Richard Mabe famously known as Ricky was born on 24 May 1983 in Pointe, Claire, Quebec, Canada. According to astrologers, his zodiac sign is Gemini. According to the Chinese zodiac sign, he was born in the year of the Pig, which resembles his character of being Extremely nice, well-mannered and tasteful. He holds Canadian Nationality and also has white ethnicity.

Mabe is a Canadian actor. He is known for the performance of his voiced character Willie in CINAR Animation’s The Little Lulu Show. He has also starred in various Canadian Television Series.

Physical Appearance And Body Measurement

Ricky Mabe looks very handsome and has got an attractive personality. Mr. Mabe has got light red-colored hair. Richard also has got a beard which is also light brown. He also has blue-colored eyes, and blue-colored eyes make him look more attractive.

A photo of actor Richard Mabe wearing his black shirt.
A photo of actor Richard Mabe wearing his black shirt with a black tie. Source: IMDb

Ricky hasn’t mentioned anywhere about his body measurement. But, looking at his picture, we can assume he is very healthy. His body also doesn’t look over-weighted. He has kept his diet balanced and seems fit and healthy with his tallness. Mabe might have been eating green vegetables and doing some workouts to keep himself healthy and looks energetic.

Qualification And Education Background

Mabe is a well-educated personality. He usually hasn’t mentioned anywhere about his qualification in detail. But from some sources, we came to know about his schooling. Richard completed his school in 2000 when he was about 17 years old. He studied at St. Thomas High School and graduated in 2000.

Ricky graduated with a good rank. Ricky wants to keep most of his life-related issues out of the public eyes and hasn’t mentioned any details about his college and university studies. So, we are not sure about his higher education; besides this, he seems well-mannered and intelligent.

Career Highlighter

Ricky Mabe was so concerned about his passion from an early age. He began his career when he was thirteen years old. Ricky appeared in Tv Series Are You Afraid Of Dark which premiered in 1992 but was aired until 1996. He also made his debut in Frankenstein and Me in 1996. Mabe gave voice in CINAR Animation’s The Little lulu show as William in 1995. He also played as character Clark in Goosebumps in 1995.

He has frequently starred in various Canadian television series and featured in the film alongside Burt Reynolds, Ryan Gosling and Elisha Cuthbert. The voice of one of the Tibble Twins on the PBS children’s animated television program Arthur was also given by Ricky in 1996.

A photo of actor Richard Mabe wearing his hoodie.
A photo of actor Richard Mabe. Source: Twitter

Mr. Mabe continued his journey and worked around Montreal on various projects until he earned the lead roles in Nightmare Man in 1999, Phantom of Megaplex (2000), and Believe (2000). He appeared as Shane Griffin in Pressure Point in 2001, as Mark in Two Summers (2002), Fries with That (2004), as Gideon Lustig in several episodes of Beautiful People (2005), and also has been cast in the film Zack and Miri make a porno as Barry in 2008 and The Trotsky as Tony in 2010. In 2011, he trained hockey before the movie Goon (2012), and he did a stunt and got injured. He later was seen in This Is the End (2013) as Santa Cannibal, Dirty Beautiful as David (2015), Preacher (2016), Future Man (2017), The Disaster Artist (2017), and The House Call (2020) as Dr. Kenneg and many more. He has done incredible jobs in all of the work he was given. It has not been since Ricky’s been in this field and has achieved much more. Through this, we can be sure that he will be doing better in the upcoming days, and we wish him a better career.

Family And Sibling Background

A Canadian actor Ricky was raised with his family and sibling since childhood. But there isn’t any information about her current residence. An actor has kept her life private, so she hasn’t mentioned her parents’ names and professions on any social sites.

Mr. Ricky is living as a single, which is why he hasn’t mentioned any detail about her family. Mabe has not spoken a piece of information about her family members and siblings in an interview or on any social sites. There is no information about her parent’s professional and siblings with her disclosed information.

Relationship Status And Rumors

The Little Lulu Show actor Ricky Mabe has maintained her personal life too private. Her private life is so secret that she hasn’t even mentioned her family, friends, and relationship life. He has been keeping her personal life too confidential. Ricky has been involved in relationships in the past, so he got into some issues with his past relationship.

A photo of actor Richard Mabe with his white shirt, black tie, and black coat.
A photo of actor Richard Mabe. Source: IMDb

Apart from this, Ricky has not mentioned that he is currently in a relationship. He has not revealed any information about his current relationship on social media platforms. Mabe might be in a relationship but has not posted photos or videos on public sites. Even though he hasn’t mentioned any information about his relationship, Mabe might be single.

How Much Does Ricky Mabe Earn?

A Canadian actor Ricky Mabe has been able to earn a good amount of money from her professional acting. Due to his hard work and dedication toward his work. He has been living a luxurious life. Due to his hard work, Ricky has been able to collect a lot of assets.

There is no exact information about his net worth on any social sites; as of 2022, From data collected by some sources, the actor Mabe estimated net worth is $2 Million. He also makes a good exact income by appealing to some projects films with his ability and hard work. His source of income is his professional acting.

Does Ricky Love Pet?

Ricky is a pet lover who likes the company of the pet by his site. He is a Cat owner whose name is Murray. Mabe bought Murray at his home in 2008 and keeps sharing photos on his Twitter social media account.

A photo of actor Richard Mabe's pet Murray.
A photo of actor Richard Mabe’s pet Murray. Source: Richard Twitter.

Seeing her photo with his pet cat, he has good bonding with pets. An actor seems to spend a lot of pictures on his social media where he also spoke that Murray died in the year 2021 December 18.

Life On Social Media

Mabe is active on his social media with many fans and followers. He has created his profile head on his Twitter account only, which shows he is quite private about his personal life. An actor keeps sharing his work on his social media, so his followers are increasing daily.

Ricky loves interacting with his followers and wants the public to know about his personality; that’s why he is most active on his account. Mabe has been holding his Twitter account with more than 2.1k Followers. To learn more about an actor, you can follow him on his social media account with his name @RickyMabe.

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