Sharron Gossett is in the limelight for having relationships with mainstream celebrities. He is the youngest son of the well-known actor Louis Gossett Jr. However, he is adopted by Louis and is not born to him.

Gossett is currently working as a chef in a restaurant in Westlawn, Avenues, Los Angeles, named The Private Chef’s Table. Furthermore, he is also conducting some cooking classes. He is often mistaken as Dr. Sharron Gossett, who specializes in all forms of General and Laparoscopic Surgery.

In addition, the chef has not revealed his academic and early life. However, there are much more facts and features related to his life. So, let’s dive deep into it.

Net Worth – The Richness Of Chef Sharron Gossett

The 47-year-old Sharron Gossett is a private person who does not want to be in the limelight and talks very minimally about himself. He has not given enough information from which his net worth can be estimated.

However, it is known that Sharron is working as a chef at The Private Chef’s Table, which is located in Los Angeles. The average salary of a chef in Los Angeles is around $47 thousand, so he might receive income in a similar range.

In addition to this, his father, Louis Gossett, is estimated to have a net worth of $5 Million, which he has accumulated from his long professional career. Furthermore, he also made some amount by selling his Malibu mansion for $3.25 Million. The house got burnt on fire after he sold it and moved to Atlanta.

Sharron Gossett Was Adopted By Louis Gossett Jr.

Sharron is well-known as the youngest son of a famous actor. However, Louis is not his biological parent of Sharron. He had adopted him after some rounds to court for his custody.

Sharron Gossett with his adoptive father and brother 1
Sharron Gossett with his adoptive father and brother.
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Moreover, Louis met Sharron when he was walking with his biological mother in the street. Initially, he thought of helping him by providing food and clothes but later, he thought of adopting Sharron.

The identity of his biological parents is kept in the darkness. His birth year is said to be 1974.

Sharron Gossett Is Married To Deanna April Gossett

The celebrity son, Sharron Gossett, is in a marital relationship with Deanna April Gossett. As a private person, Gossett has not shared his dating life with the public yet but as they have not made any headlines with their disputes, it will be safe to assume that the couple is in a healthy romantic relationship.

Sharron Gossett in his wedding day 1
Sharron Gossett on his wedding day.
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In addition, Sharron and Deanna got married in a holy ceremony that was influenced by a Japanese style. The bride had a dark suit with a Marron shirt, whereas his better half was in a white bridal gown. The wedding took place in Sherman Oaks, California, on the 10th of August 2009 and was attended by their close family and friends.

Blessed With Two Children

From a relationship of more than a decade, Sharron is now the father of two children. He shares his two sons with his lovely wife Deanna.

Not much is known about his sons but they appear with their grandfather on the red carpet often. Also, they love to be in their grandfather’s company.

Sharron and Deanna are also doing their best to raise their children in a good environment and provide them with all the basic needs, love, and care.

Why Did Louis And His Wife Adopt Sharron?

Louis had already married two times before he tied the knot with Cyndi James Gossett. The couple was unable to become parents even though they had been in a romantic relationship for a long period.

Due to their inability, they decided to adopt a child. At that moment, they met Sharron and decided to adopt him. However, the couple parted ways three years after the adoption, revealing that they were not compatible with each other.

Father – Louis Gossett Jr.

Sharron’s father, Louis Gossett Jr is an Oscar-winning actor who has made appearances in numerous movies and TV series like The Cuban, Hap and Leonard, etc, and has won many accolades.

Sharron Gossett s father Louis Gossett jr 1
Sharron Gossett ‘s father Louis Gossett jr.
Source: Wikipedia

On May 27, 1936, the world met Gossett for the first time. He attended Abraham Lincoln University for his secondary school education before proceeding on to New York University. He was offered an athletic scholarship, but he turned it down.

Throughout his career, Louis has 212 credits as an actor on his IMDb profile. Likewise, he has also expanded his domain and worked as a producer and a director, for which he has got 14 credits and 2 credits, respectively.

Pride of Lions, 10 Minutes, Madam Secretary, The Cuban, Hap and Leonard, etc are some of Gossett’s movies and TV series.

To add more, the renowned personage will be appearing in On Smoother Dirt, Forgot To Remember, Elephants In The Room, Redemption, and Capture The Flag.

Also, the media star recently appeared in Kingdom Business.

Louis Won The Sharron Gossett’s Physical And Legal Custody From His Biological Mother

Although initially, Louis thought of helping Sharron with only food and clothing, he later decided to adopt him. He asked his custody from his biological mother.

After some rounds in court, Louis won the physical and legal custody of Sharron from his biological mother.

Louis Married For Three Times

Throughout his life, Louis has been in a nuptial relationship with three different women. However, he has parted ways with all of them.

He got married to Hattie Glascoe in the year August 1964. However, the relationship did not last long and ended in divorce.

Second, he married Christina on August 21, 1973, but that union did not work out either. After only two years of marriage, they got divorced. Satie Gossett, their son, is their joint child.

On December 25, 1987, Louis wed Cyndi James Gossett for the third time after two disastrous unions. In 1992, the couple divorced, citing irreconcilable reasons.

Sharron’s Brother, Satie Gossett Is A Movie Director

Unlike Sharron, Satie was born to Louis and his second wife Christina Mangosing. Although they are not biological siblings, they are quite close to each other.

Sharron Gossett s brother Satie Gossett 1
Sharron Gossett ‘s brother Satie Gossett.
Source: IMDb

Movie director Satie is well-known and has established a reputation for himself. With the help of his childhood buddies and a Super 8 camera, he started his business by recreating favorite movie moments from Star Wars and other films.

Departure, Jewtholic, and Forgiveness are only a few of the short films that Satie produced and directed. Throughout his career, he has 8 credits as an actor, 9 credits as a producer, and 12 credits as a director in his IMDb profile.

In the recent time, the star son will be working on his upcoming project, Artisans and Angels In The Rhine.

Louis Was Diagnosed Of Prostate Cancer

Louis was diagnosed with prostate cancer in the year 2010. It was at the early stage and after treatment, he got full recovery from the disease.

He is now completely fine and still doing great in his life. He spends his time with his nine grandchildren.

Sharron’s Father Was Hospitalized For Covid-19

Louis was infected with COVID-19 and was taken to the Georgia-area hospital. As he was kept with another patient, the wave of death freaked him out.

How actor Louis Gossett, Jr survived COVID-19.

He decided to leave the hospital even though the doctors suggested staying. After his determination, he checked out from the hospital.

Stays Away From Media Attention And The Public

Unlike his father, Louis, Sharron does not like to be in the spotlight and stays away from the media as much as he can. He does not like to reveal his personal information to the public. Additionally, he has not activated an account on any of the social media platforms.

However, his father, Louis, is available on social media. His Instagram account is @iamlouisgossettjr which has more than 4.2 thousand followers. Likewise, his Twitter account is @LouisGossettjr and he has around 9.5k followers.

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