Casey Gagliardi is an actress and TV host from the United States who has made her appearance in the TV series Goliath. Besides this, she is also serving as a business associate at Medipines.

Gagliardi blessed her parents with her arrival on the 19th of February, 1991, and was raised in Los Angelos, California. she holds the zodiac sign Pisces.

Net Worth – How Rich Is The American Actress Casey Gagliardi?

Casey Gagliardi is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $400 thousand which she has earned from various sources.

Casey Gaglairdi showing her car.
Casey Gagliardi showing her Bentley car.
Source: Instagram @Caseyjdrews

Her primary source of income is her acting career. She has made an appearance in commercial successful projects like Messenger, Primal Rage, Goliath, etc.

Furthermore, she is also serving as a business associate at Medipines. She has also made some additional amount from her modeling works for brands like Gap, Nissan GT Academy, Beezid, and more.

With all this huge sum of fortune, Casey is living a lavish and comfortable life which can be seen on her Instagram.

Relationship Status – Is Married To Chase Drews

Casey Gagliardi is in a nuptial relationship with Chase Drews since December 8, 2021. The couple dated for a long time before they finally took their relationship to the next level.

Casey Gagliardi wedding picture
Casey Gagliardi’s wedding picture.
Source: Instagram @caseyjdrews

It is unclear when and where the couple first met. As they are both from the movie industry, one can assume that they met at a professional event.

Drews proposed to Gagliardi to marry her in a romantic way at the hilltop and she nodded yes happily. A year after they exchanged vows in a holy ceremony at Steve park and received blessings from their friends and families.

One can see how deeply the couple is in love with each other after looking at their social media accounts. They are yet to share a baby together.

Was Unsure Of Graduating From Virginia Commonwealth University

Gagliardi is a well-educated woman who graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies. She was one of the active and bright students at the university. However, she was not sure if she would graduate from the university.

She was diagnosed with a chronic disability in her fresher year. It was difficult to focus on her classes because of it. Gagliardi left during her winter break and thought of not returning to the university.

But later she decided to continue her study and help other disabled people by creating a better environment for them at VCU.

After graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University, Casey went to Ohio State University for her Masters’ level study.

Casey’s Husband Is An Actor

Casey’s husband, Chase Drews is also in the acting industry just like her. He is best known for featuring in the TV series Solve as Steve. Besides acting, he is interested in real estate.

Casey Gagliardis husband Chase Drews
Casey Gagliardi’s husband Chase Drews.
Source: IMDb

He was raised alongside his three older sisters Carissa, Micala, and Emily by his parents Gary and Vick Drews.

Despite being the son of a drywall construction business, Chase did not continue his family business rather he became an actor as he had talent and interest for it from a very young age.

He began his acting career in the year 2015 with the release of Meet my valentine. Following that he has played in several other TV series and movies.

Throughout his career Drews has 11 credits as an actor which are for Betrayed, Love is Life, Writing the wave, The Heart of us, and so on.

Was A Shy Kid

It may surprise most people to know that Gagliardi who is now a TV host and a frank woman was once a shy girl. Her parents had sent her to ballet class to make her more sociable.

After meeting people in the class, she showed interest in the entertainment industry and decided to pursue it.

Casey immediately discovered an online audition for the Walt Disney Company, went to the audition, and soon received an offer to work as Tinkerbell in Disneyland Paris. Her life has been altered ever since.

Gagliardi As An Actress

Casey Gagliardi began her acting career in the year 2012 when she played the role of Casey in the short Cutting Ties. Four years after that, she landed a role in the TV series The Real O’ Neals series as Rosie the Riveter.

Casey G JTV Audition

Following that, she appeared on the screen consecutively. Throughout her career, she has 8 credits as an actress. Some of them are for Tunes to work by, Messenger, Primal Rage, Goliath, and so on.

Served Leadership Roles At VCU

As mentioned above, Casey suffered from a chronic disability and it was hard for her to study. She had a harsh experience while studying at VCU.

She had thought of helping other people with disability and never let them experience what she did in her university days. Therefore, Casey has been playing a leadership role in helping disabled people.

After her efforts, the addition of an association of students of the disabled and chronic conditions has been formed at VCU.

TV Host

Besides acting, Gagliardi is also involved in TV hosting. She has been a host at the NBC sports ” Monster Jam”.

Casey Gagliardi as a TV host
Casey Gagliardi as a TV host.
Source: Instagram @casejdrews

It is quite progressing for someone who was very shy to speak with anyone in the public during childhood. Gagliardi has well-hosted monster-truck competitions.

She has also shared an image of herself at the Nashville Superspeedway with her colleague on Instagram. She has also revealed her love for Motorsports.

Has Traveled To 5 Continents Out Of 7

One thing Casey loves to do is travel to beautiful destinations with her friends and loved ones. She has been to five continents out of seven. She has planned to set her feet on every continent.

Casey Gagliardi traveling with her husband
Casey Gagliardi traveling with her husband.
Source: Instagram @Caseyjdrews

She has shared her happiness and joy of being able to visit beautiful places as well as posted the pictures on her Instagram. Her Instagram is flooded with the picture of her travel. A few of the places that she has been to are Russia, Miami, Hawaii, etc.

Owns A Pet Dog

The Cutting Ties actress owns a pet dog and has shown a deep level of affection toward it. She considers it her closest pal.

Casey Gagliard with her dog.
Casey Gagliardi with her dog and her love.
Source: Instagram @Caseyjdrews

Her pet dog is black in color and she calls it fluffy head with love. Casey has posted a picture of spending quality time with her dog on Instagram.

Not only the dog but she cares about every other animal. She has talked about how she felt like crying hiking with goats and chickens.

Social Media Presence

The Messenger actress Casey is a social butterfly who keeps posting about the beautiful things that happened to her life on social media. She has created her accounts on major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

She is available on Instagram with the username @caseyjdrews where there are more than 6.6k followers. Likewise, her Facebook profile has 1.7k friends.

Casey joined Twitter on February 2014 and has amassed almost 1k followers on it. So far there are 36 tweets under her username @Caseyscompass.

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