Navy Joan Roberts is the granddaughter of US President Joe Biden. She had been the hot topic after the Biden family posted the image of the Christmas decoration in the White House. There were only seven stockings of his grandchildren over the fireplace, and people were curious to know why they did not put stockings of Navy Joan.

Is it really true that Biden has not accepted the Navy as her granddaughter, as many people say? Let’s find out the truth and other interesting facts relating to the granddaughter of the US president.

Navy Joan Robert’s Family Background

Navy Joan was born on the 29th of November in 2018 as the daughter of Hunter Biden and Lunden Alexis Roberts. Her parents are not married. She is being raised in Arkansas by her mother, and the Biden family has not met her.

Navy Joan Roberts with her mother Lunden Alexis Roberts
Navy Joan Roberts with her mother, Lunden Alexis Roberts.
Source: Instagram @lundentownn_

As the daughter of Hunter Biden, she is the youngest granddaughter of US President Joe Biden. Joe has four children of his, i.e., Hunter, Beau, Naomi, and Ashley Biden.

Lunden is taking care of her daughter. She has posted a lot of images of them together, having fun on the beach and playground. Apparently, the Navy loves playing baseball.


Navy has three half-siblings from his father’s side. Hunter, from his union with Kathleen, shares three children Naomi, Finnegan, and Maisy.

Maisy is a talented basketball player and is friends with Sasha Obama. Naomi married Peter Neal in November 2022. Finnegan has attended the University of Pennsylvania.

Who is Navy Joan Roberts’s Mom?

Navy Joan Roberts’s mom, Lunden Alexis Roberts, is a worker at Mpire Club. She goes by the stage name ‘Dallas’. Roberts was born on March 5th, 1991, in Batesville, Arkansas. Alexis was a former basketball player. She went to Southside Highschool for her studies.

Lunden Alexis Robert
Navy Joan Robert’s mom Lunden Alexis Robert.
Source: New York Post

Following that, she attended Western Illinois University briefly before transferring to Arkansas State University, where she studied interdisciplinary studies and graduated in 2014.

Roberts, although enrolled in George Washinton University in 2015 to get her master’s in Crime Scene Investigation, never graduated from there. She was also working with the FBI during her CSI studies.

Speaking of her physical appearance, Lunden stands tall with a height of 5 ft and 9 inches, equivalent to 175 cm. Similarly, she weighs around 64 kg, i.e, 141 lbs. She has a body measurement of 38-30-39.

Hunter Biden Initially Did Not Accept Navy To Be His Daughter

Initially, Hunter, Navy Joan Robert’s father, did not accept the Navy to be his daughter. He also did DNA and paternity test, which proved that he was indeed the father of the Navy.

Later, Biden accepted the fact and is giving a sum monthly as child support. However, the amount has not to yet been revealed to the public, and the payment started in April 2020.

Hunter Biden Does Not Want To Give His Surname To Navy

Hunter Biden, Son of Joe Biden, does not want to give his surname to the baby and has filed a report. According to him, by bearing his surname, the child will not experience peaceful existence, and it will affect her.

Hunter Biden Doesn’t Want His Daughter to Have His “Disgraced” Last Name.

However, the Navy’s mother said that it would be more beneficial for the child. Thus, she has requested for the Navy to carry out her father’s family name to the circuit court Judge in December 2022.

Lunden Alexis Roberts was Once a Payroll At Hunter’s Consulting Firm

It is not clear where and when Navy Joan’s parents met. According to some tabloids, they met in a Mpire club where Lunden was working as a stripper under the name ‘Dallas’. Hunter got Lunden pregnant during the time he broke up with his sister-in-law.

However, Robert’s Lawyer said that the two were acquaintances. She was working at Hunter’s consulting firm and became pregnant with his child while working there. The evidence was also in the Laptop that Hunter did not take from the Delaware repair shop.

Navy Joan Roberts is Yet To Meet Her Grandfather, US President

Many people think that the US President has discarded his granddaughter’s Navy, which might be true. As everyone knows, Biden is close to his grandchildren. However, he has not yet met his granddaughter.

The Biden family has not accepted her, and this explains why there were only seven stockings over the fireplace in Christmas decorations. People have criticized Biden for it.

Navy Joan Roberts’s Father’s Relationship

Robert’s father, the Hunter, has some messed up relationship history. He tied the knot with Kathleen Buhle in 1993. However, the pair parted ways in 2017. During their more than two years of nuptial relationship, Hunter and Kathleen have had three children Naomi, Finnegan, and Maisy.

The couple divorced after Kathleen discovered that Hunter had an extra-marital affair with his sister-in-law. Besides this, Hunter had numerous relationships with strippers and other women.

Upon looking at Hunter’s computer, Buhle found out that he was spending money on liquor stores and clubs, hot tub stores in Los Angeles, and others.

Hunter Biden’s Extra-Marital Affairs With His Sister-in-law

Hunter Biden had an extra-marital affair with his sister-in-law after the death of his brother, Beau Biden. Beau died due to a brain tumor on the 30th of May, 2015.

Hunter Biden Says Dating His Brother’s Widow Was Hard on Kids.

Hunter was working with Hallie and his parents to launch Beau Biden Foundation, and he spent more time with Hallie. He started to spend more time in Hallie’s house.

The news was broken out to Kathleen by the family therapist and her daughter. Her daughter had found texts between them.

‘Kathleen, Hunter’s having an affair with Hallie’

Debbie – Family therapist

After she knew about the affair, Kathleen only could say Oh my god. Hunter and his sister-in-law Hallie broke up in 2017.

Parent’s Net Worth

Despite being rejected by the Biden family, Navy Joan Roberts is Joe Biden’s blood. Her mother’s current occupation is unknown, but she has worked with the FBI, Hunter’s consulting business, and the Mphir club.

Hunter Biden 34 Million Mansion
Hunter Biden $34 Million Mansion.
Source: Realestate

On the other hand, Robert’s father, Hunter Biden, is estimated to have a net worth of $250 Million. He has accumulated this sum from his legal works as well as secret dealings with foreign companies whose information was revealed from the cache of his laptop that was dropped in water.

Hunter is stated to have more than $45 Million deposited in banks and enjoys dividend and interest from it. Similarly, he has a lot of investments in different sectors. He has an annual income of $20 million and pays IRS tax of $2 Million, as per stats.

Real Estate and Vehicle Collection of Hunter Biden

Biden bought a mansion worth $35 Million in 2020 amid corona pandemic. The luxurious mansion features a Tennis court, Bowling Alley, 2 swimming pools, and many more. In addition to this, he has 15 real estate properties.

Similarly, Biden has 9 cars, including Ferrari 812, Rolls-Royce Ghost, and Mercedes Benz S-Class, which all cost above $500,000. Not only has cars, but he has a collection of 3 luxurious yachts and 1 private Jet.

Navy Joan Robert’s Grandmother Died In A Car Accident

Hunter had a drug addiction problem and now claims to have become sober. His drug addiction was because of the trauma he received after his mother and sister died in a car accident in 1972 when he was very young.

To be free of this addiction, he practiced healthy habits and rehabilitated himself for two decades. Later, his addiction sparked again after his brother died in 2015.

I used to smoke crack every 15 minutes.

Hunter Biden

Currently, he seems to be free from this substance abuse.

Memoir Beautiful Things

Navy Joan Robert’s father, Hunter Biden, is the author of his autobiography Beautiful Things: A Memoir. It was published in 2017. The book is about Biden’s life story, his ways of dealing with substance abuse, and other personal life stories.

Beautiful things a memoir
Autobiography of Hunter Biden.
Source: Amazon

The book is being sold on many online platforms. Beautiful Things has 4.5 ratings out of 5 and is being sold for $13.00 for Kindle, $22.49 for Hardcover, and $15.49 for paperback on Amazon.

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