Cris Abrego is a reputed businessman who has formerly worked as a writer and producer of Television shows. He currently serves as the chairman at Endemol Shine Holdings.

Abrego has traveled the journey of being a tape logger to being the president of the leading content creator and distributor in the world. Let’s dive deeper to know more about his journey as well as interesting facts relating to his life.

Net Worth

Cris Abrego is estimated to have a net worth of $40 Million which he has gathered from his successful professional life. He is currently serving as the chairman of one of the leading content creator and distributor companies and has been enlisted among the top 500 Entertainment business leaders.

He has worked in Endemol shine holdings and its branches. previously he used to work as a logging tape and co-producer for Tv shows.

Abrego has been a producer and writer of different series and shows on Television. With all this fortune he is living a happy and comfortable life in Los Angelos.

Early Life

Abrego was raised in El Monte, California, United States, and learned various things. Being a private person, he has not revealed much about his early life but it is known that he was introduced to reality TV programs in his high school days. He studied at Mount View High school.

Cris Abegro in his early days 1
Cris Abrego in his early days.
Source:Los Angelos Times

Cris competed in wrestling at the Fullerton campus of the State University of California after graduating from Mount View High School. Abrego would sprint alongside the San Gabriel River while sporting a black plastic trash bag to maintain his 175-pound weight. Later, in order to work on reality TV shows, he moved to Los Angeles.

Who Is The Wife Of Cris Abrego?

The CEO of Endemol Shine Holdings, Cris Abrego is a happily married person who has not made any headlines with relationship disputes. Looks like he knows how to maintain a good relationship as much as he knows how to do good business.

Abrego, however, has not shared the information relating to his wife including her identity. The loving du share three children together which are born from their nuptial relationship.

Family Background

Abrego is the son of Sy Abrego and Tina Abrego and has a brother Esteban. His father was the first director of USC’s El Centro Chicano and he was the only one in the neighborhood who wore ties to the office.

Abrego’s parents are well-educated people. His father received a doctorate and gave lectures at Cal state university and his mother with a Master’s degree became a school administrator in Pomona.

His parents were activists and wanted to make a change. They raised their voice against the Vietnam war as well as boycotted lettuce and grapes because of the farmer’s conditions. Abrego grew up hearing all those stories.

Joined Endemol Shine Holdings

Abrego who had sold 51 Minds Entertainment to Endemol in a deal of $200 Million, joined Endemol Shine North America in October 2014. He was chosen as Co-CEO and soon he became co-chairman of Endemol shine America through his hard work in January 2016.

Cris Abrego as chairman of Endemol Shine Holdngs
Cris Abrego as chairman of Endemol Shine Holdings.
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

He looked after Latin American operations. In 2020, he got the role of the president and CEO of Endemol Shine Holdings, Americas, and Banijay.

Abrego is also in charge of Endemol Shine Latino, the company’s Spanish-language revenue and advancement division. Endemol Shine Latino is responsible for overseeing all indigeneous programming initiatives in Latin America, including Endemol Shine Boomdog and Endemol Shine Brasil, both of which are based in Mexico City.

Worked In TV Production From A Very Young Age

Abrego was 14 years old when he was introduced to the TV business. Fortunately, the cable company that won the bid for the cable of his city made a control room in his high school which led to the opportunity for him to enter into the business.

Soon after he was among the cameras interviewing players, and cheerleaders which would later be displayed in their homeroom.

Abrego’s First Job At TV Reality Was Logging Tape

After his graduation, Abrego moved to Los Angelos for making his career in the reality TV business. Initially, he got a job at Bunnim-Murray which was logging tapes. He worked for the Real World and Road Rules TV shows.

While remaining in the company, Abrego got close to the editors and producers. He also freelanced as the coordinating producer for making Fear and Making the band.

Created Production Company Brass Ring And 51 pictures

While working at Bunnim-Murray, Abrego gathered enough knowledge about producing which led to the creation of his own production company. His initial company Brass Ring produced content like Surfer girls, The Hitchhiker Chronicles, and Next Action Star.

Similarly, his organization 51 pictures later merged with Mindless Entertainment in 2003 which produced I love Newyork, Flavor of love, Megan wants a Millionaire, Bridal plasty, and many more under the name 51 Minds Entertainment.

Works As A Writer And Producer

Cris has worked on numerous TV series and shows as a producer and a writer. Throughout his career, he has 30 credits as a writer and 55 credits as a producer on his IMDb profile.

Tv Shows Produced By Cris Abrego.

Some of his credits are for Joy and Rodney, Marrying the game, Redneck Island, Famous Food, I love Money, Frank the entertainer in the basement affair, and many more.

Abrego has been widely appreciated for his work and has been the recipient of many accolades.

Was Arrested In The Charge Of Manslaughtering

The police apprehended Abrego on a manslaughter accusation. He was riding a bike with his pal Carlos Hernandez Jr. on the back during his first year. Abrego turned while moving at a speed of about 50 mph, collided with a curb, and lost control. He and Hernandez both flew off.

His friend Hernandez hit the concrete pole and died. Abrego was sentenced to jail and he spent time in prison alongside Caltrans crews and prisoners, cleaning trash along freeways for community service.

Abrego reminisces about his friend and has made a tattoo on his left arm which is of Hernandez and has written Memories of El Monte.

Started To Provide Scholarship Fund At His Alma Mater Mountview High School

Abrego started providing scholarships at his former high school, Mountview which is led by his mother Tina. It provides college tuition as well as necessary resource material for school athletes. The program is called the Carlos Hernandez Jr. Memorial Scholarship.

Currently, this program has more than 14 students enrolled at four-year universities nationally and had three scholarship recipients in its first college graduating class.

Cris Abrego Has Written A Book

Cris Abrego has written a book titled Make It Reality: Create Your Opportunity, Own Your Success. The book was a foreword by Pitbull.

Cris Abegro books
Book written by Cris Abrego
Source: Amazon

He has shared his journey to the top of his business in the book and has suggested some ways to apply it in your life too. It is an inspiring book that has received 4.5 ratings on Amazon.

The book is currently being sold at $5.99 for kindle and $9.00 for hardcover on Amazon.

Abrego Considered Going To Law School

Behind a successful person, there is a hand of a woman, it is a well-said proverb and has matched the life of the Abrego. He was interested in working in television since he was 13 years old.

However, he had no experience and could not find an internship too. Tired of this, Abrego considered joining the law school but it was his mother who encouraged him to give it a final try.

It was his mother’s wish and the right timing that he started getting jobs at television. He has never looked back after that.

Cris Serves As A Chairman Of The Television Academy Foundation

Cris has received a lot of success in his life which he considers from a series of breaks and opportunities rather than one big break. He remembers the day when he had not received any internship programs.

Cris Abrego Chairman of the Television Academy Foundation Interview at 21st Emmys Golf Classic.

Now that he has become the first Latino chairman of the Telivision Academy Foundation, Abrego has been providing an internship program for enthusiasts who wants to do something in this business. Although he is creating access, he believes in having meaningful access which later turns into employment.

Awards And Nominations

Cris has received a lot of awards and nominations for his hard work and dedication in his professional career. He has achieved a lot of success in his life and his story is inspiring.

For acknowledging his hard work, Abrego has been awarded Emmy Awards and was also listed in the top 500 Entertainment business leaders.

Abrego Receives Tequila In Gifts

In an interview, upon asking what is something that he wished more people knew about him, Abrego humorously replied to the question.

He complained that most of the time he receives Tequila as a gift and Cris wants to let people know that he drinks wine too.

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