonna at the age of four and successfully adopted. She now has a happy and comfortable life, surrounded by love and care from his family.

Stelle Ciccone’s Adoption

American singer-songwriter, Madonna drew public attention in 2017 when she announced the adoption of Stelle Ciccone and her sister Estere Ciccone. Madonna became a mother to six children with the adoption of the twins. She told the news to the public by posting it on social media, confirming that Stelle and her twin sister, Estere, had been adopted on February 8, 2017. She also stated that the twins were four years old when they were adopted.

Stelle Ciccone is living a lavish life.
Stelle Ciccone with his sister in the photoshoot.
Photo Source: Instagram

Furthermore, the world-renowned artist shared the girls’ first photo on Instagram, holding their hand’s side by side, overjoyed with love. However, before Stelle, Madonna had also adopted other children, Mercy James and David, from Home of Hope. As of now, her mother, Madonna is dating her boyfriend, Ahlamalik Williams.

Stelle Ciccone’s Net Worth And Instagram

Since Stelle is too young, she is merely enjoying her childhood with her family like any other eight years old. As a result, she currently lacks a professional career in which she may earn money. However, her mother, Madonna, is a multi-millionaire. According to the celebrity net worth, she is estimated to amass an impressive net wealth of $850 million as of 2022. She collected such a massive amount from her music career.

Stelle Ciccone is enjoying her childhood.
Stelle Ciccone and her sister are holding a toy.
Photo Source: Instagram

Nonetheless, with such a beautiful family and an abundance of resources, Stelle has the potential to have a successful profession in the future. Talking about her social media account, she is too young to open her social media account. People are naturally curious about her lifestyle because she is a star child in the spotlight. Stella isn’t old enough to use social media, but her family has set up a @cicconetwins Instagram account for her.

In late 2021, Madonna shared a throwback clip of her with the twins and shared a nostalgic caption. She expressed her sadness at how much time had passed since she adopted the twins. The video showed her running through a garden with the kids.

Other than her kids, she took Nick Kamen under her wing and he was supposed to be her protege/successor.

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