Cindi Knight is an American actress from the United States Of America who has made her presence as the role of secretary in the TV series Matt Houston which was broadcasted from 1982 to 1983. Besides this, she has also played in the TV movie Murder in Coweta County.

Knight is in the limelight because of her ties with the renowned celebrity. She is the third wife of the American producer Andy Griffith. She was born on the 2nd of May 1953 in the United States.

Cindi Knight’s Net Worth

Cindi Knight is estimated to have a net worth of around $5 Million. She inherited the property of her late husband Andy Griffith.

Also, she has made some income from her teaching and acting career. Prior to entering the acting world, she use to teach English at local Wolfson High School. Later, she started to work in theatre and then on screen.

In addition to this, Cindi’s late husband Andy Griffith was speculated to have a staggering net worth of $25 Million at the time of his death.

The Third Wife Of Andy Griffith

Cindi Knight is currently single and has not remarried after losing her husband. She was the third wife of the renowned American producer Andy Griffith. The couple tied knots on the 12th of April, 1983. They lived in a blissful marital relationship till 2012 her husband passed away.

Cindi Knight and her husband Andy Griffith
Cindi Knight and her husband Andy Griffith
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She met Griffith in 1978 in a volleyball game hosted by Andy’s Lost Colony castmates. Knight was also part of the play. However, they get to know each other more while she was acting in Murder in Coweta County.

After that, they started dating and soon decided to take their relationship to the next level. The love birds eventually got married and were happy in their relationship. They did not let their 29 years age difference affect their relationship.

Family Background

Cindi is born as the daughter of Bobby Knight and Muriel Knight. She had a good relationship with her parents. It is unclear if she has a sibling or not as she has not said anything that clarifies it.

The Matt Houston actress Knight received a quality education and a good upbringing from her parents. Both of her parents are said to be a teacher at Duval County School.

Husband – Andy Griffith

Andy Griffith was a writer, producer, musician, and acting professional most remembered for his seven decades of television work. He came into the limelight for his gruff voice, southern drawl, and his portrayals of frequently folksy yet amiable personalities.

Cindi Knights husband Andy Griffith 1
Cindi Knight’s husband Andy Griffith
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He was named one of the top Tony Awards as a result of the popularity of the movie A Face in the Crowd, and he went on to become well-known for his roles as the lead in The Andy Griffith Show and the courtroom drama Matlock.

Before meeting Knight, Griffith had previously been wedded twice. Before their split in 1972, his initial wedding was with Barbara Bray Edwards started in 1949. During their time together, they adopted two children.

After that, he was in a marital relationship with an actress from Greece Solica Cassuto. The former love birds got separated in 1981.

Educational background

Knight is a well-educated person who graduated from Jacksonville University. For her high school, she attended classes at Terry Parker High school. As her parents were teachers themselves, they helped her in reading.

Furthermore, she had taken classes at a local drama school which paved her career path as an actress. In addition to this, Knight had also signed up for dancing lessons.

Worked As A High School Teacher

After Graduation, Knight settled down in Jacksonville and started to work as a teacher in a local Wolfson High School. During her time in high school as a teacher, she taught English.

She was a dancing enthusiast and therefore had taken dance lessons and started to take part in plays in her spare time after teaching the student.

Death Of Cindi Knight’s Husband Andy Griffith

Cindi’s husband Andy was diagnosed with the symptom of Guillain-Barre syndrome, a muscle weakness nervous system which was slowly making him unable to move. Cindi left her acting career to take care of her husband.

Griffith was unable to move for seven months because the muscle under his knees was paralyzed. As this disease did not do any harm, he was getting weaker in his heart because of the treatment and stress. He also underwent heart surgery as well as hip surgery.

Andy Griffith: News Reports On His Passing

Later, Andy took his last breath in his coastal home in Manteo, Roanoke Island, in North Carolina. He died because of a heart attack in 2012. He was buried in the Griffith family cemetery located on the island.

Cindi Shares Andy’s Property With His Daughter From Previous Relationship Dixie Nann

After the death of Andy, Cindi, and Dixie two direct heirs of his property are sharing it. However, it is also said that Dixie was cut off from Andy’s will and had given his property to a trustee.

Trustees will manage the share of their property. Also, Cindi demolished one of the houses on her late husband’s property and many people were not happy about it as they thought it would be better to make it a museum.

As An Actress

Cindi Knight was a teacher and als participated in plays and theatrical production. After some time, she decided to pursue an acting career seriously and moved to Los Angelos. Andy became her guide and advisor for her as he was already famed at that time.

In her debut on-screen role, Knight played a secretary in the 1982–1983 television series Matt Houston. The series features a number of notable celebrities, including Lee Horsley, Pamela Hensley, and Lincoln Kilpatrick.

Following that, she played Julia Turner in the movie Murder in Coweta County along with her husband Andy and other actors like Johnny Cash, Earl Hindman, and many others.

Does Cindi Knight Have Any Child With Andy Griffith?

Although Cindi was in a relationship with Andy for more than two decades the couple sadly does not share a child together. Maybe, they were not ready for it.

Andy, however, does have two children from his previous wedding and has named them Dixie Griffith and Andy Griffith jr. Andy jr was a real estate developer but lost his life because he had a bad habit of drinking.

Andy sr. did not attend his funeral but he was sad and moved by the death of his son according to his daughter Dixie. Griffith’s daughter Dixie has chosen to live a private life away from the spotlight. She was adopted by Andy and his first wife.

Dixie did not pursue a career in the entertainment field like her father however, she has been credited for some of her help in his father’s work.

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