Haleigh Montgomery is in the spotlight because of her connection with a well-known celebrity. He is in a relationship with an American Football player Darrell Henderson.

Montgomery was introduced to the world on the 6th of April, 1997, and was raised in Tennessee alongside her siblings. Based on her birth date, she holds the zodiac sign, Aries.

If you are wondering about how life is inside Henderson’s girlfriend, keep scrolling through the article.

Net Worth – The Richness Of Darell Henderson’s Girlfriend Haleigh Montgomery

Haleigh Montgomery has not revealed her net worth and on top of that, her professional career is not known. She is only in the limelight because of her boyfriend. However, she is in possession of a car of Nissan brand as well as living a rich lifestyle.

Haleigh Montgomery posing in her black Nissan Car.
Haleigh Montgomery posing in her black Nissan Car.
Source: Facebook Haleigh Montgomery

Her boyfriend, Darell Henderson jr, on the other hand, has a net worth of approximately $1 Million. He has accumulated this whooping sum of fortunes from his successful professional career.

Henderson was recently claimed by Jacksonville Jaguars. Prior to this, he played in Los Angeles Rams and had good stats.

As per Spotrac, his salary is $648,142 in his current team. Besides, his salary in 2021 was $878,832, and it was $686,916 in 2020.

Relationship Status – Is Dating American Football Player Darrell Henderson

Haleigh Montgomery is reportedly in a relationship with the American Football player Darell Henderson. However, the couple has not shared any details about their relationship.

Haleigh Montgomery with her boyfriend Darrell Henderson and son D3.
Haleigh Montgomery with her boyfriend Darrell Henderson and son D3.
Source: Facebook Haleigh Montgomery

It is unsure when and where the loving duo met for the first time. They seem to keep their relationship private without making any headlines.

As the love birds both attended Memphis University, it might be safe to assume that they are in a relationship since their university’s team.

Has An Athletic Background

Like her boyfriend Henderson, Montgomery also has an athletic background and used to be on a track-field team during her school days. She was a track and field athlete at East Hamilton High School, before graduating in 2015.

Haleigh Montgomery in the Memphis University's track and field team uniform.
Haleigh Montgomery in the Memphis University’s track and field team uniform.
Source: Facebook Hayleigh Montgomery

Furthermore, Henderson’s girlfriend was also on the University of Memphis’s track and field team from 2015 to 2020. During her time on Memphis University track and field team, her position was sprints and hurdles. However, she did not make it a career.

Academic Life

Montgomery is a well-educated personality with a  degree in health services administration from the University of Memphis. Prior to that, she had attended her classes at East Hamilton High School.

She was an athlete back in her academic days and had good records. However, her academic grades are not revealed.

Family Background

Haleigh was raised by her mother Carmen Montgomery Mayes alongside her siblings. She has not revealed any sort of information regarding her father.

Haleigh Montgomery and her mother Carmen Montgomery.
Haleigh Montgomery and her mother Carmen Montgomery.
Source: Facebook Haleigh Montgomery

Although the celebrity wife has not been very secretive about her family, it is known that she is the oldest child of her parents. Furthermore, her mother has an MS degree from  Middle Tennessee State University and is working as an IT consultant.

Besides her mother, Haleigh respects her aunt and grandmother. As per her, they have always showed her the right ways and have motivated her.

Had Posted Picture During Pregnancy

Darell and Montgomery were eagerly waiting for their child to be born. They had waited every moment since the news of Montgomery’s pregnancy.

She has also posted images of herself during her pregnancy. This all pictures were shared on her Facebook profile.

Blessed With A Child

Montgomery is a proud mother of a boy which she shared with her boyfriend Henderson. The couple has named their son D3, which is a unique name.

Haleigh Montgomery and her son D3.
Haleigh Montgomery and her son D3.
Source: Facebook Haleigh Montgomery

Her son was born on the 6th of June, 2022, at 11:10 pm. She introduced her baby to the public via her Facebook account.

The couple shared various pictures of their child on their social media and are trying their best to raise him in a safe environment.

Boyfriend – Darrell Henderson

Montgomery’s boyfriend, Darrell Henderson, is an American Football player who was playing as a running back for the Los Angles Rams before getting into Jaguars.

Haleigh Montgomery's boyfriend Darrell Henderson.
Haleigh Montgomery’s boyfriend Darrell Henderson.
Source: ESPN

He was introduced as the son of Darell Henderson sr and his wife Barbara Henderson and was raised in Batesville, Mississippi.

Darrell received his education from South Panola High school, which is located in his hometown, Batesville. As a football enthusiast, he was on the school’s football team. Furthermore, he was the Memphis university team player during his time at the university.

He was selected by the Los Angeles Rams with the 70th overall pick in the third round of the 2019 National Football League Draft. Following that, he performed in a number of games for the Los Angeles Rams before being released by the team on November 22, 2022.

Henderson is available on Instagram with the username @darellhendersonjr, which has more than 42k followers. Furthermore, he has joined Twitter on May 2014 with the username @HarellH8. Henderson has more than 12k followers.

Haleigh Montgomery’s Boyfriend, Darell Henderson, Was Recently Added To Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars always go for the best player and acquire them to make their team better. They have recently claimed a former player of the Los Angeles Rams.

Jaguars Claim Former Rams RB Darrell Henderson Off Waivers

Henderson might have been ousted by Williams’ entrance back into the fold. Henderson tweeted a pair of happy emojis on Tuesday, not seeming upset about his release.

In his final season with the Rams, he gave the team in rushing with 283 yards and three touchdowns on 70 touches.

The Rams, who rank 31st in the NFL in terms of rushing yards per game with just 76.1, are currently in poor shape, and those numbers pale in comparison to the best runners in the league.

Darell Henderson’s Injury

Henderson, Montgomery’s boyfriend, had a knee problem. According to Cameron DaSilva of USA, the football player was bothered by his knee before Sunday’s defeat at New Orleans, which prevented him from taking more than two carries and four offensive snaps.

He was at the rest due to his injury and his team was carried by rookies Williams and Akers.

Has A Dog

Haleigh is a dog owner and is known to have a greater level of affection toward them. She has shared images of herself spending quality time with her dog.

 Haleigh Montgomery's American pitbull dog.
Haleigh Montgomery’s American pitbull dog.
Source: Facebook Haleigh Montgomery

She has an American pitbull which is in the mixed color of white and grey. She treats me with great care.

Social Media Presence

The celebrity girlfriend, Montgomery likes to live a low-key life away from the paparazzi and media. Unlike most people who want to be in a relationship with celebrities to be in the limelight, she chooses to conceal her presence as much as possible.

She is only active on Facebook where she shares about the beautiful events in her life. Apparently, Montgomery is not available on Instagram and Twitter.

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