Shemane Deziel is an American personality who is popularly known for being the wife of the American musician Ted Nugent. She is also an author and fitness instructor by profession. Furthermore, Deziel is the ambassador of TPUSA as per her Instagram bio.

Nugent, Shemane’s husband is an American musician who is famous for Hard Rock and Psychedelics. He is also known for his Gibson Brydland guitar. People are always curious to know about him and his love partner. Thus, here are some of the interesting facts that you might not know about Ted’s wife Shemane.

Early Life – Birthdate & Education

Deziel was born on the 17th of July, 1962 in the Michigan State United States of America making her zodiac sign Cancer. However, she was raised in Jackson County, Missouri alongside her siblings by her parents. The name and other details regarding her parents haven’t been made public yet.

In terms of education, after completing high school, Shemane went on to pursue the degree in Bachelor of Arts in Radio/TV Film from Wayne State University located in Detroit. After completing her bachelor’s degree, she went to the University of Sedona located in Arizona to pursue a master of Arts degree in Metaphysics.

What Is Shemane Deziel’s Net Worth?

Shemane Deziel is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $400 thousand. She has made a decent amount of money from her various endeavors as a fitness instructor, author, and host of radio and TV Shows.

Shemane Deziel and her husband Ted Nugent mansion
Shemane Deziel and her husband Ted Nugent’s mansion. Source: Pinterest

Deziel’s husband Ted Nugent has a net worth of $30 Million. Apart from being a successful musician, Ted is also a board member of the National Rifle Association. In the 1970s, he made almost $11 Million from his record sales. In the 1980s he went bankrupt after he made an investment in a mint farm.

The celebrity couple lives in a $1.7 Million mansion in Texas. The house features the house has 5 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms, and has a tennis court.

Shemane Deziel’s Relationship Status – Married To Musician Ted Nugent

As stated above, Shemane Deziel is currently married and is the wife of American Musician Ted Nugent. She and Nugent have been married for more than three decades currently and are going on strong. They married in the year on the 21st of December, 1989 after dating for some time previously.

Shemane Deziel with her family
Shemane Deziel with her family.
Source: Facebook Shemane Nugent

Deziel first met Nugent on the radio show that she used to host. When Ted was invited as a guest on WLLZ-FM, She was a crew member there and after that meeting, both started seeing each other frequently before finally expressing their feeling to each other and later marrying. Nugent and Deziel have one child together named Rocco Nugent.

The lovely pair has many things in common. One of their common interest is their love for dogs. Shemane as well as her husband Ted has a deep affection for dogs.

Previous Relationship of Ted & His Wife Shemane Deziel

While Deziel has remained silent about her past love life, her husband Ted Nugent has been romantically involved with many women. He was already married before marrying Shemane.

Stranglehold singer’s first wife was Sandra Janowski. She died in a single-man car accident in the year 1982. The couple were together and stayed married for nine years starting in 1970. They share two children together Toby and Sasha Nugent.

Likewise, Ted fathered a child with another woman, Karen Gutowski, and had agreed to pay child support of $3,500 monthly in 2005. He was married to Shemane at this time. Chantal Nugent and Starr Nugent are his other children.

Shemane’s Heath problems

Shemane had overcome an extremely difficult challenge in her life. She discovered that she had a lung condition that starves the bloodstream of Oxygen called pre-emphysema. This illness was caused by a deadly mold that was growing between the walls of the lungs and the HVAC system was recirculating. Later it was found that the mold was present in her bloodstream.

How Toxic Mold Nearly Killed Me.

Deziel fought the illness and later won that and today runs one of the top Zumba fitness centers in the US. This battle is an inspiration for many who are facing an illness of some type in their life. Nugent had sued Waco Homebuilder for the mold.

The celebrity couple was diagnosed with Covid 19. Ted and his wife Nugent used to make headlines by saying Covid was a hoax and they were not into wearing masks. Later both of them were infected by it. Shemane says Covid was equally challenging as the mold.

Who Is Deziel’s Husband Ted Nugent?

Theodore Anthony Nugent is an American musician who is popular in Hard Rock and Psychedelic genres. He has released many solo songs as well as performed in bands.

Nugent was introduced to the world on the 13th of December 1948 in Redford, Michigan. He was the third child of Marion Dorothy and Warren Henry Nugent. He grew up in a military family where his father was an army sergeant.

There was pressure on Nugent to join the army during the peak of the Vietnam War. However, he never joined, he later confessed that he deliberately failed his draft by just eating Junk food and by defecating, and urinating in his pants.

Shemane Deziels husband Ted Nugent
Shemane Deziel’s husband Ted Nugent.
Source: Instagram @tednugentofficial

Deziel’s musical career began by forming a band The Amboy Dukes in 1964 along with musicians like Bob Lehnert, Gary Hicks, and Dick Treat and basically used to perform in Clubs and cover hard rock genres music.

They released their first album after three years of the formation of their band in 1967 called The Amboy Dukes. The album was a hit and people started grooming his music. From the formation of the band in 1967 they released several albums like Journey to the Center of the Mind (1968), Migration’ in 1969, ‘Survival of the Fittest Live, and others.

However, the constant reshuffling of the band and various other inconsistencies led Ted to leave the band in 1975 and pursue a solo career. He has released solo albums like Free-for-All, Cat Scratch fever, Scream Dream, and many other solo albums.

Ted’s Wife Shemane Deziel Got Arrested For Carrying A Gun

Shemane doesn’t have much controversy under her belt as she rarely interacts with the media. But she once got into a huge controversy in the year 2013. She also got into legal problems during that time.

In 2013, she was arrested at the Dallas Worth International Airport for carrying a loaded handgun. She claimed that the death threats that she got had forced her to carry it and also stated that she had forgotten it was in her possession when she went to the airport.

Career Highlights

Shemane began her professional career in the year 1980 when she began working as a radio newscaster and has appeared as a host on various popular tv networks like MTV, VH1, Discovery, C-Span, and other various different networks. She has also made an appearance on Ted Nugent: Spirit Of the wild.

Shemane Deziels book
Shemane Deziel’s book.
Source: Amazon

In addition to this, Deziel has also worked as a fitness instructor and has opened Zumba classes in the circuit for curves and Zumba which is one of the top 10 fitness franchises in America. She trains others there as a lead instructor and has created a training manual herself.

Nungent’s wife, Shemane is also an author who has published books. Her first book was titled Married to a Rock star and her other books are titled Kill it & grill it, 4 minutes a day Rock and Roll your way to Happy. She currently is working on a movie about her son Rocco which is under production and might get released soon.

Political Views – Supporter Of Trump

Ted and his wife Shemane actively express their political opinions on their social media platforms. Apparently, she is a supporter of Trump’s government.

Shemane has posted many posts on her Instagram about Trump. She also goes to the Trump rally and has posted pictures of her and her husband in the white house with Trump.

Fitness Instructor Shemane Deziel’s Physical Appearance

Deziel is a beautiful-looking woman and as a fitness coach, she has maintained herself well by keeping herself healthy and fit. She has a good height of 5 feet 9 inches or 175 cm. She has a body weight of 62 kg.

Shemane Deziel is a fitness instructor.
Source: BollywoodNews

She has a well-maintained slim body figure however her exact body measurement is unknown at the time of writing the article. She has a beautiful pair of blue eyes and her hair color is blonde.

Social Media Presence

Deziel is active on Facebook and Instagram. She is active on Facebook with the username @Shemane Nugent which is a verified profile, it has more than 246k followers. She posts content that is related to her work and her personal life.

She is active on Instagram with the username @shemanenugent which is also a verified profile and she has about 78k Followers. Like, Facebook here to she posts content related to her professional and personal life as well as quotes and affirmations as well. She used to have a Twitter account but was suspended from Twitter in 2018.

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