Evanka Franjko and Joey Buttafuoco have been together since 2005. Source: Celebgossip

Evanka Franjko

The showbiz industry is crooked when it comes to fame and glory. The relationships and marriage between television stars

19 May
Peter Thiel's husband Matt Danzeisen is a portfolio manager. Source:Bioagewho

Matt Danzeisen

When you are a celebrity, renowned to the whole world, there is a high chance that you take your lovers and children to the

19 May
Kelly Tilghman ended her journey at The Golf Channel in 2018. Source: Women's Golf Journal

Kelly Tilghman

Kelly Tilghman is the perfect example of a dreamer, who pursued her passion and made it a profession. The former Golf Channel

19 May
Ian Keasler is married to Shannon Lee. Source: Pinterest

Ian Keasler

The society has completely changed from traditional-patriarchial society to one where feminism is on the rise with empowered

19 May
Wanda Hutchings is the first wife of Michael Strahan. Source: TV Show Stars

Wanda Hutchins

While some people are famous for their work, some become famous for being affiliated with them. Wanda

19 May

Stefania LaVie Owen

Stefania LaVie Owen is an American actress whose ability to perform whatever roles thrown at her, has put her on the driving

18 May

Jason Carr

Journalism is among the least preferred work among the people, but Jason Carr has been tirelessly contributing to the news

18 May

Taryn Asher

Taryn Asher is a veteran American journalist who, at the moment, is working for FOX 2 Detroit as its anchor and reporter. In

18 May

Shanga Hussain

Shanga Hussain is a Swedish female football player who plays for German club RB Leipzig. Besides being famous as a football

18 May
Mya Lynn Lesnar is the daughter of Brock Lesnar. Source: Captain U Profile

Mya Lynn Lesnar

‘The Beast Incarnate’ Brock Lesnar is one of the most skilled wrestlers in the whole of WWE and the UFC

18 May