Dale Russell Gudegast is an actress who is best known for starring in the 2001 movie Holiday in the Sun. In other words, she rose to fame by marrying Eric Braeden who is a German film actor. Let’s discuss her lifestyle and her behavior in detail.

Dale Russell’s Married Life With Husband Eric Braeden

Dale Russell met Eric in 1964 while on the set of Combat. They became good friends and eventually morphed into soulmates. She got married to her husband Eric Braeden on the 8th of October 1966. Russel and Braeden took their romance to the next level after dating years.

Dale Russell Gudegast met her husband in 1964.
Dale Russell Gudegast celebrated their 40th anniversary with her husband Eric.
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Despite embracing low key life, Dale and Eric are often spotted together at PDA and events. Getty Images captured the sweet moments of two while attending the CBS Daytime #1. They recently celebrated their 42nd wedding anniversary in 2021.

Gudegast and her spouse Eric Braeden became parents to a baby boy. They welcomed a son named Christian Gudegast born on February 9, 1970. Dale is now a grandmother to three beautiful kids. As of January 2021, Dale and Eric reside in their mansion located in Los Angeles.

What Does Dale Russell Gudegast Do For Living?

Dale Gudegast earns a decent income from her career as an actress. Braeden’s partner received a payroll of $37,000 which is the basic salary of an actress in the U.S. She starred in the 2001 movie Holiday in the Sun which pushed her to stardom.

Dale Russell makes decent amount from her career as an actress.
Eric Braeden and Dale Russell are Hollywood’s power couple.
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That’s not all, regarding her talent and skills, she planned to write a book about their love life and marriage through it is still ongoing. Very little is heard about her career and achievements.

In addition to that, her husband Eric Braedel already received some prestigious awards including the People’s Choice Awards in 1992 for again The Young And Restless and one Emmy in 1998. As of now, Eric Braeden has a net worth of $25 Million, as per Celebrity Net Worth.

Dale Russell Gudegast Short Bio

Dale Russell Gudegast was born on June 21, 9142 in Los Angeles, California. When it comes to family members, she has a sister Sigrid Valdis who is a late American actress. Moreover, Miss, Gudegast holds an American nationality and belongs to the Swedish ethnicity.

Some sources claim, Dale Russel has French ancestry. Walking into education, Gudegast attended elementary and private high school in Los Angeles, CA.

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