Nik Hirschi

Nik Hirschi in a black suit poses with wife Alex Hirschi.

This is the age of women empowerment, which sees many divas leading several professions, be it business ventures or the showbiz world. The case is same with Nik Hirschi’s beloved wife Alex Hirschi, popular with the nickname ‘Supercar Blondie.’ Interestingly, she is the sole reason why her husband, Nik, rose to global fame. You would … Read more

Aida Mogos

Aida Mogos has a net worth of $500,000

Aida Mogos is an American television producer who currently serves as a supervising producer at the Missouri-based news channel Newsy. Previously, the versatile journalist has the experience of working for WBBM CBS Chicago and Sinclair Broadcast Group. Get all the information about Mogos’s private and professional life right here! Is News Producer Aida Mogos Married? … Read more

Sasha Ingber

Sasha Ingber in a grey t-shirt poses for a picture.

Journalism is a difficult job considering the massive responsibility it has to the entire nation. Sasha Ingber certainly hopes to fulfill her roles properly as she is an on-air political reporter for cable and digital channel Newsy. Ever since she joined the network in November 2019, things have been extremely hectic for her as she needed … Read more

Irene Nwoye

Irene Nwoye poses for a picture.

‘The courage in journalism is sticking up for the unpopular, not the popular.’ The quote by Geraldo Rivera gives proper insight into the profession as a whole, which inspires many to pursue it. Irene Nwoye is someone who belongs to the category as she is a freelance journalist cum contributor. With her intriguing storytelling ability, the African … Read more

Amber Strong

Amber Strong in a yellow dress poses for a picture.

The sole aim of journalism should be service, and Amber Strong firmly adheres to it. The charismatic journalist is responsible for conveying the entire political affairs and the latest happenings. Strong currently serves as a full-time political reporter for the emerging network Newsy, and she couldn’t be happier. With such a stable job and reputation, one might … Read more

Liz Newton

Liz Newton holds a net worth of $100,000

A new face in the journalism world, Liz Newton is a young American journalist working at the WDTV 5 News as its digital content producer. Fresh out of college, she began her career at one of the biggest news channel companies in West Virginia. Previously, she worked as a assistant editor, social media producer, and … Read more