Kellie Shanygne Williams or Kellie Shanygne Jackson is a popular Afro-American actress who is famously known for her acting in the popular sitcom Family matters as the lead character of Laura lee Winslow.

Born and raised in Washington Laura of Family matters has a strange career in Hollywood where she began strong and kind of faded away as time passed by.

What was Mrs. Williams’s early life like?

Williams was born in Washington Dc on the 22nd march of 1976. Growing up Kellie was a very shy and introvert nature of the person. To her shy nature, she was performing very badly in school during her early school days which was a problem for her parents to solve.

Her father thought of enrolling her in acting class, so she can grow more confident and she got enrolled. She was only enrolled in acting classes to boost her confidence. Neither her father nor she herself had thought of choosing an acting profession.

Kellie S. Williams in pink full sleeves vest with a black jacket during family matters sets.
Kellie S. Williams during her FAmily matters days. source:@wattpad.

She began signs of progress after being enrolled in acting class as she started being more confident in class, asking questions, and participating in singing and dancing. Later on, she started growing in acting more and she fully focused to be an actress in near future.

She started modeling at the young age of only 6 when she started to do ads for kids’ clothes and other commercial products.

What’s Kellie’s Education background?

During her initial school years, she was enrolled in Howard University children’s Theater where she learned acting and after that for her college years, she studied at UCLA where she majored in psychology.

For a long, she has actively been interested in teaching arts to children, so after completing her major she established a fine arts program for youth interested in arts in Howard University children’s Theater.

Who are Kellie’s parents?

Kellie was born in a household with decent economic background. Her father Ervin Williams was a manager at a telephone company in Washington and her mother Patricia Williams was a journalist for jet magazines.

She was the oldest child of her parents followed by two siblings. she has a brother named Donte Williams and a young sister Marti Williams in her family.

Kellie Shanygne Williams Career

Kellie, when she was in her school days, began keeping an agent for herself after her modeling ventures, and then after that, she started getting offers from the Bahamas and Ireland where she portrayed the character of some child in the show and started getting recognization.

When she was in school she started featuring in featured films like Men Don’t Leave and Suspect as her school was running she didn’t want to continue in more ventures like this.

But in 1989 things changed forever for Kellie when her agent encouraged her to spend an audition tape for the sitcom Family matter. Her audition tape was liked and she was called for a live audition by the producer of the show.

She went to Los Angeles for the audition and was selected to play the lead role of Laura Lee Winslow in the sitcom, that’s when finally she decided to quit school and fully focus on acting. She portrayed the character of laura for 9 seasons which comprised 215 episodes. She was loved by the audience and critics throughout 9 seasons.

Although starting as good as she did, she didn’t achieve much success in her later projects. she was seen portraying small roles in movies and series but not one like she did in Family matter.

Physical Apperance

Kellie Shanygne Williams is a chubby woman with a large build. She has a body weight of around 75kg and a height being 5 feet and 6 inches. She has an eloquent body with a tan skin tone.

She has sport short dark black color hair with a charismatic dep set of black eyes.

Kellie S. Williams in all black attire posing in front of the camera.
Kellie S. Williams posing in front of the camera, source: Instagram,@kellieswilliams.

What is Laura of Family matter’s Relationship Status?

Kellie Shanygne Williams is currently married and is living a happy life. Her husband Hannibal Jackson whom she met in the year 2007 through a mutual friend became close to her in a really short span of time. They dated each other for two years when the couple decided to tie the knot.

She married Mr. Jackson at African Methodist Episcopal Church located in Washington DC in the year 2009. They have been a very lovely couple whenever they have been spotted together. Currently, they are blessed with two children one son named John Ervin Jackson and a daughter Hannah Bell Jackson.

Kelli S. Jackson along with her husband and children all wearing black attire.
Kelli S. Jackson with her family. source: [email protected]

What is the net worth of a Family matters star?

Kellie Shanygne Williams may not have much success in her later projects but Laura of family matters does have an excellent bank balance. from the successful career that she has lived, she has made a staggering net worth of around $2 million US dollars.

Her primary source of income definitely is her acting but she is also active in business along with her husband and other than that she has a lot of endorsements that pay a good sum to her.

Lifestyle and Travel

Mrs. Williams lives her life currently with her husband and children. They currently reside in their home in Washington living a comfortable and lavish life. She is seen enjoying herself with her children whether it be going to watch a game, just hanging out, or renting luxury homes around the country for them to have private time.

She also likes to travel a lot whether that’s due to her work or just enjoying a trip around the country with her family. Her social media handle has a lot of pictures of her traveling and enjoying herself with her family.

Does Kellie have social media?

Kellie is active on popular social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook where she has posted about herself and her family along with some sponsored content. As of April 2022 on Instagram, she has a verified account with 180k followers and on Facebook, she has over 650k followers in her verified account.

Charity and Social work

Kellie has done much in her life that has made her worth so much money, so as a good-hearted person she does return something for the one in desperate need. She is very much active in charities and social programs that happen around her.

She is associated with charity foundations like The Starlight Foundation International where she is a Youth Ambassador. This foundation helps hospitalized people with necessary materials like clothes, equipment, and others. Famous Phone Friends where any hospitalized children can talk to their favorite celebrity Great Beginnings for Black Babies, and Hollywood for Children.

Are there any rumors and controversies about Laura from Family Matters?

A controversy related to the star of family matters cast not being so welcoming to their co-star Jaleel White has emerged which has tied Kellie too. The actor in an interview given he said that the other co-star treated him differently and he specially mentioned Kellie Shanygne Williams along with other stars of the show that they had issues with him as they always listened to the elder cast on the show.

However, there hasn’t been any kind of rumors regarding her life that has been circulating in media currently or previously.

Some facts about Kellie Shanygne Williams

  • She started her modeling career at the age of six.
  • Kellie was a shy introvert kid during her childhood.
  • The star of family matters wouldn’t have been an actress if not for her father enrolling her in acting school at a young age.
  • During her time shooting Family matters, she and her co-star Jaleel white both had the same tutor.

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