Joshua Russaw, a talented 24-year-old American DJ, music producer, and singer. He is widely recognized as the son of Faith Evans, the renowned American singer, songwriter, and actress. He was born on June 10, 1998, and is making waves in the music industry with his exceptional skills.

Joshua has siblings named Ryder Russaw, Christopher Wallace Jr., and Chyna Tahjere Griffin. He stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (173 centimeters) and weighs around 63 kilograms. As for his net worth, he has accumulated approximately $500,000 and his zodiac sign is Gemini.

Relationship Status

Joshua Russaw is currently single and dedicatedly focused on his career. He prefers to keep his personal life private, and there are no known records of his past relationships. Only time will tell when he will be open regarding it.

Joshua Russaw is busting some moves as he is performing on his DJ Set.
Joshua Russaw performing at Jue Lan Kitchen (Source: Johsua Russaw Instagram @jahadrussaw)

Joshua’s main priority lies in his professional endeavors, pouring his energy and efforts into pursuing success in his chosen field. With a strong commitment to his craft, he keeps his personal life out of the spotlight, allowing his work to speak for itself.

Net Worth Status

Joshua Russaw has achieved considerable financial success throughout his career, accumulating an estimated net worth of approximately $500,000. This noteworthy achievement is a testament to his dedication and talent in the music industry.

Joshua has a diverse range of income sources that contribute to his financial success. As a DJ, he generates revenue performing at various events and venues. Additionally, he also makes money as an R&B producer. His skills as a singer have further improved his income.

Joshua’s famous mother, Faith Evans has an estimated net worth of around $3 million. Like her son, she primarily generates income through her successful career in the music industry. Her main sources of income come from record sales, royalties, and concert performances. In addition to her music career, she has appeared in films and television shows, which may provide additional sources of income.

Has A Biological Brother Who Is Autistic

Joshua Russaw holds the special distinction of being the firstborn child in his family, but his parents’ journey did not stop there. They were blessed with another child, his younger brother named Ryder Evan Russaw who has been battling with autism.

Faith Evans is taking a selfie as Ryder Evan Russaw is looking somewhere else.
Joshua Russaw’s biological brother, Ryder Evan Russaw (Source: Faith Evans Instagram @therealfaithevans)

In her determined pursuit to ensure her son, Ryder, received the support he needed as a student with autism, Faith found herself in a battle with the Los Angeles Unified School District. Witnessing their lack of accommodation and attention towards his needs, Joshua’s mother made the difficult decision to remove him from the school as mentioned in an article from Distractify.

The article has also mentioned this uncomfortable experience got Faith to establish Ryder’s Room Inc., a foundation dedicated to advocating for children with autism. Through this organization, She works tirelessly to raise awareness, provide resources, and fight for the rights of children facing similar challenges, empowering them to thrive and succeed.

Joshua’s Parents Are No Longer Together

Joshua is the son of two remarkable individuals in the music industry. His mother is Faith Evans, a music artist while his father is Todd Russaw, a respected talent manager and music producer. Faith and Todd exchanged vows on November 11, 1997, but unfortunately, their relationship ended in 2011 after more than 13 years together. Despite their separation, he remains a testament to his parent’s shared love and legacy.

In the year 1997, Faith Evans and Todd Russaw crossed paths for the first time, thanks to a mutual friend who brought them together. Soon after their introduction, they began dating, embarking on a journey of love and companionship. It is worth noting that during this period, Joshua’s mother was still married to the renowned rapper and legendary hip-hop artist, the late Notorious B.I.G.

Has Two StepSiblings

Joshua Russaw, in addition to his immediate family, has the joy of having two step-siblings in his life. One of his step-siblings is Christopher Wallace Jr., also known as CJ Wallace, who shares a bond with him as they are both children of Faith Evans. He is the son of the iconic late rapper, The Notorious B.I.G.

Another step-sibling of Joshua is Chyna Tahjere Griffin, who is the daughter of the esteemed producer Kiyamma Griffin. Together, they form a unique and talented extended family, each bringing their individuality and experiences to their shared bond.

CJ Wallace is posing wearing baggy pants and a shirt that says, "Hugs and Kisses".
Joshua Russaw’s Step-Brother, CJ Wallace (Source: CJ Wallace Instagram @cjordanwallace)

C.J. is a notable figure in the entertainment industry. Born on October 29, 1996, he has inherited his parents’ artistic genes and has pursued a career in acting and music. He made his acting debut in the biographical film “Notorious” (2009), where he portrayed a young version of his father.

In addition to acting, Voletta Wallace’s grandson, C.J. is also a talented musician. Under the stage name “CJ Fly,” he has released several music projects, blending elements of hip-hop and rap to create his unique sound. Chyna is a rapper, producer and has also worked as a makeup artist.

Joshua Russaw Is Also A Musician

Joshua follows in the footsteps of his talented mother as a musician. He has a knack for DJing and knows how to set the right vibes for any event. Besides being a skilled DJ, Joshua has also proven himself as an R&B producer, creating soulful and captivating beats that resonate with listeners.

Not stopping there, Joshua showcases his vocal abilities as a singer, mesmerizing audiences with his smooth voice. Joshua’s creative talent extends to song production as well. He has independently produced tracks like “Can You” and “Sit Back,” where his unique style and musical prowess shine through. He is carving his own path in the industry while drawing inspiration from his mother’s musical legacy.

At the tender age of three, Joshua would often join his mother during her studio sessions while she worked on her third studio album, Faithfully. These moments had a profound effect on young Joshua, granting him a firsthand glimpse into the inner workings of the music industry.

Who Is Joshua’s Famous Mother, Faith Evans?

Faith Evans, born on June 10, 1973, is a highly accomplished American singer, songwriter, and actress. Hailing from Newark, New Jersey, she began her musical journey at a young age, singing in church choirs and local talent shows. She rose to prominence in the 1990s as one of the leading voices in the R&B and soul music scene.

Faith’s debut album, “Faith” (1995), garnered critical acclaim and commercial success, featuring hit singles like “You Used to Love Me” and “Soon as I Get Home.” Throughout her career, she has released several successful albums, including “Keep the Faith” (1998), “Faithfully” (2001), and “The First Lady” (2005).

Faith is also known for her collaborations with other renowned artists, including her notable duets with the late rapper The Notorious B.I.G., whom she married in 1994. Their collaborations resulted in popular songs such as “One More Chance” and “I’ll Be Missing You,” a heartfelt tribute to The Notorious B.I.G. following his tragic passing.

In addition to her musical achievements, Faith has showcased her talent as an actress, appearing in films and television shows such as “Turn It Up” (2000) and “R&B Divas: Atlanta” as mentioned on her IMDb page. Joshua’s mother has received numerous accolades throughout her career, including Grammy Awards and Soul Train Music Awards.

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