Jayden Popik is a famous Australian actor who made his professional debut with Queensland theater(2020) in the male leading role of Declan. He rose to fame after appearing in a recently released Netflix film, A Perfect Pairing with the role of the central supporting character Henry.

After having done a handful of plays as supporting characters throughout his career as of now Popik is referred to as a rising star due to his talent and the amount of hard work he puts in to understand his character. Keep scrolling for more updates about his life and the achievements he has accomplished as of now.

Early life

Jayden was born in the year 1994. Declan from Kieran Hurley’s gripping two-hander Mouthpiece was born and raised along the coastal towns of sunny Queensland. His nationality is Canadian however he is rumored to be of German, Swedish, Ukrainian, and Indigenous Australian descent.

Popik has a sister named Teyanah Popik who is a freelance hairstylist and is quite famous for winning Avant Garde Up Styling Competition, as her victory was also published in the newspaper Suncoastdaily.

Xavier from the series Mystery Road: Origin on ABC, hasn’t disclosed any further information involving his matters and his family members on social media platforms. There has also been no news about his educational qualification and no information has been shared or updated about the educational institutes where he studied before entering the acting world.

Jayden’s Sister Teyanah Is A Hairstylist

Even though the actor has kept quiet about his family members, Popick is known to have a sister named Teyanah Popik. She is a popular freelancer hairstylist.

Jayden with his sister Teyanah Popik.
Jayden with his sister Teyanah Popik @jaydenpopik

The sibling of the actor has won Avant-Garde Up Styling Competition and is quite famous as the news about her victory was published by Suncoastdaily. She is active on social media where she keeps posting different hairstyles created by her.

What is the Net worth of Jayden Popik?

The actor has been on a steady rise after his recent works but he has yet to land a major leading role in Tv shows, films, or movies.

But still, he has been cast in a major supporting role in different shows and has quite an amount of net worth. Nevertheless, he still has yet to reveal the amount of his net worth. Based on his professional life, Jayden Popik is estimated to have a net worth of $300, 000.

Jayden Popik’s Movies And TV Shows

Popik is an actor represented by IMC (Independent Management Company). He first made his debut in theater in 2012 with the act King Lear as the first knight in the TheatreiNQ. Later on, he played in three different acts(X-Stacy, The shape of things, and Macbeth) in 2013 in the same theater.

the poster of the film a perfect pairing.
The poster of the film A perfect pairing

After a 3 year break, he continued to act in The Owl & Cat Theater in Red Boots & Half Smoked Cigarettes as Billy, A Very Modern Marriage as Christopher, and Between the Sheets as Tristain. In 2017 he made his first appearance on television with the role of Aaron in the film Work. And in the same year, he also worked in The Owl & Cat Theater in Erasers as Jordan. In 2019 he acted in the play Blackrock as Ricko at the EbbFlow Theatre Co. and also in the play Ghosted as Kyle in a chapel off the chapel theater.

2020 was a big year for Popik as he was to play the leading male role of Declan in the play Mouthpiece in Queensland theater. In 2022 he landed a major supporting role as Henry in the Popular Netflix Film A Perfect Pairing.

Jaden’s rise in the acting world

As much as talent equal amount of hard work is required to be a successful actor so Jayden played various supporting roles and due to his persistent efforts, he was finally cast in the act Mouthpiece directed by Kieran Hurley as Henry. For this act, he won Maltida awards for the best male actor in a leading role and rose to fame.

Jayden practicing the play with his co-star.
Jayden practicing the play mouthpiece @jaydenpopik

Since then he has been cast on various shows recently he has been in the Tv series Mistery Road: Origin as the character Xavier, the full episodes are available on ABC. He also appeared on Hansel’s Gretal as Hansel and is currently filming for Residence as Kobi the flounderer. With this pace, he’ll soon be a star in the acting world.

Dating rumors, is Jayden in a romantic relationship?

Apparently, Jayden Popick is single. Due to his recent casting in different Tv shows, films, and movies Popik has been quite busy with his work. So there have been no rumors related to his dating history or his relationship.

Also, he hasn’t disclosed any information regarding his interest in any romantic relationship. That is why it hasn’t been confirmed whether the actor is in a relationship or not.

Jayden Popik Stands Tall With A Height Of 5 ft 11 Inches

With a height of 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm), Jayden seems quite tall. Popik is a handsome actor born with dreamy hazel eyes. Having maintained his muscular build, he is often offered roles for edgy and evil characters.

With a fair complexion complimenting his hazel eyes and short brunette hair, he attracts people with his charm. With his appearance, he draws in many people in his performance.

Popick Got A Lot Of Appreciation For MouthPiece

Popik has not been involved in any serious controversies or rumors nor his matters or his line of work. He has been praised by many people as the rising star due to the sensation he created while being cast as the male leading role as Declan in the act Mouthpiece.

Jayden won the matilda awards for the best male leading role
Jayden winning Matilda awards @jaydenpopik

Here are some reactions to his amazing performance in the act for which he won the matilda awards for the best male leading role.

Social Network, is he active on different social platforms?

Regarding his social network, the actor is active on many social platforms. He is active on both Facebook and Instagram. Popik keeps us updated about the works that he is currently working on and those which are already finished on his page.

Being active on social media also helps him to engage more with his fans and admirers. Most of the post he shares is about the filming sites, co-actors, and his friends and family. He also promotes the posters of the movies and films he’s been cast on his page.

Jayden Popick’s Social Media Account Links

Popik is currently active on different media and keeps updated about his works even on social platforms. He has his site named Jayden Popik and a page where he keeps updating himself about his work and personal life.

Jayden Popik is a personal page, Popik, on Facebook where he posts news related to his works and even promotes the show he acts on.

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