Marlene Knaus is a media personality who rose to prominence because of her ties with mainstream celebrities. She is the foremost wife of the late Austrian Formula One driver and aviation businessman, Niki Lauda. Furthermore, she is also the daughter of Austrian painter Robert Knaus.

Moreover, the media star was introduced to the world by her parents in 1956 in Valdivia, Chile. She was raised in Austria and hence she possesses Austrian citizenship as well as enjoys every right and privilege of Austria.

As a modeling enthusiast, Knaus started her career in modeling and was rising in the industry at the time she dated Niki. Besides this, no other information has been disclosed by the model about her earlier life and educational background other than she had attended classes at a German school in Valdivia.

Net Worth

Marlene Knaus is estimated to have a net worth of jaw-dropping $43 Million. The amount she possesses is from her professional career and some was inherited from his ex-husband Niki Lauda.

Knaus worked as a model and posed for many magazines and brands. After that, she worked as an interior designer which generated a good sum of money. Likewise, she has received a house from her ex-husband Niki that is located in Ibiza, Spain.

After Nikki’s death, some amounts from his net worth were given to Merlene. In addition to this, Niki was estimated to have a net worth of a staggering $200 Million at the time he died.

Relationship With Niki Lauda

The pretty woman Knaus is currently living a single life and has not remarried or dated anyone after her divorce. Previously she was married to Niki Lauda, a businessman and a Formula One driving professional.

Moreover, the celebrity partner was rising as a model while she was dating Niki. The couple first met in 1975 and after a couple of months of dating, the love birds decided to walk down the aisle in 1976. She was known widely after they started dating.

Marlene Knaus and her ex husband Niki Lauda
Marlene Knaus and her ex-husband Niki Lauda
source: Tuko

Likewise, Marlene and Niki were the favorite celebrity couple of the media personnel and they would always make a heading in the media. The couple shared two sons from their long relationship Lukas and Mathia Lauda. Lukas was born in 1979 and Mathia was two years younger than him and was born on January 30, 1981.

Unfortunately, the couple ended in divorce in 1991 due to personal reasons.

Family Background

Marlene was born into a family of painters and artists according to the article written by Spanish Ibiza Style Magazine. She is the daughter of a famous Austrian realistic painter Robert Knaus and his wife Elena.

Her father relocated to Valdivia after marrying Elena in Spain. The couple spent a decade living there along with their children before returning to Europe in 1963.


Knaus is not the only child of her parents but she shares her parents with two sisters and a brother. All the siblings grew together making memories in Valdivia before relocating to Europe. Her sisters are Birgitte and Renata whereas her brother is Tilman.

Renata Clary is an artist just like her father and performs exhibitions of art. Besides this, Knaus has not said anything about her siblings. However, the siblings are close to each other.

Fainted After Seeing Niki’s Injury From Accident

Niki and Marlene were madly in love with each other and they were a favorite couple of the Paparazzi. At Nürburgring, Lauda met a terrible accident that nearly killed him. He inhaled a toxic fume and was burnt severely.

Niki Lauda – Nurburgring 1976

Marlene fainted upon seeing her ex-husband’s burnt eyelashes and his tragic condition. She could not handle his condition.

Cause For Divorce

After Years of loving moments, Marlene and Niki shared together, the couple parted ways in 1991. Although the former partner has not revealed their reasons for divorce it is believed to be because of Niki being unfaithful to Marlene.

While Niki was married to Marlene, he had an extramarital affair with some lady and they gave birth to a son named Christoph. The couple was still married for a decade after his third son was born which signifies the former model was unaware of her husband’s deeds.

It is not mentioned that this had to do with their divorce but many people believe the couple parted ways because of this.

Life After Divorce

After the former couple both parted ways, Marlene stayed single and did not remarry or stay in a relationship. They had remained in a conjugal relationship and she was also present in their family gathering and ceremonies.

On the other hand, Niki tied the knot with a flight attendee from his airline, Birgit Wetzinger, and shares a twin Min and Max with her whom the couple introduced in September of 2009.

In addition to this, Niki has also left a house for Marcelene in Ibiza, Spain where she resides.

Past Relationship

Prior to dating Niki, Marcelene was in a relationship with the stage and film actor Curd Jürgens. The couple was dating at the time when she met Niki for the first time in her house of Curd.

Her boyfriend had invited Niki, her later husband for dinner and this was the first time they both met each other. Soon after their meeting, Niki and Marlene started dating each other.

Much information about Marlene’s relationship with Curd is not revealed publicly.

Marlene Was Famous As It-Girl

Marlene started her career as a model in her teenage days. Her fashion sense was admired greatly and was a trendsetter of that period. She was famously known for her nickname It-Girl which she got for her loose top-knot bun hairstyle and fashion sense.

Marlene Knaus with her iconic hairstyle
Marlene Knaus with her iconic hairstyle
source: Biography Mask

Knaus posed for various shutterbugs and was on the magazine’s cover page. She left her modeling career to be with her ex-husband. After that, her job was as an interior designer, and became a socialite

Ex-husband – Niki Lauda

Niki, who was born Andreas Nicholas Lauda on February 22, 1949, is well-known for being an F1 racer and airline tycoon. He is the first driver to ever win titles with both Ferrari and McLaren.

He is reputed to be a racer and has spent two years managing the Jaguar squad in addition to consulting for Scuderia Ferrari. Niki, Lauda Air, and Lauda are three of his own airlines that he owns.

According to the Irish sporting website, the gorgeous Niki is a religious person and prays to god before his match and when he was in a hospital bed in nearly dying condition after his accident he allowed the nurse to call the priest.

In his racing career, he had a rivalry with McLaren driver James Hunt, and other rivalries are shown in the movie Rush which he features.

Death Of Lauda

Nikki Lauda died on 20 May 2019 as he was not healthy and had a problem with his kidney. He was at the University Hospital of Zürich due to his ill condition when he passed while he was sleeping.

Funeral of Formula 1 Legend Niki Lauda

The F1 racer was 70 years old when he died and his funeral was where many of his friends, families, and close people attended. Some of the notable characters to attend his funeral are the actor Daniel Bruehl who played his role in the movie Rush, F1 driving champion Lewis Hamilton, and his ex-wife Marlene and his family.

Marlene’s Sons Also Work In MotorSports

The younger son of Marlene entered the world of racing by imitating his father. He made his professional racing debut in the Formula Nissan 2000 class in 2002 and raced for Austria in the 2005–2006 Grand Prix season.

He has been competing in the FIA World Endurance Championship as a factory driver for Aston Martin Racing since 2015. He won the Endurance Trophy for LMGTE Am Drivers in 2017, finishing in the top spot for the first time in his career.

Marlene’s elder son is working as a manager for his younger brother.

The Physical Appearance Of Knaus

Being a model no doubt, Marlene Knaus would looked pretty at her young age. But she has also maintained her appearance in her mid-sixties too. She looks gorgeous with her dark brown hair with her iconic loose top-knot bun hairstyle which is accompanied by her mesmerizing brown eyes.

Marlene Knaus wearing beatiful silver outfit 1
Marlene-Knaus wearing a beautiful silver outfit
source: Webofbio

Likewise, her body is slim and built with vital stats of 34-26-35 inches. Knaus stands tall with a height of 5 feet and 6 inches equivalent to 167 cm. She has maintained her weight of around 63 kg (138 lbs). However, it may vary according to her diet and time.

Social Media Presence

Marlene wants to remain far from the media as much as possible and thus is not that active on the social media platform. There is a Twitter account under her name but it is still unclear if the account is official or not.

The account has tweets under the username @TheMarleneKnaus which has 33 followers at the time of writing.

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