Marco Vacchi is an amazing photographer and cameraman who has used his skills to capture beautiful images as well as videos. He has also been an assistant cameraman for the movie Prince Charming which was released in 2019.

Vacchi has not disclosed much information about his early life, family as well as education. However, it is known that he had an interest in cameras from an early age which later became a professional career.

Let’s see more interesting information relating to the life of Vacchi.

Net Worth

Marco Vacchi has not officially stated his net worth. However, based on his professional career and his lifestyle, he is apparently a rich person.

He mostly earns money from his successful photography career. The average salary of a photographer in New York is $82 thousand, but he must earn more than that. Vacchi owns a studio and has clicked pictures of numerous models as well as celebrities.

Besides this, Vacchi is also the co-founder of Madman Espresso and bakery which earns some amount for him.

Relationship Status – Is Marco Vacchi Married?

The Italian Cameraman, Marco Vacchi is happily married to a woman named Mariola. He prefers to lead a very private life with his wife.

Marco Vacchi and his wife
Marco Vacchi and his wife Mariola.
Source: Instagram @marcovacchi

He has not talked much about his wife, however, he has shared pictures of them together on his Instagram.

After having their initial meeting in the year 2015, Vacchi and his wife started dating. Six months after their first meeting, he proposed to her in an Italian restaurant by pulling a rose from a vase and keeping it in his mouth.

On top of that, he poured some wine. It was funny but served its purpose as Mariola agreed to get married to him.

Vacchi wished him a birthday on the 27th of January with a caption.

Happy birthday to that astonishing woman that is my beautiful wife, the only one person in the whole world that I would bring anywhere with me, even till Kathmandu and beyond.
Thanks for being part of my life,

Family Background

As mentioned above, Vacchi loves to keep his personal life behind the curtains. He has not revealed the identity of his parents, as well as their career, which is not known.

Marco Vacchi with his father
Marco Vacchi with his father.
Source: Instagram @marcovacchi

However, he has posted images of his parents on several occasions such as their birthdays and mother’s day or father’s day.

Marco Vacchi’s Wife Is A Polish Model

Vacchi’s wife, Mariola Vacchi is a polish model and is also working as a consultant. The two first met each other after she was referred to his studio for a photoshoot.

She has an amazingly gifted body and Vacchi has posted images of her on his Instagram.

Moved To New York At The Age Of 30

Vacchi moved to New York at the age of 30 for a better career opportunity. He wanted to grow and make a name as a good photographer.

During this time, he had a series of fortunate chances and improbable adventures because to his unique mustache and corresponding personality.

Does Not Like To Share About Performing In Heavy Metal

Marco worked as a performer in a heavy metal band. He was an assistant to a famous Italian pop star back in the day.

However, he tries to conceal this fact from the public. Whenever he is asked about his past life, Vacchi always tells he worked with his dad as a photographer.

Is A Businessman

Prince Harming’s assistant cameraman Vacchi is a businessman when he is not doing any camera-related work. He is the co-founder of Madman espresso and Bakery which opened in 2015.

Marco Vacchi working at Madman Espresso and Bakery
Marco Vacchi working at Madman Espresso and Bakery.
Source: Laura Rubio

It is located at 54 University Place, 235 w 35th, st 332 Bleecker st. His espresso business is running well and people are giving good reviews about it.

Furthermore, what is better with coffee than a bakery?, therefore Marco also serves a bakery product along with the coffee. There are various types of baked products in his Madman Espresso and Bakery.

In the mornings, a line that wraps around the store is not unusual, and the few tables and bar stools are almost never empty.

Coffee Is Not The Career For Him

Even though Marco runs a coffee and bakery shop, he does not consider it a career. It is something he has done to make himself and the townspeople happy.

He considers working as a barista cool. He shared that there was a barista in his high school which was cool but Vacchi does not want to make it a career.

Marco First Entered Into The United States In A Student Visa

Marco entered the country on a student visa with the intention of pursuing a career in photography. He first enrolled in English studies, then switched to art classes to learn about the aesthetics of photography and other forms of media. He flew back and forth between Italy and the US for the next two years, renewing his visa every three months.

Furthermore, Vacchi met Kitamaru who is now a close friend and assistant to him, in an art class. They two are good at working together.

As A Photographer

Marco is an excellent photographer who has captured images of different models, as well as scenery. His photography has been posted in various magazines and photo booths.

Picture clicked by Marco Vacchi.
Picture clicked by Marco Vacchi.
Source: Instagram @marcovacchi

Among many magazines, some of the magazines in which his artwork is published are Edith Magazine, Vigour Magazine, 6Xmagazine, and many more.

Planning To Publish Photography Book

Marco has also posted some of his photography in a separate Instagram account where he shares the picture that he takes on the street mostly from the cab.

Therefore, Vacchi has named the Instagram page @nycfromthecab which has more than 490 followers. He has humorously written he is not a driver.

He is planning to use all these pictures in his photography book.

One can see his artwork or portfolio from his personal site

As A Videographer

Not only photography but Marco is also good at filming things. He has captured a lot of videos for victoria’s Secret, movies, and so on.

He has also taken some videos for Robert Deniro.

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Vacchi’s Movie Industry Experience

Vacchi has also got experience working in the movie industry. He has credit in the electrical and camera department on his IMDB profile.

He has worked as an assistant camera in the movie Prince Harming. It was released in 2019.

Has An Iconic Moustache

Besides his camera skills, Marco is famous for his iconic moustache. He has a huge moustache that is shaped and properly groomed.

Marco Vacchi and his iconic mustache
Marco Vacchi and his iconic moustache.
Source: Instagram @marcovacchi

He has a charismatic personality and a good sense of humour. With his handsome appearance, he might have a shot in becoming a model.

Is A Dog Lover

An Italian cameraman, Vacchi is a kind-hearted person which deeply cares about animals as well as humanity. He owns a dog which is named Russell Deniro. He did not buy it, rather he got it from Ruff house rescue, an organization looking after left dogs.

Marco Vacchi with his dog
Marco Vacchi with his dog.
Source: Instagram @marcovacchi

Vacchi also requests people adopt dogs and provide them shelter and food rather than buying them. He has created an Instagram account for his pet dog which goes by the username @thejerkrussel.

Marco has posted a lot of images of him and his dog enjoying life and living their best moment. He is so grateful for having his dog.

He has also planned to donate the money collected from his photography book to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

Social Media Presence

Marco is quite active on social media and has activated his accounts on Instagram. Apparently, he does not use Facebook and Twitter as there was no account with his name.

He is on Instagram with the username @marcovacchi which has amassed more than 7k followers. He mostly posts about his professional life but there are some posts that are about his personal life too.

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