Elizabella Dylan Bugliari is the celebrity daughter of Alyssa Milano and David Bugliari, who are both famous in the entertainment world.

Elizabella Dylan Bugliari’s Wiki/ Bio

Elizabella Dylan Bugliari was born on September 4, 2014. She is the daughter of Alyssa Milano and David Bugliari. In 2023, she is 9 years old. Her mom is of Italian-American background, and her dad has Italian and Irish roots.

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Elizabella Dylan Bugliari is currently 9 years old.

Fans are excited to know what Dylan decides to do when she grows up, whether it’s in showbiz like her parents or something completely different.

Elizabella Dylan Bugliari Shares An Older Brother

The celebrity kid Elizabella has a big brother named Milo Thomas Bugliari, born in August 2011. They are the only two children of Alyssa and her partner David.

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Elizabella Dylan Bugliari with her brother and parents. Image Source: Instgram@milano_alyssa

Likewise, Milo is already starting to get noticed in the entertainment world. He appears in his mom’s Instagram posts and even in the music video for her song “I’m Gonna Be.”

In addition, Elizabella and her brother Thomas share a strong bond. The Charmed actress Milano has mentioned how close they are. Likewise, the star son Milo is protective of his little sister and enjoys helping her with anything she requires. These siblings are fortunate to have two caring parents who are always by their side.

How Wealthy Elizabella Dylan Bugliari Is?

Bugliari is definitely well taken care of because her parents have substantial wealth. Alyssa is estimated to have a hefty net worth of $10 million, and David has a whopping net worth of $5 million. Since the pretty Elizabella is still a school-aged child and hasn’t started her own career yet, her net worth hasn’t been estimated.

Furthermore, Dylan’s parents are loving and supportive, providing her with a great environment to grow up in. Given their connections in the entertainment industry, it wouldn’t be surprising if Elizabella became interested in a career in the future.

To add more, the little Bugliari’s parents’ combined net worth of $15 million, she enjoys a life of luxury and comfort. Her parents have successful careers, and with their guidance, Elizabella has a promising future ahead.

About Elizabella Dylan Bugliari’s Parents’ Relationship

The 9-year-old Dylan Bugliari is the daughter of well-known American actress and political activist Alyssa and Hollywood agent David Bugliari. The stunning Alyssa and her companion David have been married since 2009 and have two kids, Elizabella and her brother Milo Thomas.

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Elizabella Dylan Bugliari’s parents have been married for almost fourteen years . Image Source: Instgram@milano_alyssa

Also, the celebrity duo’s been a couple for more than a decade and are still very much in love. They support each other and attend events together, like the 2019 Golden Globe Awards. They also spend quality family time with their children.

Additionally, Fear actress Milano often shares pictures of their relationship on social media. They’ve been honest about their struggles with fertility, with Alyssa revealing they faced several miscarriages before having their children.

Who Is Alyssa Milano?

The 50-year-old Milano is an American actress, producer, and activist, best known for her roles in TV shows like “Who’s the Boss?”, “Melrose Place”, “Charmed”, and “Mistresses“. Born in Brooklyn, New York, she has had a successful and diverse career in the entertainment industry.

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Elizabella Dylan Bugliari lives a lavish lifestyle. Image Source: Instgram@milano_alyssa

Moreover, the TV star has also been in movies like “Commando” and “Romantically Challenged“. In addition, the media star is a strong advocate for the MeToo movement.

Besides, the household name started her career at age seven in the musical “Annie” and later starred in “Who’s the Boss?” when she was just ten. Likewise, acting, she’s launched her own sportswear line called “Touch by Alyssa Milano” and created a graphic novel called “Hacktivist”.

Alyssa Milano Was Previously Married To Cinjun Tate

Milano, the famous actress, producer, and activist, was once married to Cinjun Tate, the lead singer of the alternative rock band Remy Zero.

Moreover, the former lovely pair got married in 1999 at a cozy place in Louisiana but sadly, their marriage didn’t last long, and they split up in early 2000 because they couldn’t work things out.

Alyssa Milano Has Dated Multiple Men

The Brazen alum’s romantic history features numerous famous men. She first publicly dated Kirk Cameron in 1985, followed by Corey Feldman in 1986 and Corey Haim in 1987. In 1990, she was with Wayne McBean, and in 1991, David Arquette ( father of Charlie West Arquette).

Besides, there were rumors of a romance with co-star Jonathan Silverman in 1992. A highly publicized relationship with Scott Wolf began in 1993, with the couple moving in together just two months later, although they eventually separated. In 1996, Milano and Mark Wahlberg ( father of Grace Margaret)were linked after co-starring in “Fear.”

Who Is Elizabella Dylan Bugliari’s Father?

The 42-year-old Bugliari is a talent agent who’s been in the entertainment business for a long time. He’s famous for representing big Hollywood stars like Bradley Cooper, Will Smith, and George Clooney.

Moreover, the renowned name studied at Rutgers University and started working in entertainment in the early 2000s. He worked his way up and became a partner at Creative Artists Agency. Later in 2009, he switched to the William Morris Endeavor agency, where he’s still a partner today.

At WME, David works with lots of famous people in the entertainment world, like actors, directors, writers, and producers. He’s also involved in making movies and TV shows and has helped produce projects like The Hangover Part II and The Intern.

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