Micah Sloat is an American actor who is worldwide famous as a cast of the supernatural thriller horror show Paranormal activity. Besides this, he has also appeared as Elder Lantern in The Death and Return of the superman.

Sloat was born to his parents on the 8th of May, 1981 in Westport, Connecticut, the United States. He holds a zodiac sign Taurus. The Paranormal Activity actor was interested in acting and music from an early age which paved his career path.

Sloat graduated from Skidmore College in 2004 with a degree in philosophy. For his physical stats, the actor stands tall with a height of 5 ft and 8 inches and weighs around 75 kg.

Net Worth

Micah Sloat is estimated to have a net worth of $500 thousand which is accumulated through his professional career. His primary source of income is his acting career.

He has been a part of the hit project ‘Paranormal activity and its sequel which has earned quite an amount at the box office. Likewise, he has also made his appearance in the DC movie The Death and Return of the superman.

He is enjoying a comfortable life with his great fortune.

Relationship Status

Micah Sloat is presumably single right now and is just focusing on his career. He has yet to find a girl who has the potential to become his partner. But, it is unclear if the actor will publicize his relationship as he is a very private person.

Micah Sloat and his co star Katie Featherston
Micah Sloat and his partner from Paranormal Activity Katie Featherston
source: Backstage

He is known to be romantically linked with anyone till now, but some rumor was speculated about his relationship which he has denied.

Was Micah Sloat In A Relationship With Katie Featherston?

Micah and Katie Featherston both work on a horror, thriller series Paranormal activity. Both of them were on good terms and were close friends which was misread by people and their dating rumor was speculated.

Micah was rumored to be dating his co-star but this was denied by the actor saying there was nothing like that and this rumor is just baseless buzz.

Family Background And Siblings

Micah was born as the eldest son of his parents, Robert Sloat, and his wife Victoria Sloat. There is less information about his parents, as the actor has not revealed it yet.

Similarly, Micah is not the only child of Robert and Victoria and was raised alongside his six siblings. All the siblings are close to each other and grew up making many memories. His parents have provided all of the basic needs, love, and care to all of their children.

2022 A.C.E. Eddie Award-Winning Pamela Martin Is His Cousin

The A.C.E Eddie Award of 2022 was won by Pamela Martin for the best dramatic feature film. She is a film editor. Her movies include King Richard, Battle of the Sexes, Life of the party and so on.

Micah Sloat and his cousin Pamela Martin
Micah Sloat and his cousin Pamela Martin
source: Instagram @micahsloat

Throughout her career, she has 30 credits as a film editor and 6 credits in the editorial department. Pamela is one of their many cousins of Micah.

Officiated The Marriage Of His Cousin Asha Shapiro And His Good Friend Lane Aikin

Micah Sloat’s cousin Asha Shapiro is married to one of his good friends Lake Aikin. The couple walked down the aisle on the 14th of August, 2022.

Micah had attended the marriage as well as was privileged to officiate the marriage. He was honored to officiate their marriage and was happy for them.

Was A Musician Prior To Entering Into The Acting Field

Sloat has an interest in music and is an exceptional musician with guitar skills. He has played rock as well as blues on his guitar. Likewise, he also sang with world champion Westminster barbershop chorus.

Micah Sloat(star of Paranormal Activity) singing Black Bird at the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame

After he moved to Los Angeles in 2005, he studied at Musician Institute and enhanced his lyrical knowledge. Also, he was learning acting too as he had discovered his acting enthusiasm.

Has Been To Many Concerts

As previously mentioned, Micah is a music lover and listens to music a lot. He has also been to many concerts to listen to the music live and enjoy the performance.

The actor has also posted a picture of himself enjoying the concert of the popular band Guns N Roses. According to Micah, he was completely stunned at the way they performed.

Micah Sloat In The Paranormal Activity

Oren Peli is the director and writer of the American suspense thriller and horror program Paranormal Activity. This television series has grossed $193.4 million at the box office, making it a huge success. Paranormal Activity 2, Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, and Paranormal Activity: Beyond Rituals are the titles of the series’ subsequent installments.

Paranormal activity poster 1
Paranormal activity poster
source: amazon

The story revolves around a young couple who is played by Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat who finds the presence of a supernatural force in their house. The supernatural activity was documented by setting up the cameras.

Sloat Plays the role of Micah in the series and has appeared in all of its sequels. He first saw the ad for the series when he was studying acting in Los Angeles. He met the requirement of being a flexible and versatile actor.

Micah has achieved worldwide fame from the series and a breakthrough as his debut movie was a super hit and loved by many people across the globe.

Played In The Death And Return Of The Superman.

Micah Sloat has also made his appearance in the DC movie based on the superman publication The Death and Return of the superman. This movie is both written and directed by Max Landis and was released in 2011.

The movie depicts the world after Man of steel sacrifices his life to protect the earth and now the world is without him. Micah has played the role of Elder lantern in the movie.

Appeared On The Jimmy Kimmel’s Show

Micah has made his appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show, an American show where different celebrity comes to share their experience. He was on the 927th episode of the show.

There the paranormal activity actor talked about his personal life and the show he has worked on. Also, he described his character in the series alongside all the fun activities they did on the show.

Was In Burningman Event

Burningman event is the event that took place on the penultimate night of Burning Man, which is the Saturday evening before Labor Day. This ceremony was located in 1991 at Black Rock City in northwestern Nevada, in the black rock desert.

Micah was at the event in 2019 and enjoyed it very much. He says that the event is very crazy with unlimited fun.

Used To Play Baseball Back In The Days

Sloat was in a baseball team named bears back in the days and used to play this sport. He misses those days hitting a ball with the bat and running for the run.

Micah Sloats baseball team.JPG
Micah Sloat’s baseball team
source: Instagram @micahsloat

He has posted his baseball team photo which was taken after his team lost by 9 runs. In the match, he took 2 home runs.

Pet Lover

Like most people, Sloat is also a pet lover and prefers to keep a dog to accompany him. He welcomed his pet dog Samwise, whom he calls Sammy with love on the 25th of August 2021.

Micah Sloats pet dog
Micah Sloat’s pet dog
source: Instagram @micahsloat

Sammy is a Bluetick Coonhound dog which is in black and white color. Micah loves staying and playing with Sammy.

In addition to this, The Death and Return of the superman actor has also created an Instagram account of his dog which has the username @dog.samwise and has 41 followers so far with 5 posts.

Social Media Presence

Micah is an active social media user and the celebrity can be seen constantly posting his personal and professional life on his social media platform.

He is available on Instagram with the username @micahsloat which has more than 2k followers. Similarly, Micah has more than 5k followers on Twitter where he tweets under the username @micahsloat.

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