Mikky Kiemeney gained popularity as the Fiancée of Frenkie De Jong, a Dutch football player known for his role as a central midfielder. Her boyfriend is a talented athlete who currently plays for FC Barcelona, one of the biggest football clubs in Spain and the world. She supports her boyfriend’s career and accompanies him on his football journey.

Kiemeney is not only known for her relationship with Frenkie De Jong but also for her accomplishments as a social media personality, fashion designer, and entrepreneur. She hails from Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands, and was born on April 17, 1998. She has two siblings, both brothers named Bing Kiemeney and Billy Kiemeney. Standing at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) and weighing approximately 50 kilograms (110 pounds), she maintains a petite and elegant figure.

Currently Engaged To Frenkie De Jong

Mikky Kiemeney and Frenkie De Jong’s love story has taken a significant step forward, as they are now engaged. The Barca player surprised his girlfriend with a heartfelt proposal during a romantic trip to Mexico. The special moment was shared with their fans when he uploaded a picture of the proposal on his Instagram account on July 1, 2022.

Frenkie De Jong is kneeling down on his one knee as he is proposing with a ring to Mikky Kiemeney.
Frenkie De Jong proposing to Mikky Kiemeney (Source: Frenkie De Jong Instagram @frenkiedejong)

In the post, De Jong expressed his excitement by writing, “I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together. She said yes.” It’s remarkable to think that their journey began back in high school when they first met each other. Their bond grew stronger over time, and they officially started dating sometime in 2014. Now, with their engagement, they are embarking on an exciting new chapter in their relationship.

Net Worth Status Of De Jong’s Partner

Mikky Kiemeney, besides being recognized for her relationship and personal achievements, has also achieved financial success. Her estimated net worth is around $4 million. As a popular social media star, she has leveraged her online presence to collaborate with various brands and engage in paid endorsements.

Additionally, Kiemeney has ventured into the world of fashion by establishing her clothing business. Her clothing brand, called MIKKY KI., offers a diverse range of products including hoodies, caps, T-shirts, and even shoe laces. With her entrepreneurial spirit and creative vision, she has expanded her influence beyond social media, making a mark in the fashion industry as well.

Kiemeney’s fiancé, Frenkie De Jong’s net worth has been estimated to be around $18 million, similar to Sinuhe Estrabao’s daughter, Camila Cabello. His primary income source comes from his professional football career. As a highly skilled and sought-after player, he earns a substantial salary from his club, FC Barcelona, as well as from national team. When he first signed for Barca he was on a $ 500,000-a-week contract although it has now been affected by The current financial state of the Catalan giants.

About Kiemeney’s Parents And Siblings

Kiemeney comes from a close-knit family that includes her parents, Marc Kiemeney and Barbara Kiemeney, as well as her two brothers, Bing Kiemeney and Billy Kiemeney. Her father, Marc, is employed in a firm called Capital Advertising, which is a creative agency in Hertogenbosch. He likely plays an important role in the company’s advertising strategies.

Marc Kiemeney and Bing Kiemeney are at Circuit Paul Ricard.
Mikky Kiemeney’s father, Marc Kiemeney, and brother, Bing Kiemeney (Source: Marc Kiemeney Instagram @marckiemeney)

Kiemeney’s mother, Barbara, also worked in a similar field, showcasing a shared passion for advertising within the family. Bing, one of her brothers, is currently pursuing his studies in the Master of Science in Finance Program at Tilburg University. Together, they provide support and encouragement to her as she continues to excel in her career and endeavors.

About Keimenet’s Education

Kiemeney’s educational background includes her studies at Fontys University of Applied Sciences, where she pursued a degree in Commercial Economics with a specialization in SPECO Sports Marketing. She dedicated herself to her studies from the same year Aiyanna Epps started dating Jesse Letourneau, i.e., from 2016 to 2021, gaining valuable knowledge and skills in various aspects of the sports industry.

As a student of SPECO Sports Marketing, Kiemeney delved into important topics such as sponsorship, events, marketing, communication, sales, management, and sports policy. This comprehensive curriculum equipped her with a broad understanding of the sports business landscape.

In addition to her studies at Fontys, Kiemeney further pursued her passion for design by attending Koning Willem II College, as mentioned on her IMDb page, and also at Jan Des Bouvrie Academy. At Jan Des Bouvrie Academy, she specifically focused on Interior Design and Styling. Her combined education in both commercial economics and interior design provided her with a diverse skill set, positioning her for success in various creative and business ventures.

Kiemeney Does Modeling As Well

In addition to her various endeavors, Kiemeney has also ventured into the world of modeling. She has been sought after by several brands and has had the opportunity to endorse products for renowned companies.

Mikki Kiemeney is posing with a lot of rings on her finger.
Mikki Kiemeney in one of her Photo shoots (Source: Mikki Kiemeney Instagram @mikkykiemeney)

Kiemeney’s modeling portfolio includes collaborations with brands such as Beau Beerens, L’Oréal Paris, Hillside Beach Club, Swim Essentials, Beads Babes, Kou Sportswear, Yeezlouise, LOAVIES, and Armani Beauty. Her versatile and captivating looks have made her a desirable choice for fashion and beauty campaigns.

Used To Be A Hockey Player

Before gaining recognition as a social media personality and entrepreneur, Mikky Kiemeney had a background in sports as a hockey player. At the age of 17, she made her debut for HC Den Bosch’s women’s team in 2015 as mentioned in an article from Sports Keeda. This was an exciting milestone for her, as she had the opportunity to showcase her skills and passion for the sport at a competitive level.

Although Kiemeney had talent and potential, she didn’t pursue a professional hockey career. Nonetheless, her experience as a hockey player likely instilled in her important values such as teamwork, discipline, and determination, which she carries into her endeavors today.

Involved In Philanthropy

Mikky Kiemeney is actively engaged in philanthropy, particularly through her involvement with the Nouri Foundation. She with the foundation has made a significant impact by placing 34 Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in public places throughout the Netherlands.

Collaborating with the Heart Foundation, the Nouri Foundation focuses on installing AEDs in locations where they are not commonly found, increasing accessibility and potentially saving lives in emergencies. Kiemeney has also talked about the case of Christen Eriksen, who once had a cardiac arrest in the middle of a match, and how AED helped to save his life.

In addition to the AED installations, the foundation also provides courses to educate sports coaches on the proper use of AEDs. Through her clothing brand, Mikki Ki, Kiemeney extends her support to the Nouri Foundation, contributing to their noble cause. Her dedication to philanthropy demonstrates her commitment to making a positive difference in the community and promoting the well-being of others.

Social Media Presence

Kiemeney has a strong social media presence and can be found on Instagram under the handle @mikkykiemeney. On her Instagram account, she frequently shares pictures with De Jong, showcasing their relationship.

In addition to personal posts, Kiemeney also collaborates with various brands and does paid advertisements. Moreover, she shares moments from her travels and pictures with her friends, offering glimpses into her social life. Overall, her Instagram account is a mix of her personal experiences, professional collaborations, and enjoyable moments with loved ones.

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