Miranda Carabello received recognition at a very young age after she played the role of Marie Dubois in the TV series Medium. Besides this, she also appeared in Pretty Little Liars alongside Luke Kleintank.

Carabello was introduced to the world on the 28th of July 2002 and was raised alongside her sibling in California located in the United States. She started working as an actress at an early age which shows her enthusiasm for acting.

Net Worth – Is Miranda Carabello Living A Rich Lifestyle?

Miranda Carabello has a comfortable life as she is in the possession of a net worth that is speculated to be around $2 Million. She has earned this huge amount from her professional career.

Moreover, the internet personality has three credits as an actress in her IMDb profile. Miranda alongside her twin sister Madison has played the recurring role of Marie Dubois in the TV series Medium. Similarly, she has played the role of Alice in Pretty Little Liars.

Carabello is still young and has a lot of time to make her career. She might one day become a well-known celebrity with a huge sum of fortune.

Academic Life – Was on a Basketball Team

Carabello is a well-educated personality who is pursuing her education at Pioneer College. She is on the basketball team at the college.

Miranda Corabello with her sister Madison Corabello.
Miranda Carabello with her sister Madison Carabello.
Source: Instagram @mirandacorabella

Before joining Pioneer’s basketball team, Carabello was in the basketball team of Simi Valley when she was studying at Simi Valley High School.

Relationship Status

Marinda Carabello is not in a relationship currently and is enjoying her single life. She spends most of her time with her siblings and friends and is now thinking seriously about her professional life.

However, Carabello lives a low-key life and does not share information about her private life. She might be in a relationship but has decided to keep it a secret. Maybe in the future, Marinda will introduce her soul mate.


Miranda was born to Linda Carabello and her husband Vincent Carabello. She has got supportive parents as they let her follow her dreams. Her mother Linda is working as a Realtor at Keller Williams

Linda and Vincent raised their children in a good environment and provided them with all the necessary love, care, and support.


Miranda is not the only child of her parents, she shares her parent’s love with two siblings. She has twin sisters Madison Carabello and Alexandra Carabello.

Miranda Corabello with her siblings.
Miranda Carabello with her siblings.
Source: Instagram @mirandacarabello

The three sister loves each other and spends quality time. They are close to each other and go to beautiful destinations together.

Twin Sister – Madison Carabello

Miranda’s twin sister, Madison Carabello is also a child actress who played the same character in the place of her sister. As they two looks alike and they have the same acting skills, the audience would not notice the change.

Carabello was born on the same day as Miranda on the 28th of July 2002 and probably went to the same educational institute for her education. She uses an Instagram account with the username @madisoncarabello which has more than 1.5k followers.

Alexandra Carabello

Miranda’s other sister, Alexandra Carabello is a softball roster player at Simi Valley High School. She played in the 1B position.

Miranda Corabellos older sister Alexandra Corabello.
Miranda Carabello’s older sister Alexandra Carabello .
Source: George Mason Atheletics

Alexandra is a well-known player in her college and has received many awards and honors. She was the recipient of the Most Valuable Player in 2017. She is the three times captain of the team.

She couldn’t participate in the game in the year 2021 because of a knee injury. Maybe, she would make a great comeback.

Talking about her personal life, Alexandra loves music and outdoor activities. She has a height of 5 ft 6 inches. Her Instagram account is @accarabello which has around 700 followers.

Started Working As An Actress At 6 Years Old

Miranda was just six years old when she made her acting debut as Marie Dubois in the fourth season of the TV series Medium. The NBC paranormal series is about a mother who has a special gift where death shares the vision of death and crimes. Using this gift she solves the mystery.

Miranda Corabello in Medium. 1
Miranda Carabello in Medium.
Source: IMDb

Miranda plays the role of the daughter of Allison Dubois, the protagonist of the show a special gift. To portray the character at such a young age is a feat in itself too.

Shared The Characters, Marie Dubois And Alice, With Her Sister Madison Carabello

Being a twin is fun as your twin can work in your place. Miranda shared her character of Marie Dubois as well as Alice with her twin sister Madison.

Among the many episodes of Marie Dubois, Miranda played the character for 73 episodes whereas Madison played the character for 43 episodes.

The twin sisters demonstrated consistent acting skills and that is the reason, the audience did not notice the change.

Carabello Twins Shared Their Favorite Moments From Medium

In an interview with the Carabello Twins, they said that it was fun for them to work in the TV series Medium. However, they had to work in turns.

Upon asking about their favorite moments from the series, Miranda said that she liked it when they played with fruits and vegetables at school. Simialrly, Madison’s favorite moment was when Jake was going off on a business trip.

As Marie Dubois In The Medium

Miranda has displayed outstanding acting performance in the TV series Medium as Marie Dubois. Her character is portrayed as a gifted person like her mother and sister.

Miranda Corabello as Marie Dubois
Miranda Carabello as Marie Dubois.
Source: TVmaze

She is the youngest daughter of Joe and Allison Dubois. Her power includes mind reading, predicting the future, etc.

As Alice In Pretty Little Liars

After Medium, Marinda went on to play the role of Alice in the TV series Pretty Little Liars opposite Bianca Lawson ( Denise Gordy;s Daughter) . This series depicts the story of four friends who unite to stand against their enemy who has threatened them to expose their secret.

She plays one of the twins in the series and she has appeared in two episodes This is the dark ride and The First Secret.

Social Media Presence

The Medium actress Miranda is quite active on social media. She has also activated accounts on major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Her Instagram account is @mirandacarabello where she has more than 1.7k followers. She has shared a glimpse of her personal life on this social media platform.

Similarly, Carabello has tweeted more than 389 tweets on several topics under the username @mircarabello which has followers around 227. She joined Twitter in March 2015.

Her Facebook account has 273 friends, however, she is not seen as active on Facebook. Carabello last posted in 2021 on her Facebook account.

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