Courtney Elizabeth Beach is an American personality who is in the spotlight for her relationship with mainstream celebrities. She is the wife of the American professional baseball player Hunter Renfroe who currently plays for the Los Angeles Angels.

Elizabeth has not shared many details regarding her personal life. However, it is known that she celebrates her birthday every year on the 30th of June. Talking about her religious beliefs, she follows the words of Jesus Christ.

Let’s know the interesting facts relating to the life of the wife of Renfroe.

Net Worth – Is Courtney Elizabeth Beach Living A Rich Lifestyle?

Courtney Elizabeth Beach has not revealed her official net worth, nor has she disclosed her earnings from her professional life. This has caused her net worth to be under review. She is working as a stylist and an event host agent.

However, she is living a rich lifestyle with her husband’s fortune.

She has displayed an exotic lifestyle on her Instagram. Courtney has traveled to many beautiful destinations with her family and friends, which also includes foreign travel.

On the other hand, her husband, Hunter Renfroe, is estimated to have a net worth of a whopping $3 Million, which he has accumulated from his successful professional career.

Courtney Elizabeth Beach Is Married To Los Angeles Angels Outfielder Hunter Renfroe

Courtney Elizabeth Beach is in a nuptial relationship with Hunter Renfroe for almost a decade now. The couple initially met at Copiah Academy, where they studied together. Since then, the love birds have been inseparable and have not shown any sign of divorce.

Courtney Elizabeth Beach and her husband Hunter Renfroe 1
Courtney Elizabeth Beach and her husband Hunter Renfroe.
Source: Instagram @hunterrenfroe

After dating for several years, Courtney and Hunter decided to take their relationship to the next level and therefore got engaged in mid-2015.

The loving duo did not take long to get married and exchanged vows in the holy ceremony in their hometown of Crystal Springs on December 5, 2015, in a lavish wedding ceremony.

They do not share any children yet and are just enjoying their married life. They keep on posting about each other on various occasions.

Family Background

Courtney is from a regular family in the United States. She was raised alongside her sister by her parents, Buddy Beach and Alison Buddy.

Courtney Elizabeth Beach with her family
Courtney Elizabeth Beach with her family.
Source: Instagram @agb8181

She loves the company of her parents and has posted a picture with them on her Instagram. However, she has not talked about her family much.

Elizabeth’s sister Caroline is married and has a baby. The siblings are like the closest pals and share everything with each other. To date, they are close and love each other.

Courtney has posted a lot of pictures about her sister as well as wished her her birthdays and so on.

Relationship With Her Nephew

Courtney loves the son of her sister and shares a special bond with him. Her nephew’s name is Harrison and she always finds a way to be with him.

Courtney Elizabeth Beach with her nephew
Courtney Elizabeth Beach with her nephew.
Source: Instagram @courtrenfroe

She has posted pictures of her together with her nephew. The child is baptized in October 2015. Courtney has also taken her nephew Harrison to watch her husband’s game.

Elizabeth has said that the aunt’s life is the best and has visited different beautiful destinations with her nephew.

Husband – Hunter Renfroe

Courtney Elizabeth’s wife, Hunter Renfroe, is a professional baseball player. He is currently in the team of Los Angeles Angels and plays as an outfielder.

Courtney Elizabeth Beachs husband Hunter Renfroe
Courtney Elizabeth Beach’s husband Hunter Renfroe.
Source: ESPN

Renfroe grew up in Crystal Springs, Mississippi, and completed his education in his hometown. He was a baseball enthusiast from a very young age and was on the team of every educational institution that he attends.

He started his professional career in 2013 when he was selected by San Diego Padres. His debut was in 2016, and he was traded to Tampa Rays Bay. He has also played for Boston Red Sox and Milwaukee Brewers before he finally landed in his current team, Los Angeles Angels.

Goes To Buck Hunting With Her Husband

As previously mentioned, Elizabeth and his wife have a lot of similarities together. She occasionally goes buck hunting in the hunting reserves with her husband.

The love birds really enjoy the moments they share on the hunting reserves together. Courtney killed her first buck in October 2015. Her husband, Hunter congratulated her via his Instagram.

Is Very Supportive Of Her Husband

Courtney is a supportive wife who keeps supporting and motivating her husband to make him better. She never misses her games and goes to cheer him on the games.

Courtney Elizabeth Beach went to support her husband in the game 1
Courtney Elizabeth Beach went to support her husband in the game.
Source: Instagram @courtrenfroe

This has been a great help and motivation for Renfroe to perform better in games.

Involved In Different Organizations

Elizabeth has been involved in various organizations and one of them being GOTR Greater Tampa Bay. She joined it when her husband used to play for the club.

The club is for providing women joy, healthy, and confidence using a fun, experience-based curriculum that creatively integrates running. She participated in different activities from the organization such as Fund Raising programs and so on.

Has Been A Part Of San Diego 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb

Hunter’s wife, Elizabeth, has been a part of the San Diego 9/11 Memorial Stair climb. She did it in the year 2019 and felt very privileged.

The memorial stair climb is done every year in memory of the people that lost their lives during the incident of 9/11.

As per her, the opening ceremony was emotional and there was a stream of tears everywhere when they played the video of the firefighters that they lost that year.

Loves Dogs

Elizabeth Beach shares her love for dogs with her husband. The couple has raised a dog since it was a puppy and treats it like their own child.

Courtney Elizabeth Beach with her husband Hunter Renfroe and their pet dog
Courtney Elizabeth Beach with her husband Hunter Renfroe and their pet dog.
Source: Instagram @courtrenfroe

They have named the dog Timber, which is brown in color and is of German Spaniel breed. Mrs. Renfroe has taken his pet dog on many adventures with her.

Her husband has shared that Timber likes chewing Tennis Balls on his Instagram. The dog has also given birth a female puppy.

Social Media Presence

The celebrity wife, Elizabeth, is also a social butterfly like her husband. She keeps on posting about her life on her social media. She has activated accounts on all major social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

She is available on Instagram with the username @courtrenfroe, which has more than 4k followers. She has shown her lifestyle on this platform. Likewise, her Instagram wall is flooded with the picture of her with her husband.

Courtney joined Twitter in June 2015 and has amassed more than 500 followers so far. There are more than 1.1k tweets under the username @CourtneyBeachc. Likewise, She is quite active on Facebook too.

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