Robbie Magasiva’s Early life

On May 21, 1972, Robbie Joseph Magasiva was born. Magasiva was born in Wellington, New Zealand, and reared in Tanumapua, a tiny hamlet west of Apia, Samoa. When he was ten years old, his family returned to New Zealand permanently.

Robbie magasiva's father and mother.
Robbie Magasiva’s father and mother.
Image Source: Robbie Magasiva’s Instagram

Magasiva is the first son of Taufaiula Ropati Magasiva and Salafa. He has four brothers: Stevan, Miki, Pua and Tanu twins, and Trina Magasiva, his adopted sister. He encouraged his younger brother (Pua) to pursue acting and landed an audition for an anti-alcohol ad.

Pua passed away on May 11, 2019, at 38. Robbie Magasiva traveled to Wellington to be with his family as a consequence. Later, he spoke out about his brother’s tragic death and advocated mental health awareness. Robbie tried his hand at theatre sports and appeared in commercials after leaving school while working as a receptionist at an advertising firm.

Robbie Magasiva’s Relationship

Natalie Medlock, Robbie Magasiva’s partner, is a happy wife. His better half is an actress from New Zealand who was born in England. Natalie’s finest achievement as a writer is the Shortland Street and Jill Kingsbury series, which she co-wrote with her husband.

Even though the couple currently has a great life together, they weren’t always in such a fantastic place. At the start of their relationship, Natalie had a severe mental breakdown following years of suffering from despair and anxiety. Their romance was virtually doomed from the start.

Natalie was depressed and turned down her husband’s aid since neither of them knew what mental illness was at the time. Because her husband believed Natalie was to blame, Medlock would be outraged. For both of them, it was a mental battle.

Natalie began taking her medicine after that and noticed a difference. She eventually stopped feeling alone and began to recognize her husband’s love and support. Their romance was back on track and accelerating.

Robbie magasiva and Anna magasiva.
Robbie magasiva and Anna magasiva.
Image Source: nowtolove

Natalie, on the other hand, is Robbie’s second wife. He previously married Anna Magasiva, with whom he had two children: Sophie Magasiva and Austin Magasiva. Anna and Robbie were together for 11 years before breaking up for unspecified reasons.

Robbie Magasiva’s Net Worth Collection

Robbie Magasiva, a well-known New Zealand actor, is worth $2 million. His fortune was gained via his performing career. In addition, in New Zealand, an actor makes $18 per hour and roughly $20,000 per year.

Robbie Magasiva is posing for the photo with his bike.
Robbie Magasiva is posing for the photo with his bike.
Image Source: Robbie Magasiva’s Instagram

The 6 ft-2 inch actor leads a lavish lifestyle and splurges on motorcycles indiscriminately since he is a bike enthusiast. He has a Harley Davidson motorcycle and rides it regularly. The cost of a Harley Davidson motorcycle ranges from $30,000 to $50,000.

Robbie Magasiva’s Career

Robbie Magasiva began his career as a comedian on television in the 1990s. In the 1999 film Jackson’s Wharf, he played Mason Keeler. In 2001, he joined the Naked Samoans after starring in Stickmen’s first big film. In Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, he portrayed Mauhr in 2002.

Robbie Magasiva is posing for the photo with daughter and son.
Robbie Magasiva is posing for the photo with daughter and son. Image Source: Robbie Magasiva’s Instagram

In the program The Strip, he produced to television, resumed his work with the Naked Samoans, and had a cameo in Power Rangers: Ninja Storm, including his brother Pua as Shane Clarke‘s brother. Magasiva starred in Sione’s Wedding, a comedy film that was a box office hit in New Zealand in 2006. He appeared in the horror thriller The Tattooist in 2007.

In 2009, he joined the Shortland Street cast as Dr. Maxwell Avia. Maxwell Novak was the character’s original name, but it was changed to Avia to reflect his Samoan ancestry. He departed the series in 2012 but returned in September 2015 for a one-off performance.

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Magasiva was released in the new Australian drama series Wentworth, a remake of the iconic program Prisoner, in October 2012. Officer Will Jackson is his character. The character’s backstory was also revised (originally meant to be an Australian officer). Magasiva featured in Spreadsheet, a Paramount+ Australia original series, in 2021.

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