Is Matthew Vorce Dating? Or Does Matthew Vorce Have A Wife Already?

Matthew Vorce is not married and does not have a wife. Reportedly, he was dating Billie Eilish. Matthew Vorce and the Grammy Award-winning singer want to keep things under wraps hence there are a few details about their love affair that have been made public so far.

Matthew Vorce and Billie Eilish.
Matthew Vorce is currently dating Billie Eilish.
Image Source: Elle

In April 2021, Matthew and Billie were seen snuggling and drinking coffee in Santa Barbara, California. They looked to get along in the initial photographs as they walked her dog. Furthermore, the actor was also seen holding hands with the Oscar-winning singer at JFK International Airport in New York City in September.

Billie Eilish is posing for the photo.
Billie Eilish’s full name is Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell.
Image Source: Billie Eilish’s Instagram

Vorce and Eilish had not officially acknowledged their relationship. Also, Matthew is ten years Billie’s senior, an age difference that had sparked a great deal of debate on the internet. Recently in June 2022, Matthew and Billie confirmed their break up.

Matthew Vorce’s Net Worth And His Movies Appearance

Matthew Vorce’s estimated net worth is $400000 as of 2022. Aside from performing, he has also worked as a writer for several television productions. His successful acting and writing careers have enabled him to amass a substantial financial fortune.

Matthew Vorce is posing for the photo.
Matthew Vorce’s estimated net worth is $400000.
Image Source: Matthew Vorce’s Instagram

Vorce began his professional career in 2013 after appearing in several theatrical productions. He also worked as a voice actor for several shows during his stage career. The 5 feet 10-inch tall actor performed numerous plays before shifting his attention to a larger screen. Return Home was the first movie in which he appeared as a character.

Matthew has even been allowed to work as a writer due to his creative writing. He has had considerable success as a writer for various television series. Furthermore, Putty Man, a podcast presented by the actor, was broadcast throughout the pandemic. The event received a fair amount of attention.

Matthew Vorce's photo from his movie.
Matthew Vorce began his professional career in 2013.
Image Source: Matthew Vorce’s Instagram

Vorce has been working hard to establish himself in Hollywood and has shown his ability to be innovative in various fields. In his most recent effort, The Curse of Frank Sinatra, he accomplished a respectable job. And his supporters are looking forward to seeing what he has in store for them in the future.

Matthew Vorce’s Racist Tweet Posts

In June 2021, Twitter users found out that Matthew Vorce used the F-bomb in one of his previous remarks on social media, and he used the N-word in another comment. After that, social media users petitioned Billie to break her silence on the subject. However, the singer did not comment.

Nonetheless, after a few days of controversy, Vorce apologised for his previous racist and homophobic language. In an Instagram story, the actor wrote, “I want to apologize for the things that I wrote on social media in the past. The language I used was hurtful and irresponsible and I understand how offensive those words are,”. He further added, “Whether it was a lyric, a quote o rjust me being dumb, it does not matter.”

Matthew Vorce Age And How Was His Early Life? 

Matthew Tyler Vorce was born on September 10, 1991, in the Californian city of North Hollywood, in the United States of America. He is presently thirty-one years of age. He is a citizen of the United States. His zodiac sign is Virgo.

Matthew Vorce with his mother.
Matthew Vorce with his mother.
Image Source: Matthew Vorce’s Instagram

The identities of Matthew’s parents and siblings have not yet been revealed. It is clear that he wants to keep his personal life out of the public eye if he can help it.

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