Johann Urb is a well-known actor in Hollywood who belongs to Estonia. He is most famous for his work in Resident Evil: retribution. He has a perfect height of 1.93m and a weight of 88kg. His zodiac sign is Aquarius and he is a divorcee.

Urb’s father divorced his mother when he was very young. He was compelled to shift with his mother to Finland with his Finnish stepfather. He was only 10 when brought to Finland and he grew up there. He completed his early education and had a dream to meet his biological father.

When he turned 17 he decided to fly to America and meet his father who was settled in the United States. Shortly after reaching the United States, he had to find a job. At first, he did some minor work and spend time. After a lot of hard work, he was able to do modeling in the United States. After involving himself in different ads and fashion modeling he finally gets a chance to enter in film line.

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Urbs Ex-wife Erin Axtell

Johann Urb’s wife Erin Axtell is an American actress and model who has played in more than two movies. She is famous as the ex-wife of Johann Urb. According to her IMDb she has played in only two movies. She appears in different fashion shows. She has a very good height of 5’10 and she has a weight of 62kg.

Urb’s ex-wife was born Erin V Axtell in 1987 in Montana, United States of America. She played in Alter Egos in 2012 and Highway to Hell in 2017. There is not much information about her as she is well concerned about her life and privacy. There are no official websites or social sites on her name.

Axtell played Alter egos in 2012 and then she played Highway to hell in 2017. The Alter Egos is a comedy film directed by Jordan Galland. The movie had a box office collection of $1 million on VOD. The film Highway to Hell was directed by Jer Jackson and Luke Jackson.

Urb’s Present Wife Rachel Pringle Urb

Johann Urb is currently married to Rachel Pringle Urb who is an actress, model, and spiritual guide. She is active on her Instagram and keeps on posting with her husband Urb. Most of the photos are from sets where she wears modeling clothes.

As a model Pringle believes in maintaining her body. She involves herself in different activities like yoga, routine exercise, jumbos, etc and she makes vlogs on Instagram. Pringle has a height of 5’8 and a weight of 58.5 kg.

Rachel Pringle was born on 18 November 1986 as Rachel Emma Pringle but the place is yet to be updated. In one of her posts, she revealed that she was interested in modeling since her teenage. During her photo shoot, she got a chance to meet Urb. They became very close to each other and started dating each other. They finally married on August 16, 2018.

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Urb and his wife in vacation. (source: Instagram @urbjohann)

Marital Status

Resident Evil titanic character Leonnen S. Kennedy is a married man. In the year 2007, he fell in love with his ex-wife Erin Axtell but due to some reason, they divorced in 2010. He has two sons from his ex-wife Erin Axtell. At present, he is married to Instagram model, actor, author, and spiritual guide Rachel Pringle Urb.

Urb wants to keep privacy about his sons so the information about his son is still missing. Urb keeps on posting about his new wife Pringle in his Instagram post. At the right moment, there is not much information about his first wife.

Parents And Siblings

Urb is the son of famous Estonian actors Tarmo Urb and Maris Urb. His father is a composer and a legendary figure in Estonia. Tarmo Urb is best known for his movies like Beautiful girl of 2012. His character in the movie is Richard and his son Johann Urb is screened as Cannon Balls.

Tarmo was also seen in Basquait in the role of Lech. The movie was directed by Julian Schnabel. The movie budget was $3.3 million and the box office was $3.1 million. His wife Maris Urb lives a very private life so she doesn’t appear in any media.


Urb is a well-educated personality and has studied drama at Strasberg theatre and film institute, He used to live with his mother and Finnish stepfather. He started getting interested in acting when he turned 16. At the very young age of 17, he moved to the united states where his father lived. He started his career as a young model in the united states.

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Johann Urb’s childhood photos with cousins (source: Instagram @urbjohann )


Johann Urb started his career in a small role Mugatu bodyguard in Zoolander in 2001 in 2003. Urb played the role of Hunk in Fear of Feather which was a short film. In the same year, he appeared in Miss Match as David in an episode.

In 2004 Urb played the role of Brad Tustin in CSI: Miami. In the same year he was the main cast Travis Thorson for 13 episodes of The mountain in 2005 he played in a television film love’s long journey as Fyn Anders. In 2005 he appeared as Hired Hand in love’s long journey. in 2006 he played the role of Jake in All in. In the same year, Urb appeared in the short film Life Happens as Jason.

In 2006 he appeared in three television series and films. He appeared as Ken in Entourage for an episode. Within a short period of time, he appeared in The Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman as Doug for two episodes. He appeared as Greg in till Death.

In 2007 Urb appeared as a Surfer Dude in 1408 which is a horror and thriller film. In the same year, he played two television series. He played the role of Johnny Gage in the dirt and the role of steve in Hidden Palms.

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Urb at his set (source: Instagram @urbjohann).

Urb played in two movies in 2008 which are The Hottie And Nottie and Strictly Sexual. He played the role of Johann Wulrich in The Hottie and Nottie and Joe Brandon in Strictly sexual. In the same year, he appeared in three different television series. He played the role of Nick in one tree Hill, Lars Anderson, in A Gunfighter’s Pledge, and Skyler Rand in Knight Rider.

In 2011 he played short films Hot Dog water, Small gods, and a film Dorfman in Love. He played a television series The Glades as Kyle Wheeler. In the coming year 2012, he played the role of Leonnen S. Kennedy in Resident Evil: retribution which made him famous and listed him in the names of big Hollywood stars.

He played in dozens of films and on television since 2001. His latest film is American Seige where his role is Toby Baker.

Net Worth

Johann Urb has been in the film industry and modeling career for more than two decades. He has earned a big sum of money. His net worth is $1.5 million which he earns from his acting career. He loves to live a very respective and luxurious life.

Urb spends most of his income on vacations and outfits. He likes to have trips to a foreign land. His 2021 Instagram post depicts he was in Costa Rica with his wife Rachel Pringle on their vacation. Currently, he resides in the Los Angeles of California where he owns his own mansion.

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Johann Urb’s lavish holiday. (source: Instagram @urbjohann)

Social media

Urb has a verified account on Instagram and Facebook. He has more than 27k followers on his official Instagram page and has more than 1.7k followers on Facebook. He also owns a youtube channel that has more than a hundred followers. His videos are all about breathing techniques.

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