Laura Giaritta

Laura Giaritta poses with her ex-husband Vanilla Ice.

Whenever someone is related to a celebrity, there is a high chance that they become one. The case is precisely the same for Laura Giaritta, who rose to fame only due to her marriage to Vanilla Ice. The 52-year-old rapper, famous from his musical contribution with the likes of ‘Ice Ice Baby,’ and ‘WTF – Wisdom, Tenacity … Read more

Aisling Franciosi

Aisling Franciosi holds a net worth of $1.5 millikon

Irish-Italian actress Aisling Franciosi has received many people’s attention due to her amazing skills in portraying diverse characters that few people can do. She is famous for her roles in The Nightingale, The Fall, Clique, and Game of Thrones. Let’s learn more about this talented young woman’s life! Who is Aisling Franciosi’s Dating Right Now? … Read more

Sophia Gennusa

Sophia Gennusa has a net worth of $900,000.

Teenage actress Sophia Gennusa has been few female young stars who has successfully captured people’s attention toward her. Famous for her work in Matilda The Musical and The Enemy Within, her works has been praised by both actors and audience. If you want to learn more about the young starlet be our guest! Sophia Gennusa’s … Read more

Thomas Barbusca

Thomas Barbusca has a net worth of $1 million

There is a popular idiom “the early bird catches the worm,” which interprets as the one who takes opportunity early will have the advantage over others. Actor Thomas Barbusca perfectly suits the phrase who began acting at a tender age of four. Right now, he is one of the rising and talented young actors in … Read more

Ramtin Abdo

Ramtin Abdo in a black tux poses for a picture.

Call it the perks or cons, but whenever you are related to a celebrity, there is a high chance that you become one. The case is no different with Ramtin Abdo, who rose to popularity as the husband of Sky Sports News reporter, Kate Abdo. Despite being known as the celebrity husband, the German is no less … Read more

Jeremy Yaffe

Jeremy Yaffe in a black top poses for a picture.

Jeremy Yaffle rose to fame due to her marriage with veteran actor Alan Wolf Arkin. The 86-year-old actor featured in some top movies like ‘Rocketeer’,’Glengarry Glen Ross’, and ‘Get Smart’ to become a household name in Hollywood. Call it the perks or disadvantage, but whenever you are related to a celebrity, you become on as … Read more

Jessica Seanoa

Jessica Seanoa in a black t-shirt hugging her husband Samoa Joe.

If you are a wrestling enthusiast, then you must be familiar with the former TNA and current WWE superstar Samoa Joe, aka Nuufolau Joel Seanoa. The famous saying, behind every successful man, stands a woman who continually supports him’ holds true in the former TNA World Heavyweight Champion. It is his beloved wife, Jessica Seanoa, who has been with … Read more

Samantha Hegseth

Samantha Hegseth in a white gown poses with Pete Hegseth.

If you follow the Fox Network, then you might be familiar with the face of Samantha Hegseth. To break it down further, she is the host of the popular show, ‘Fox & Friends.’ While the diva might be an accomplished journalist, she rose to fame after marrying Pete Hegseth, the former military reserve officer and also … Read more

Tabea Pfendsack

Tabea Pfendsack in pink t-shirt poses with husband Joe Thornton.

If you are a hockey fan, you might know the very talented NHL star Joe Thornton. The alternate captain of the San Jose Sharks has a secret to his success, and that is none other than his wife Tabea Pfendsack’s continuous support. There is no doubt that the diva rose to prominence through the celebrity marriage; it … Read more