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Jazz Raycole was born on February 11, 1988, in Stockton, which at the time was the 11th largest city in the state of California. The same goes for her given name, which is Jazzmine Raycole Dillingham. Moving on to her childhood, she stated that she has always had an interest in dancing and that she began participating in dance competitions when she was only four years old.

Jazz Raycole was born on February 11, 1988.
Jazz Raycole was born on February 11, 1988.
Image Source: Jazz Raycole’s Instagram @jraycole

In spite of the fact that Raycole does not disclose a great deal of information about her parents, she has disclosed the name of her brother’s Instagram account. Her brother’s name is Lawrence Coleman. On the other hand, not a lot of information is available about her brother, Lawrence, because he prefers to keep his identity a mystery.

Jazz Raycole’s Qualification and Education

According to the information provided in Jazz’s IMDb profile, Jazz Raycole has set her sights on furthering her education at Stanford University, widely regarded as one of the best universities in the world. Her aspiration is to work in the field of pediatric medicine. However, she has not disclosed her educational qualifications or the subjects she studied in college.

Is Jazz Raycole Married? Or Dating?

Concerning the love life of Jazz Raycole, it has been revealed that she is presently in a relationship with Guillermo Martinez, an entrepreneur and experienced traveler. Jazz and Guillermo, who are now engaged to be married, have known each other for a very long time.

 Jazz Raycole with her boyfriend Guillermo Martinez,
Jazz Raycole with her boyfriend, Guillermo Martinez.
Image Source: Jazz Raycole’s Instagram @jraycole

After getting to know one another for a few years, the couple decided in 2007 to start a relationship with one. However, Jazz did not come clean about her relationship with Guillermo until his birthday on January 4, 2020. This was the first time the public learned about their relationship.

Jazz Raycole's dog.
Jazz Raycole’s dog.
Image Source: Jazz Raycole’s Instagram @jraycole

Jazz Raycole has a sweet little white dog whose name is Dime, and the dog is adorable. She uses her Instagram handle quite frequently to post photos of her pet dog. Moving on, the dog that she has is a Bichon Frisé, which is a breed of dog. The personality of a Bichon Frisé can be described as one that is joyful, sensitive, feisty, and playful.

Jazz Raycole’s Net Worth Collection

Comparatively speaking, Jazz Raycole has a net worth of $3 million. She is able to afford such a substantial amount thanks to her successful career as an actress in television series. She is also a professional dancer, and a significant portion of her income comes from that line of work.

 Jazz Raycole has a net worth of $3 million.
Jazz Raycole has a net worth of $3 million.
Image Source: Jazz Raycole’s Instagram @jraycole

In addition to this, she also makes a significant amount of money from her verified Instagram account, which has more than 33,800 followers.

The Lincoln Lawyer Actress Jazz Raycole’s Professional Journey

In the 1995 comedy and drama film Waiting to Exhale, Raycole made her acting debut in a supporting role as Onika. This was the beginning of her career in the entertainment industry. After her debut on the big screen, she went on to star in only one television series.

Jazz Raycole's clip from her series.
Jazz Raycole’s clip from her series.
Image Source: Jazz Raycole’s Instagram @jraycole

Her roles as Sydney Fletcher in The Quad, Lyric Ballentine in The Soul Man, Claire Kyle in My Wife and Kids, and Tanya in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is among her most well-known television series. She is currently working on two different projects, one of which is called Searching, and the other is called The Lincoln Lawyer.

Jazz Raycole Love To Dance

As was mentioned earlier, Jazz Raycole began participating in various dance competitions at a very young age. She began her training with a variety of seasoned professionals in the field. At this time, she is receiving instruction in dance from a well-known choreographer and producer by the name of Deborah Kaye Allen, also known as Debbie Allen.

She does dance, and she hasn’t given up the passion that drives her to dance even though she’s been doing it for a long time. On her Instagram account, she frequently shares videos that are related to dancing.

Jazz Raycole on The Soul Man

The Soul Man is an American television comedy series that debuted on the small screen in 2012 and ran until 2014, when it was finally canceled. In addition, Jazz made a total of fifteen appearances as Lyric Ballentine throughout the course of this series.

In a similar vein, some of the other cast members include Yvette Nicole Brown, Wesley Jonathan, and Aloma Wright. Brandon Hammond is a former child actor who primarily acted in Waiting to Exhale with Kirbie Wallace.

The Office Cast Jazz Raycole’s Body Measurements

Jazz Raycole has a respectable height, coming in at 5 feet 2 inches (157 cm), and weighs somewhere around 65 kilograms. She has always been committed to maintaining her physical health and fitness, even from a young age. In a similar fashion, she has dark eyes that go exceptionally well with her curly brown hair.

Jazz Raycole is getting ready for the gym.
Jazz Raycole is getting ready for the gym.
Image Source: Jazz Raycole’s Instagram @jraycole

Jazz maintains her toned body by going to the gym on a consistent basis. In addition, she encourages those who support her and follows her on social media to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle because she believes that this is the most important aspect of a person’s life. 

Jazz Raycole on Social Sites

On Instagram, Jazz Raycole, 34, can be found posting photos and videos under the user ID @jraycole. She has a strong fan base consisting of more than 33,800 individuals. In a similar manner, she is very active on her Twitter handle, which can be found under the username @jazzraycole.

In May of 2009, she became a member of Twitter. Eating, praying, falling in love, and then dancing are some of her favorite things to do, as stated in her Twitter bio.

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