Lucy Faulks is a health and well-being specialist working for the betterment of the mental and physical health of society. Additionally, she was a founding member of the distinguished business Elevate.

Moreover, the gorgeous lady is in the limelight for being the wife of a Welsh actor and musician Aneurin Barnard. Faulks handles her professional life and personal life greatly.

All that is known about Faulks’s early days, is her birthday which she celebrates every year on the 17th of September. She was raised in London, England.

Net Worth- The Richness Of Lucy Faulks

The pretty woman Faulks is estimated to have a net worth of $200 thousand which she has accumulated from her successful professional life.

Similarly, Lucy’s primary source of income is her career at Elevate. She serves as the Co-founder, director, and specialist in the award-winning company.

Furthermore, the celebrity wife freelances as a keynote speaker and talks about mindfulness meditation, resistance, entrepreneurialism, and so on. She has quite an influence on the audience.

In addition to this, Faulks has also launched an online platform Technotox where many articles relating to mental and physical health are published.

On the other hand, her husband Barnard is estimated to have a net worth of around $1 Million. With all this fortune, she is living a happy and comfortable life with her family in Bristol.

Relationship Status – Is Married To Aneurin Barnard

Lucy Faulks is living a happy marital relationship with the Barkskins star Aneurin. The couple had not kept their relationship secret like most celebrities.

Lucy Faulks and her husband Aneurin Barnard
Lucy Faulks and her husband Aneurin Barnard.
Source: lhongtortai

Likewise, the pretty lady Faulks first shared the picture of Aneurin on her Instagram in 2014. However, the couple started dating in 2011. They also shared that they were going to be married and the planning for the wedding on March 14, 2016.

After a year, the loving duo finally exchanged vows in the holy ceremony which was attended by their close friends and families. Lucy took the Welsh actor’s surname as has introduced herself as Lucy Faulks Bernard.

Blessed With A Son

Well, Lucy is the proud mother of a handsome boy who was born in the union of Lucy and Aneurin. She has respected the privacy of her child and has not revealed the name and other personal information about him. In addition to this, she has not revealed the image of her son where his face is seen.

Lucy Faulks and her son
Lucy Faulks and her son.
Source: Instagram @mrslucybarnard

However, the media star has shared a lot of pictures of him enjoying his life. From the picture, one can assume how happy the child is with his parents.

To add more, Faulks and her husband are trying hard to give their child the best life and experience growing up. Also, get to know about another star kid Deidra Hoffman.

Husband – Aneurin Barnard

The Hollywood star Barnard, Lucy’s spouse, is a Welsh actor who was born on May 8, 1987, to June and Terry Barnard. He finished his secondary education at Ysgol Gyfun Llanhari.

Lucy Faulks husband Aneurin Barnard
Lucy Faulks’s husband Aneurin Barnard.
Source: Wikipedia

Furthermore, the 36-year-old actor trained at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and honed his skills as an actor. His debut in acting was in 2003 in Jacob’s Ladder where he played the role of Young Jonathan. Following that he has been in numerous movies and TV series.

Similarly, the media star is recognized as an actor famous for his roles in movies like “Dunkirk” (2017), “The Goldfinch” (2019), and the TV series “Cilla” (2014).

Throughout his career, Barnard has had 52 credits as an actor which are for Doctors, The Pact, Peaky Blinders starring Cicilian Murphy (Aran Murphy‘s father), Sherwood, and many more. See another American actor Kip Pardue.

In the recent time, the charming actor has starred in Men Up, and Steeltown Murders. He will be appearing in his upcoming project Timestalker.

Educational Background

The Founder of Elevate, Lucy is a well-educated person who has received her Bachelor’s degree in music and theaters from the University of Leeds.

Similarly, the star spouse studied at St. Olave’s Grammar School and after that, Faulks went to Blackheath Highschool GDST for her high school education. Faulks revealed that her favorite subject at the school was biology.

Tries To Embed Some Mindfulness Each Day

Although Faulks talks about mindfulness meditation, she does not do it daily. Sometimes she cannot get enough of meditating and sometimes she feels like not doing it today. But she tries to embed something mindfulness each day when she is not meditating.

Lucy Faulks in her mindfulness meditation.
: Lucy Faulks in her mindfulness meditation.
Source: Technotox

Also, the lady scans her body or takes a mindful taste of her coffee. Sometimes she chooses an app for guided meditation. Her favorite apps for this are Insight Timer and Calm.

Lucy Faulks’s Brother Is A Fantastic Chef

Aneurin’s Wife, Lucy does not talk much about her family, but she has revealed that her brother is a fantastic chef and she always gets to eat yummy food at her favorite place i.e. the kitchen table at his parent’s house with all the family members around.

Lucy Faulks brother preparing dish
Lucy Faulks’s brother preparing a dish.
Source: Instagram @starslyingdown

Moreover, the lady has four nephews who are the children of his brother James Faulks and his wife Emma Faulks. Her brother has a joint Instagram account with his wife that goes by the username @starslyingdown. Besides this, there is no other information available on her brother.

Lucy Faulks Wanted To Share What She Learned In Positive Psychology Classes

The positive Psychologist Faulks shared how she landed as a well-being specialist. She revealed that after graduation she found an advertising job which for her was not the right choice to make her career.

Therefore, she thought of the other profession she could do. Therefore, Faulks took a course in positive psychology. She found it helpful and wanted to share it with other people too.

Furthermore, the star wife then pursued CPCC certification, studied Positive Psychology in Dr. Martin Seligman’s first resiliency program at the University of Pennsylvania, and started creating and presenting wellbeing workshops for business clients as a result.

Started Online Platform Technotox

With the motive of providing excellent mental health and improving mindfulness, Lucy founded the online portal Technotox.

To educate, inspire, and equip readers with useful advice on how to improve well-being, foster resilience, and increase happiness, Technotox presents tools, insights, knowledge, and activities.

Likewise, Faulks has also shared some articles relating to mindfulness meditation.

Faulks Chooses To Be A Paramedic As An Alternative Career

As mentioned previously, the favorite subject of the Health and Wellbeing Specialist at school was biology. She loves the idea of being the first on the scene during times of emergency.

She can think calmly in a hectic situation. Therefore, she considers being a paramedic as an alternative career.

Co-Founder Of Elevate

Elevate is a health and well-being organization that provides lasting health solutions to their clients that are tailored to them. Lucy is the co-founder of this award-winning company.

Again, Lucy serves as the specialist in the company and has a good record of giving advice which has helped with the mental health issues of the clients.

The company focuses on focus on physical, mental, emotional, social, and financial health and works with the world’s leading brands to deliver no-nonsense, practical, and evidence-based training.

Furthermore, it has a team of experts who help in delivering a holistic but research-driven solution to the client.

Is A Keynote Speaker

Faulks is also a part-time keynote speaker who gives speeches on topics such as mental health, meditation, and so on. Her speeches have influenced and motivated a lot of people.

Lucy Faulks-Barnard Keynote Speaker

She also talks about Resilience and entrepreneurialism on the show. She started doing this in 2017 and has become a well-known personality in this field.

Has Open Mind In Homosexual Relationships

Lucy, herself is not a homosexual person but she supports one. She has always been open-minded about it. She has been to India to support the marriage of her male friend of the same sex.

Lucy Faulks at her friends wedding
Lucy Faulks at her friend’s wedding.
Source: Instagram @mrslucybarnard

Besides, Faulks was wearing Indian attire and she completely loved it. She has captioned the image as Love prevails on Instagram.

Social Media Presence

The positive Psychologist, Faulks is quite active on social media. She has activated accounts on major social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. However, she does not seem to use Facebook.

Likewise, the pretty woman’s Instagram username is @mrslucybarnard and she has successfully amassed more than 2.5k followers. She has shared glimpses of her personal and professional life on this specific platform.

Like, Lucy joined Twitter in March 2009 and has more than 3.6k followers so far. There are more than 3.2k tweets under the username @LucyFaulks.

While talking about her husband, The Catch star Aneurin has amassed over 91.2 thousand followers on his Instgaram page @aneurin.b. Also, the charming personage has over 54 thousand followers on Twitter with the username @aneurinBarnard.

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