Marcellus Wiley’s Wife, Annemarie Wiley

Annemarie Wiley is now married to her husband, Marcellus Wiley, a former American football defensive end and current TV host who played 10 seasons with four different teams in the National Football League. In September of 2012, the couple announced their engagement. They shared vows in June of 2014.

Annemarie Wiley's husband played 10 seasons with four different teams in the National Football League.
Annemarie Wiley is married to Marcellus Wiley, a former American football defensive end.
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Annemarie and Marcellus have a son named Marcellus Wiley Jr., whom they have raised together. Further, Marcellus also has a daughter named Morocca Alise Wiley. His daughter was born in 1999.

Marcellus once shared a picture of his daughter wearing a UCONN shirt, and it appears the little sweetie is a student at the university.

Annemarie Wiley’s Net Worth Collection

Annemarie’s net worth is not known to the general public. Her main source of income is her job as a Nurse Anesthetist. We believe Annemarie has amassed a sizable net worth from her numerous sources of income, but she tends to keep it private. When this information becomes available, we will update this section.

Whereas her husband, Marcellus Wiley, shares an net worth of $5 million with a salary of $350 Thousand Per Year. Also, he made a lot of money while still working for the National Football League (NFL). For example, when he was signed with the Chargers in 2001, sources told ESPN that he earned $40 million over the course of several years. When he was with the Dallas Cowboys (his father’s team), his four-year deal was worth $16 million, including a $4 million signing bonus.

Annemarie Wiley’s Husband Marcellus Wiley’s Professional Life

Marcellus Wiley’s career is unquestionably focused on football. So, here’s something you didn’t know about the man’s career. His love for football started when he was very young. As a result, when he was in high school, the star used to play for his school’s football team, the name of which has not been disclosed.

Lions were delighted to have him as a member of their team at university, specifically Columbia University. He was a kick returner, tailback, and defensive end for the Lions.

The player was lucky to be chosen by the Buffalo Bills to be their own shortly before graduation in 1997. After four years with the Buffalo Bills, he joined the San Diego Chargers in 2001 and was fortunate to be named to the AFC Pro Bowl Team.

Annemarie Wiley's husband Marcellus Wiley's career is unquestionably focused on soccer.
Annemarie Wiley’s husband, Marcellus Wiley, net worth and compensation are in the $5 million range.
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Marcellus joined his father’s Dallas Cowboys after leaving the Chargers in 2004. He last played for the Jacksonville Jaguars before retiring from football in 2006 to pursue a career as a sports analyst.

Annemarie Wiley’s Personal Information

Annemarie Wiley was born in the British Columbia town of Abbotsford. Our attempts to learn more about her family were futile since no such information is publicly accessible.

Annemarie Wiley is a medium-sized woman of an average height and weight.
Annemarie Wiley was born in the British Columbia town of Abbotsford.
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Annemarie is a medium-sized woman of average height and weight. If her pictures are any indication, she is very tall in comparison to her surroundings. However, information about her real height and other body measurements is currently unavailable to the press.

Marcellus Wiley Says He Is Not Okay With Transgender Athletes Competing With His Daughters

Marcellus is not a man who disrespects one’s gender choice. He believes everyone has the right to change their gender if they feel like it. However, he is not okay with transgender born-male initially competing against his daughters in sporting events.

Transgender Women Should Not Compete Against Biological Women | More To It with Marcellus Wiley.

Wiley says it is a biological issue and transgender-woman should not be competing with normal women in sports.

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