Laura Boneham is a TV personality who has appeared in many TV reality shows like Loved Ones, Survivor: Blood and water, etc. She is in the limelight because of her husband, Rupert Boneham, who was a fellow contestant on the mentioned show.

Boneham was introduced to the world on the 29th of August, 1968, and was raised in the United States. Her maiden name is Tyner and she falls under the zodiac Virgo.

Net Worth – Is Laura Boneham Living A Rich Lifestyle?

Laura Boneham has not officially revealed her net worth and it is also difficult to estimate her net worth based on her professional life. She has been featured in the TV reality show Survivor and Amazing race and has earned a substantial income from them.

2019 Survivor contestant Lee revealed that Survivor’s contestant receives $90 per day which was way less.

Likewise, Boneham is currently working as a registered nurse in the Busy hospital in Indiana.

On the other hand, Laura’s husband Rupert Boneham is speculated to have a net worth of a whopping $3.9 Million. He has received a one million prize from Survivor: America’s Tribe Council and has made appearances in many seasons of Survivor and Amazing race.

Relationship Status – Married To Rupert Boneham

Laura Boneham is currently enjoying her marriage with Rupert Boneham. Initially, they met in 1994 and completely fell in love with each other. They got into a relationship for two years and later engaged in 1996.

Laura Boneham and her husband Rupert Boneham
Laura Boneham and her husband Rupert Boneham.
Source: Digital Spy

Laura and Rupert walked down the aisle a year after their engagement on the 26th of September, 1997. They two share a daughter together.

The loving duo are in a relationship for almost three decades and has not made any headlines with their disputes.

Blessed With A Daughter – Raya Boneham

Laura is a proud mother of Raya Boneham whom she shares with her husband Rupert. Rupert and Laura have given their best while raising her and loves her from the bottom of their heart.

Laura Boneham with her daughter and husband 1
Laura Boneham and her daughter.
Source: Twitter @RupertBoneham

Currently, Raya works as an Assistant Manager at Everything but water since February 2022. Before that, she used to work as a patient placement in Anscesion and was a crew member at Chipotle Mexican Grill.

She is available on Instagram under the username @rayaboneham. She is an animal lover and has posted pictures of her dog and snake on her Instagram. She is in a relationship with a guy who uses Instagram with the username @oldassnokia.

Let’s Discuss Laura’s Husband, Rupert Boneham

Laura’s husband, Rupert Boneham is a TV personality who has wide popularity among the survivor’s audience. Besides this, he is also doing a mentorship for troubled kids.

Laura Bonehams husband Rupert Boneham 1
Laura Boneham’s husband Rupert Boneham.
Source: Survivor – wiki

Boneham was born on the 27th of January 1964 and was raised alongside his brother Christopher in Kokomo, Indiana, USA. While growing up, Boneham faced a lot of bullying problems as he was overweight.

Roger F. Boneham, Rupert’s father, was a geology professor at Indiana University. His mother, Georgette Boneham (of Syrian heritage), later earned a master’s degree in social work while working as a chemistry teacher at Lewis Cass High School in Cass County, Indiana. She was raised in foster care.

He used to deliver pizzas but later the job dried up and he became homeless. Boneham started to live in his car with his pet snake. Eventually, he got into a nursing school and secured good grades.

He participated in Survivor: Pearl Island in 2003 and following that, he again returned for the different seasons of Survivor like All-Stars, Heroes vs villains, Blood vs water, etc.  Boneham received 85% of the votes cast in America’s Tribe Council.

He uses his Instagram account @rupertskid in which he has displayed pictures of many children from his non-profit organization.

Laura’s Husband Rupert Revealed He Has Gone Two Surgeries For Throat Cancer

Rupert was diagnosed with Throat Cancer and has gone through two surgeries so far. Initially, the doctor removed the pre-cancerous cell and had done PET test to check the cancer cell all over his body.

Survivor contestant on beating cancer.

When Rupert got the news of his illness he was shocked and terrified. He was smacked with the fact that he is not immortal. He was worried he might lose his voice.

Rupert’s Kid

Rupert’s Kid is an organization founded by Rupert to help troubled teens. He used to work with handicapped children back when he was in Abilene, Texas.

He used a large portion of the money from the awarded price of One million by Survivor: America’s Tribal Council to establish the organization. He bought an abandoned house and renovated it.

The group established the Park Adoption Program in collaboration with the City of Indianapolis. You can visit the official site of Rupert’s kid here.

Laura’s Husband Rupert Ran For Candidacy Of Governor Of Indiana

In 2012, Laura’s Husband Rupert ran candidacy for the Governor of Indiana. He wanted to give something to his hometown by joining politics.

Rupert for Governor 2012.

However, Libertarian Nominee Rupert lost to the republican nominee, and future Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence.

Laura On Survivor

Laura appeared on the survivor alongside her husband Rupert. However, she could not get popularity as much as her partner.

Survivor: Blood vs Water – Laura B Voted Out.

Laura was voted out and was in the Tadhana tribe as she was not preferred by the group. Later her husband Rupert saved her and stayed in her place with Laura being at the Galang tribe.

Although the Galang tribe was winning keeping Boneham safe, on day 13 they lost and later she was voted out by Aras. Overall, Laura was placed in the 12th position.

In an interview, it was admitted by both of the loving duo that being on Survivor has made their relationship better and bought them together.

Laura Boneham Weight Loss

Engaging in hardcore tasks and going through a whole day without eating surely affects one’s weight. A similar has happened to Laura after she got into the reality show Survivor. She lost some weight after the show.

Not only her, but many contestants have posted the image before and after the show picture in which their weight loss can be clearly seen. Her husband Rupert has also lost 40-50 pounds.

Post Survivor

After Survivor, the couple decided to enter into another reality show and participated in the 31st season of the Amazing race in 2018.

The Amazing Race 31 Leg 1: Rupert & Laura (1/2).

However, the loving duo got eliminated in the second episode of the show which placed them in the 10th position.

In an interview with Amazing race, she described herself as a smart and brave woman with hobbies like waterskiing, boating, scuba diving, traveling, camping, gardening, and working out.

Currently Working As A Registered Nurse

Something Boneham is proud of is that she went back to school in 2015 and learned. She is now a registered nurse working in the Busy hospital in Indiana.

She works on Oncology/Hematology floor with medical overflow and is doing her work passionately and diligently.

Social Media Presence

The Survivor contestant Boneham has activated accounts on major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, she is not seen as quite active on them and has very less interaction.

She is available on Instagram under the username @lauratynerboneham. It is a private account with 502 followers and has 0 posts. Likewise, Laura joined Twitter in September 2013 and has amassed 24 followers so far.

In addition to this, her Facebook account has 4.1k friends.

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