Omono Okojie is a Nigerian actress who is known for playing the part of Cleo Sowande in the widespread series Legacies. She is well-appreciated for displaying exceptional talent in acting.

Okaije blessed her parents with her arrival on the 9th of March, 1988 in Lagos, Nigeria. She was raised with constant exposure to the rich culture of arts which is the reason that she decided to become an actress at a very young age.

Net Worth – Is Omono Okojie Rich?

Omono Okojie is speculated to have a net worth of $150 thousand in her possession. She lives a decent lifestyle even though she possesses this huge amount.

Her primary source of income is her acting career. She has been a recurring character in legacies. Okojie’s involvement in hit projects like Tree of Peace, West Of hell, and The Entertainers has helped her to stack a pile of money in her bank account.

Furthermore, she has some credits as a writer too, and earns a substantial income from it. Additionally, she has endorsed the Icarus sound.

Living A Single Life

Omono Okojie is not in a relationship at the moment and has not displayed any interest to get involved in a relationship. She is enjoying her single life and focusing only on making her career bright.

Omono Okojie talks about Legacies, Cleo, and her love for Joseph Quinn.

Okojie is yet to reveal her love interest. She has not posted any picture with the opposite gender signifying potential love interest.

However, she has talked about her love for Joseph Quinn, a British actor in an interview.

Named After Her Grandfather

It was revealed that her first name Omono means A child is a child in her language. This was the name of her grandfather too, and she was named after him.

Her family hoped for the male at the time of her mother’s pregnancy with her and thus, Okojie is named Omono Okojie.

Got Writing Skills From Her Parents

Okojie is a very secretive person when the topic of her personal life arises. She avoids it as much as she can. Therefore, her parent’s identities are not disclosed. However, it is known that her both parents are journalists.

Raised by a journalist, she also picked up some interest in writing. She had received writing skills from her genes. Okojie has some credits as a writer.

Omono Okojie Is Photogenic

Omono has a great sense of photography and looks well in every shoot. She poses like a model and displays perfect attitude and expression in the pictures.

Omono Okoije looking like a model.
Omono Okojie looks like a model.
Source: Instagram @omono.Okojie

The use of props in her picture and her dressing sense as well as her style enhances her in the picture even more. Her Instagram is filled with pictures of her great poses.

Involves In Physical Activity

The West of hell actress Okojie loves to keep her body physically fit and for that, she involves in a lot of physical activities. She is very flexible with her body too.

Okojie has posted a picture of her dancing and stretching with rings, which shows her dedication to maintaining her body.

Posted a Picture Of Herself By Dressing Up As Her Quarantine Snacks

Okojie did not sit idly and killed herself with boredom in the quarantine. As many people were binge-watching different series, she was busy dressing up as her snacks and posting the pictures on Instagram.

Omono Okoije dressed up as Lays which was one of her snacks during the quarantine days.
Omono Okojie dressed up as Lays which was one of her snacks during the quarantine days.
Source: Instagram @omono.Okojie

She dressed up as Lays, Kings Hawaiin bread, and KitKat. All the pictures were liked by her fans and were appreciated for her creativity.

Started As A Dancer

Like most actors, Okojie did not introduce herself as a theatre artist prior to joining the entertainment world. She started off as a dancer.

Her dancing skills are known by everyone who has followed her on Twitter and Instagram. She has a flexible body and strong moves. Later, she shifted from being a dancer to an actor. However, she has not left dancing.

Likes To Play Guitar

Apparently, Okojie loves to play the guitar and has posted pictures holding the guitar on her social media.

Omono Okoije playing the guitar
Omono Okojie playing the guitar.
Source: Instagram @Source: Instagram @omono.Okojie

The actress has not officially said that she is into music but as per her pictures on Instagram, she likes music.

Okojie Knows The Importance Of Financial Literacy

As most people are unaware of financial literacy, they tend to suffer a lot while saving and earning money. This is well-understood by the Legacies actress, Okojie

She believes that financial literacy should be at the top of people’s priority list. In January of 2022, Omono posted a series of tweets on the importance of financial literacy.

As Chloe Sowande In Legacies

One of Omono’s significant performances is Cleo Sowande, whom she played in seasons 3 and 4 of the fantasy drama television series “Legacies” (between 2021 to 2022).

Legacies Season 3 Cleo Fight Scenes and Abilities.

She was once a regular character until being elevated to a major role in season 4. She joined the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted after being released from the artifact, where she became friends with Hope Mikaelson.

Omono Okojie’s Movies And TV Shows

Omono began her professional career in 2014 as a pupil in the Tyler Wolfe and Elaine Loh-directed short film “Accents for Actors.”

She was then given a brief role as Regina in the drama film Gook, which also starred Simone Barker, Justin Chon, and Curtiss Cook Jr. She received a supporting role in Michael Steves’ 2018 film “West of Hell” as Clara Whitfield.

Omono joined Lily D. Moore and Ilia Volok in the comedy “Lift” that same year after being cast by director Alexander Kaminer in the starring role of Judy. She landed her next significant role in the Netflix film “Trees of Peace,” which catapulted her to fame.

Omono recently committed to appearing in Christopher High’s next film “The Entertainers,” which also features Monica Baker, Nick Zephyrin, Eshan Misra, and other actors.

The Physical Appearance Of Okojie

The Nigerian actress Okojie, stands tall with a height of 5 ft and 4 inches which is equivalent to 162 cm. She has maintained a weight of around 56 kg i.e 123 lbs.

Omono Okoije looking bold wearing nice dress and facial
Omono Okojie looks bold wearing a nice dress and facial expression.
Source: Instagram @omono.Okojie

She has dark brown hair and an attractive pair of eyes with a dark brown color. Her distinctive features are a snub nose, Dimpled cheeks, and plump lips.

Social Media Presence

The Legacies actress Okojie is available on major social media platforms. She often posts on those platforms about her professional life. She tries to hide her personal life as much as she can.

Her Instagram account is @omono.Okojie in which more than 33k people have followed her. She has posted beautiful pictures of herself. Her creativity and photographic concept are well-appreciated by the people.

Likewise, she is equally active on her Twitter. She tweets and retweets on various topics under the username @OmonoOkojie.She have retweeted several political tweets, one showing her support for Kentanji Brown Jackson being sworn into the Supreme Court. Okojie has more than 9k followers which is comparatively lesser than that of her Instagram. She does not seem to be using Facebook.

In addition to this, Okojie also has posted a lot of videos on her Tiktok account which is @omono.Okojie which has accumulated followers of around 5k.

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