Amy Schumer is in a fantastic mood right now. On Tuesday, January 18, the always open comedian and actress tweeted a cheerful beach photo in which she exposes the operations that have helped her regain strength since giving birth to her son, Gene, two years ago.

I feel good” Finally,” she added, referring to her previous disclosures about endometriosis and pregnancy problems. Schumer revealed the physical toll that pregnancy had on her body in her HBO series Expecting Amy, and she’s now sharing the time and effort it takes to heal. She also expresses gratitude to the doctors and professionals who assisted her along the process.

Amy Schumer
Amy Schumer Posts Beach Pic After Liposuction and Endometriosis Surgery: ‘I Feel Good’
Photo Source: Instagram

Thank you for assisting me in regaining my strength; it’s been a long road.” @jordanternermd (endo) @seckinmd (lipo) I never expected to do anything other than chat to you when your uterus hasn’t contracted in 2.5 years, and you’ve turned 40. @paulvincent22 Nicole from the tox, Vickie Lee (acupuncture), and my friends and family. Let’s get started!”

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The American stand-up comedian had previously spoken openly about her endometriosis, revealing that she had her uterus and appendix removed in September 2021, with outstanding results, according to People. This is the first time she’s brought up liposuction.

Peers, including Pamela Adlon and Olivia Munn, posted heart emoji, to which we gladly add our own.
Schumer has posted about her endometriosis before.
Photo Source: Instagram

Friends and fans congratulated Schumer on his confidence and happiness, and the post was instantly swamped with comments. Pamela Adlon and Olivia Munn, among others, shared heart emojis, to which we gladly add our own. In September, Schumer released a post from her doctor’s office regarding her endometriosis difficulties to promote awareness.

There is no research on this nonsense because it only affects women,” the actress said, “and there is no time to investigate it because all resources must be directed toward researching ERECTILE DISFUNCTION.” “RARELY ANY RESEARCH HAS BEEN DONE ON ENDOMETRIOSIS, WHICH AFFECTS OVER 10% OF WOMEN.” DICKMEREGENCIES SEEM TO RECEIVE ALL FUNDING.”

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