Lindsay Mullan is a reputed Canadian personality who is an Award-winning comedy creator and improviser. Not only, Mullan creates comedy-related content, but she also instructs others. Additionally, she has described herself as a foul-mouthed sentimentalist on her Instagram.

She has explored a wide range of professions and has made her name in those fields. Let’s find out other facts and features related to Mullan’s life.

Net Worth

Lindsay Mullan is estimated to have a net worth of $100 thousand in her possession. She has been a part of the entertainment industry for more than two decades, and being a veteran actress earns a good income.

Lindsay Mullan riding a bike. 1
Lindsay Mullan riding a bike.
Source: Instagram @lindsomullo

She is the writer of many shows and also the host of the podcast Truth Be Told. Her movies, like My Spy, Loose Ends, etc., were some of the hit projects. She owns a luxurious bike.

Earlier Life

Mullan spent some of her childhood in Edmonton and later was raised in Calgary, located in Alberta, Canada. She was very acting enthusiastic from a very young age and had already made up her mind to make a career in the entertainment industry.

To achieve her dream, after her high-level education, she furthermore went to the prestigious Mount Royal University Theatre Arts Program, where she received her Diploma in acting. Additionally, she has also been in many training, which has proven to be fruitful in her career life.

Mullan has not shared her family details. However, it is known that her mother is a well-educated person and has a Ph.D.

Relationship Status

Lindsay Mullan is currently in a relationship with John Dardenne, who is involved in the acting industry. They both share their common interest in acting and comedy. It is not known when the couple started dating, but they seem to be very happy and comfortable in each other’s company.

Lindsay Mullan and her boyfriend John Dardenne
Lindsay Mullan and her boyfriend John Dardenne.
Source: Instagram @lindsomullo

Mullan and Dardenne are not rushing to take their relationship to the next level. They enjoy every moment and often go to beautiful destinations together to spend some quality time together. The love birds are not afraid to share their love life on their respective social media.

Mullan is called Groot by her boyfriend, whereas she calls her boyfriend by the nickname Grump. The couple may give good news about marriage to the public in the near future.

Boyfriend – John Dardenne

Lindsay’s boyfriend, John Dardenne, is an actor and comedy personality who has been in more than 40 commercials. Some of his commercials are for Nintendo, NFL, Volkswagen, and many more.

Likewise, he has also appeared in Show! stand up at The Hayworth and Game Night at iO West as a host. He wrote jokes that aired on FOX and jokes that were performed on The Tonight Show on NBC. Similarly, Dardenne is also the writer of the web series Fresh Perspectives.

Was In A Relationship With Michael Savery Before She Met John Dardenne

Lindsay was romantically involved with Michael Savery prior to dating her current love partner John. Although there are not many details about their dating life, Mullan was often spotted with him and was seen on her Instagram posts.

Lindsay Mullan with her former Boyfriend Michael Savery
Lindsay Mullan with her former Boyfriend, Michael Savery.
Source: Favebites

She shared pictures of her with Michael with a caption, ‘World’s Most Expensive Tinder Date’. Unfortunately, the former couple has parted ways, and now they are happy with their respective new partners.

Savery uses Instagram under the username @m_savery, which has more than 500 followers. He lives an adventurous lifestyle and has traveled to many countries. He has also interested in riding a bike.

Relationship With Niece

Mullan loves children very much and finds them cute and adorable. She has a niece whom she holds the dearest. Her niece was born in 2018 and is named Ramona by her parents.

Lindsay Mullan and her niece Ramona
Lindsay Mullan and her niece Ramona.
Source: Instagram @lindsomullo

Every time Mullan finds some free time, she goes to meet her niece and spends time with her. She has posted many pictures of Ramona and her on Instagram.

Alumna Of The Second City Toronto Mainstage

Mullan is an alumna of the second city Toronto Mainstage where she used to work as a writer as well as a performer. During her time in the second city Toronto Mainstage, she wrote and performed for two revues.

Further, the Toronto actress is also a part of one of the prestigious theatres, Loose Moose Theatre Company. She had received five years of training in improv in it.

Lindsay Was Infected By Covid-19

During the 2020 covid pandemic, many people were infected by this deadly virus and many of them lost their life. Lindsay was also among the ones suffering from the virus. It affected her shows and business life.

Lindsay Mullan during her covid infected time
Lindsay Mullan during her covid infected time.
Source: Instagram @lindsomullo

However, rather than being depressed, worried, and full of tension, She lived cheerfully in quarantine. She did follow all the safety measures and made herself covid-free.

Lindsay Mullan Was Tired Of Getting The Same Kind Of Roles

The Canadian actress Mullan has always been told to wear a certain style of dress and have a certain attitude which she finds very dominating of men. She was tired of men dictating her sexiness.

During her acting career, she was consistently made to play the same kind of role. Whether she was playing the role of a wife or girlfriend partnered with a messy man. After the 30s, Mullan was given the role of mom.

Lindsay was not satisfied with that and therefore launched a new show called Tease. This show answers and raises the questions like Why should a man get to define when a woman looks good? Why did they feel entitled to comment on a woman’s appearance and performance?

Return To Stage And Improv Instruction

Mullan is set to release a new stage show which, according to her, is going to have a feeling that feels like chilling with friends. She is also providing free instructing classes on Improv before the shows.

Also, she has added that many people think that Improv is something that should be done outside the box but in reality, it is to think inside the box.

Dog Lover

The Truths Be Told Podcast host, Mullan is a kind-hearted person who has a strong affection towards dogs and has owned one just like Percy Hynes White. She has a black dog which is named tango.

Lindsay Mullan with her dog Tango. 1
Lindsay Mullan with her dog Tango.
Source: Instagram @lindsomullo

Tango is a Swedish Lapphund black-colored dog. Mullan has shared pictures of herself spending quality time with her pet dog. Furthermore, she has also posted about dogs that are not owned by her. Apparently, it does not matter to Mullan who the dog belongs to, she loves all of them.

Lindsay Mullan’s Height And Physical Appearance Details

Mullan is a member of the glamorous entertainment world who has to constantly put up with a good physical appearance. Therefore, she always appeared to be well-groomed and maintained. She has short dark brown hair with hazel eyes with a jolly personality.

The Award-winning content creator stands tall with a height of 5 ft and 4 inches which is equivalent to 162 cm. She has a slim body with a decent figure.

Social Media Presence

The award-winning comedy creator, Mullan, is a very open person who does not hide her life from anyone. She likes to interact with people and wants to smile with others. To update her life, she has activated an account on major social media platforms like Instagram.

Her Instagram id is @lindsomullo, where she has amassed more than 2k followers. She has shared her lifestyle as well as moments from her professional life on her Instagram account. Besides this, Mullan does not seem to be active on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

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