Maureen Brady is a writer by profession who has made name for herself through her impressive writing skills. However, she is well-known for being the older sister of one of the richest football players Tom Braddy.

Born in the year 1943, Brady celebrates her birthday every year on the 7th of June. She spent most of her childhood in Mount Venom, New York, and was relocated to Florida where she spent the rest of her adolescent life. Her parents are Galynn Patricia and Thomas Brady Sr.

Net Worth

Maureen Brady is estimated to have a net worth of $100 thousand which she has accumulated through her novels as well as from the prize amount that she received while playing softball.

She has written many books like Give Me your Good Ear, Follie, Ginger’s Fire, and so on. She has also been a softball instructor.

In addition to this, Brady’s brother Tom Brady is estimated to have a net worth of a staggering $250 Million which he amassed through his successful professional career.

Blessed With Two Daughters

The Ginger’s fire author, Brady is blessed with two daughters with her relationship with Brian. The former couple had named their child Maya and Hanah. The children go by their mother’s last name.

Maureen Brady with her daughter 1
Maureen Brady with her daughter
source: Players Bio

Maya and Hannah are both grown up now and doing well in their life. Maya has followed in the footstep of her mother and is now a softball player. Her daughter sees her brother Tom as their father figure.

Relationship Status

Maureen Brady is currently enjoying her single life and is focusing on her career rather than thinking about relationships. However, she was married to Brian Timmons previously which ended in 2010. The former couple has not disclosed their relationship details.

Also, they have not clarified the reason for their Separation. The couple shares two children together. Besides this, Brady is not known to have been in a romantic relationship with anyone.

Brian Timmons Used To Get Autograph Requests

Brian used to be a mechanic retailer in the mid-90s and shifted to be a researcher at McMaster University. Due to his inactive social presence, it is hard to assume his current profession. He is a very secretive person.

However, Brian has revealed that he used to get autograph requests from people. Because his ex-wife and daughter, both were athlete personalities, people used to think he was also one of the athletes.

Daughter – Maya Brady

Maya Brady has walked in the footsteps of her mother and is a softball player now for her high school, Oaks Christian, located in Westlake Village. She was a finalist for the title of state player of the year in softball.

Maureen Bradys daughter Maya Brady 1
Maureen Brady’s daughter Maya Brady
Source: UCLA Athletics

She enrolled in UCLA after graduating from high school in 2019. As the best mother-daughter team in California high school athletics, Maureen and Maya are well-remembered.


Maureen grew up with her siblings who are all well-known among the public. They are famous since their childhood days because of their interest in games.

She is the eldest among all the siblings. She has two sisters Julie and Nancy as well as a brother Tom Brady who is the youngest of them all.

Maureen Brady with her sisters and brother 1
Maureen Brady with her sisters and brother in the beach
Source: The Post Games

Nancy has the least amount of public appearances among all the siblings. During their childhood, Maureen is a naturally gifted athlete who would win all the games alongside her sisters. The bonds between the siblings grew together as they grow older.

Brother -Tom Brady

Tom Brady is a renowned American football player who has been successful to enlist his name on the list of the richest football players. He plays from the quarterback position.

He had committed to making the household name known because of him to his sisters as he was always in the shadow of his athlete sister Maureen. So, he worked very hard and has successfully fulfilled his commitment.

Maureen Bradys brother Tom Brady
Maureen Brady’s brother Tom Brady
source: NFL

Three NFL MVP awards, four Super Bowl MVP honors, and a record seven Super Bowl titles have all been won by the great quarterback star throughout his career.

Brady inked a contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in March 2020 after spending 20 seasons in New England. Early in 2022, Brady made his retirement announcement.

Talking about his personal information, Tom was born on the 3rd of August, 1977 as the youngest among four siblings and the only son of his parents. He married supermodel Gisele Bündchen.

Educational Background

Brady is a well-educated person who went to Hillsdale High school to receive his primary as well as secondary education. Furthermore, she went to Fresno State University and majored in Marketing.

In addition to this, she practiced physical therapy and also taught at Russell Sage College, located in Troy, New York. She also participated in the New School writing workshop which boosted her confidence to write. This has paved her career path.

Used To Be An Athlete During Her School Days

All of the Brady Siblings used to play all sorts of sports they find during their school days. Maureen was exceptionally well in sports and used to display great athletic skills.

In an interview, Tom said that Maureen was an unbelievable player. She would be exhausted but she would make it. He used to be known as ‘Maureen Brady’s brother’ as she won a lot of games and even made a name on paper.

Bradys’s Softball Career

Maureen Brady was a softball enthusiast from a very young age. She used to play it from her school days. While in high school she received a two-year letter in soccer and a four-year letter in softball.

In 1990, she was given CaliHi’s “Junior of the Year” honor. By the date she quit, she had pitched 29 no-hitters. With a 111-10 professional record that is still among the finest in the state and 14 perfect games, Maureen also set a state record.

The Super Bowl Experience: Maureen Brady

In softball, she received all-league, all-country, and all-peninsula accolades for four straight years in high school. She was additionally voted the league and team softball MVP in each of those years.

Maureen progressed as an athlete even greater when she was a member of the “Fresno Bulldogs.” In 1994, she was an All-American pitcher who even set a record for victories. She finished her career with a score of 80-31 on 748. 2 innings pitched in a career. The Bulldogs twice made it to the women’s collegiate world series thanks to Mauren.

She received the FSU athlete of the year award during her final year.

As An Author

Maureen retired from her Softball career to raise her daughters as they were staying with her after her divorce. She started focusing more on her writing career afterward and has successfully made name for herself in the world of book writing.

Some of her bibliographies include Give Me your Good Ear, Follie, Beyond Survival: A Writing Journey for Healing Childhood Sexual Abuse, Ginger’s Fire, and so on. Not only in writing but she has been involved in editorial work too. Some of her credits as an editor are Spinsters Ink, The Words of a Woman Who Breathes Fire: Poetry, and Prose by Kitty Tsui.

Social Media Presence

Maureen does not like to be in the limelight and tries to conceal her personal life from the public. For that, although she has created an account on social media platforms, she has maintained a private profile.

She is available on Instagram with the username @mommymomo14 and she has accumulated more than 600 followers. She has more than 400 posts that can be seen only by limited members.

Likewise, Maureen tweets under the username @Mommymomo14 which has only 12 followers.

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