Timothy Mowry  was 18 when he married Darlene. Source: Celebsfamily

Timothy Mowry

The 63-year-old Timothy Mowry might not be self-involved in the glamour industry, but his family is. In fact, he is

17 May
Betsy Berardi, 73 owns a net worth of $1 million. Source: Wikiramp

Betsy Berardi

Betsy BerardiĀ is one of those personalities who became famous after tying the knot with a celebrity. In this case, with the

17 May
Brody Tate and Janeane Garofalo tied the knot in 2015. Source: Libby Quotes

Brody Tate

Call it the advantage or disadvantage that whenever someone dates a celebrity, they become one. The case is precisely the

17 May

Damon Runyan

Damon Runyan is a celebrated Canadian actor who is popular among the viewers for his dashing looks and versatility in front

16 May

Sayyid El Alami

Sayyid El Alami is a Turkish born actor who became known to the public through his performance in the Netflix series Messiah.

16 May

Honey Hollman

Honey Hollman is a former actress Danish-born American actress who is known for Empire North and Go’ aften Danmark. She

15 May
Barbara Chinlund and Nick  Chinlund married in 2005. Source: Zimbio

Barbara Chinlund

The famous saying, ‘Behind every successful man stands a woman’ who regularly holds his back,’ is right in

15 May
77-year-old Holland Taylor played Evelyn Harper on Two and a Half Men. Source: E!

Holland Taylor

Born on January 14, 1943, veteran actress Holland Taylor might not be at the peak of her career, but she continues to work in

15 May
Maddie Epps

Maddie Epps

Maddie Epps is a celebrity child and the daughter of famous American comedian Mike Epps. Being a celebrity child,

15 May
Allison Tolman featured in two episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Source: Instagram

Allison Tolman

Allison Cara Tolman, born on November 18, 1981, is a talented actress in the American entertainment industry. Some of her

15 May