Ida Gearon is an American costume designer. She’s married to actor Bruce Campbell. She’s worked on many Hollywood movies like Army of Darkness, Hatred of a Minute, Running Time, Tales from the Darkside: The Movie, and Necronomicon.

Apart from that there are no details regarding the gorgeous woman’s date of birth and parents in the media.

Ida Gearon And Bruce Campbell’s Married Life

Bruce Campbell and Ida Gearon have been happily married for more than 30 years, and they are very proud of their relationship. They walked down the aisle on February 22, 1991, in a private wedding ceremony. Campbell likes to joke that it’s the ups and downs in his life that keep Ida interested, along with his awesomeness, of course.

Moreover, the love mates’ celebrated their 32nd anniversary in February 2023, and Bruce has been sharing their love on social media. 332366935 742886360560329 6573648639197684061 n 1080 1 min
Ida Gearon and Bruce Campbell are a long-term couple. Source: Instagram@shemp_malone

The Hollywood star postd a beautiful picture of two with a caption, “2/22/91 – 32 years today with Ida Gearon. I can’t imagine life without her – or even REMEMBER life without her.”

In addition, the star spouse Gearon became well-known because of her marriage to the famous Hollywood actor Bruce. She prefers to keep her early life and personal background away from the spotlight. As of now, the lovely couple lives in Jacksonville, Oregon.


The pretty woman Ida is a talented costume designer who has worked on several movies like Army of Darkness (1992), Hatred of a Minute (2002), and Running Time (1997). In fact, she even took on additional roles as a line producer for Running Time and a co-producer for A Community Speaks (2004).

However, the big name’s talents don’t stop there! She’s also shown her face on-screen, making a few appearances alongside her husband Bruce. They even starred together in a fun car commercial. Besides that, she’s had roles in a handful of other films and TV shows too. Ida sure knows how to bring her skills to both sides of the camera!

Ida Gearon Is The Mother Of Two Kids

Before meeting Gearon, Campbell had been married to Christine Deveau and they had two children together, Rebecca and Andy. However, their marriage ended in divorce in 1989.

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Ida Gearon shares two stepkids from Bruce Campbell’s past marital life.
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Likewise, the celebrity wife has chosen to keep her past affairs and relationships private, so there is no available information about her previous romantic involvements.

On the other hand, The Evil Dead star Campbell has been open about his past relationships. He has talked about his marriage to Deveau and their children. Additionally, he has shared how he met his second better half while working on the set of ‘Mindwarp‘ and how they started dating shortly after that.

Bruce Campbell’s Movies And TV Shows

Meet Bruce, a remarkable American actor, and filmmaker who’s famous for his role as Ash Williams in the spine-chilling Evil Dead horror franchise by Sam Raimi. But that’s not all! the media star has also made a mark in the world of low-budget cult films and television series like The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr., Jack of All Trades, and Burn Notice. See another celebrity, Brandy Quaid.

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Ida Gearon and Bruce Campbell are lovely pair.
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Moreover, the household name’s a true master of his craft, having directed, produced, and starred in various documentaries and feature films. And not to forget, his talent doesn’t stop there—he’s also a skilled voice actor.

Similarly, the household takes a closer look at some of Campbell’s most memorable works. You definitely don’t want to miss The Evil Dead (1981), Crimewave (1985), Maniac Cop (1988), Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat (1989), Bubba Ho-Tep (2002), and My Name Is Bruce (2007).

On TV, the Hollywood star had leading roles in The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. and Jack of All Trades, and he brilliantly portrayed Autolycus, King of Thieves, in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess. He even rocked as Sam Axe on Burn Notice and reprised his iconic role as Ash in Ash vs. Evil Dead.

And guess what? The 65-year-old actor is no stranger to Hallmark movies! He’s graced the screen in two heartwarming Hallmark films since 1996. In QC Disapproved Don’t Watch (1996), he charmed alongside Shannon Sturges and Ernie Hudson.

Then, in An Accidental Christmas (2007), he sprinkled some holiday magic alongside Cynthia Gibb and Gail O’Grady. Both movies received heaps of praise from critics, and it’s no wonder with Bruce’s talents shining through. He’s truly a versatile and beloved actor, leaving a lasting impression in both thrilling horror and heartwarming Hallmark films!

How Wealthy Ida Gearon Is?

The media sensation Ida’s got around $3 million to her name, while her husband Bruce is doing pretty well with about $10 million.

In addition, Burn Notice actor Campbell is a real movie star! He’s been in some huge hits like Cars 2, making over $562 million at the box office. And get this, the Evil Dead Franchise is a massive success, pulling in $74,065,876 in the U.S. and an incredible $154,607,509 worldwide, according to The Numbers. He’s really made it big in the entertainment world, and it shows in his impressive net worth of $10 million!

Ida Gearon’s Social Media Presence

Despite being famous, Ida chooses to keep a low-key presence on social media. She doesn’t have any official accounts on major platforms, but her husband Campbell is quite active on Twitter and Instagram. Also, get to know about another star spouse Hanna Prater.

On Twitter, Bruce Campbell regularly shows his love for his wife by sharing sweet photos of them together. One special moment was on their 30th wedding anniversary when he posted a Halloween celebration picture, playfully mentioning that in Hollywood, each year feels like seven. He humorously hinted that they’ve actually been married for around 210 years! He also clarified that she’s not a blonde, and he’s not Elvis.

Whereas, the big name’s Instagram is full of lovely moments with Ida. He shares pictures of their exciting adventures, and from time to time, he treats followers with throwback photos from their early years together. The legendary actor has over 174 thousand followers on Instagram with the username @shemp_malone

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