Mimi Rogers and Chris Ciaffa are one of the powerful couple in the entertainment industry. They have created buzz in the media world with their wonderful chemistry.

Mimi on one hand is successful American model and actress. She is best known for appearance in the Full Body Massage, The Rapture, Ginger Snaps and so on. On the hand, Chris is an American producer and assistant director.

Mimi Rogers and Chris Ciaffa Met on the Film Set

Actress Mimi Rogers and her life partner, Chris Ciaffa are no stranger to the entertainment world. The couple encounter one another for the very first time at the set of film Fourth Story back in 1990. On that particular film, Rogers served as an actress where she played the role of Valerie McCoughlin. While Ciaffa was one of the producer of the film. With a great first meeting on the set the couple started their sweet relationship as a friend.

Chris Caiffa and Mimi Rogers
Image: Actress, Mimi Rogers with her husband, Chris Caiffa together. Source: Pinterest

Time by time they developed a great romance and started dating. After that, the couple started appearing in several places by holding their hands and sharing love. They even attended several awards shows together and stole the show. Their relationship was publicly announced in 1991 after they were seen together having dinner.

Exchanged Wedding Vows At Beverly Hills

Mimi and Chris dated for almost a decade before accepting one another as life long partners. On 20th March, 2003, they exchanged their wedding vows at the Beverly Hills Courthouse. Several high profile personalities witnessed the grand ceremony and congratulated the newlywed couple. However, they kept their wedding details behind the close doors.

Due to their nature of privacy their are no pictures of their wedding. The couple are very much happy with one another and shares great understanding. Their relationship have grown very stronger day by day. Having same working environment they understands one another and helps to achieve their respective goals. Sohpie Skelton and Richard Rankin are well know celebrity couples like them.

Mimi Rogers and Chris Ciaffa Are Parents of Two Kids

The proud Hollywood couple, Mimi Rogers and Chris Ciaffa are now bounded in nuptial vows for almost two decades. During this long journey of romance they are parents of two kids. Within some years of their dating life they announced that they are welcoming their first child. In 1994, Mimi gave birth to their first child daughter, Lucy Rogers Ciaffa into the family.

Chris Caiffa's kids
Image: Chirs Caiffa and Mimi rogers with their kids. Source: Getty Images

After seven years they welcomed their second kid, son, Charlie Ciaffa in 2001. As of now, the kids are Twenty eight and twenty one years old respectively. Their children are involved in their respective career. Like every parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ciaffa are supporting and taking care of their children. As of now, the family of four are living a happy and prosperous life together.

Mimi Rogers Was Previously Married To Tom Cruise

Award winning actress, Mimi Rogers one of the most popular relationship was with Hollywood king Tom Cruise. Tom is one of the to actor and producer in the world. He is also one of the highest paid actors who has won several awards and titles. The successful actors film has grossed over $11.1 Billion worldwide and $4 Billion in North America. Regarding their love life the former pair started their sweet relationship in 1985. They met at a party while Cruise was working in the movie Top Gun. Intrestingly at that period of time, Mimi was seeing another man who happens to be his friend.

Tom Cruise ex-wife,
Image: Mimi Rogers with her former husband, Tom Cruise attending red carpet together. Source: Getty Images

Within some days later they fall in love with one another. They their started making highlights after highlights through their mesmerizing presence. On 9th May, 1987 they exchanged their wedding vows after dating for almost three years. The ceremony was held in a New York City within a close doors. It was alleged that only two people attendant their wedding Cruise’s brother and mother. However, they enjoyed their nuptial life for only two years and later parted their ways.

In February, 1990 they finalized their divorced and separated from one another. In January they released the joint statement stating “Despite having good view on our marriage it couldn’t last forever. We were unable to resolved our issues despite working so hard on it.” In 1993, Rogers, interview with Playboy and spoke regarding her reason for split with Tom. She stated that, the actor had been considering himself into monk which is not soothing to marriage.

Mimi Rogers First Husband, James Rogers

Prior marrying Tom and Chris, the Dark Horse actress was married to her firs husband, James Rogers. They started seeing each other in mid 1970s and developed sweet connection. After dating for several year they tied their wedding knots in 1976. Soon after that, Mimi inherit his surname and turned into Rogers. The former duo enjoyed their togetherness for four years and later divorced in 1980. Neither of the parties have spoken regarding the split. Then the actress started seeing American actor and film maker, Emilio Estevez.

Mimi Rogers
Image: American actress, Mimi Rogers in the frame. Source: Pinterest

They briefly dated for several years and later broke up with one another. Furthermore, Mimi’s ex-husband, Tom also married three times. After his split with her, he married his second wife, Nicole Kidman, an American and Australian actress. They divorced in 2001 after a decade long relationship. Then after he married another actress, Katie Holmes for six years and again divorced in 2012. Tom has three kids in total two adopted one his own with actress Holmes. His youngest kid, daughter, Suri Cruise was born on April, 2006. Other kids are Isabella Jane and Connor Anthony.

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