Jorgelina Cardoso is a famous person from Argentina who’s well-liked on social media. Most people know her as the wife of Angel Di Maria, who plays pro soccer for Argentina.

Jorgelina Cardoso’s Wiki/ Bio

Jorgelina Cardoso was born in Rosario, Argentina, on July 11, 1982. Her dad is Papito Lindo, and her mom’s name is a family secret. She has a sister named Joaa Cardoso.

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Jorgelina Cardoso with her husband Angel Di Mario. Image Source: Instagram@jorgelinacardoso26

Moreover, the celebrity spouse went to school in Rosario and later went to the University of Buenos Aires. Cardoso can speak French, Spanish, and English well.

How Jorgelina Cardoso Met Her Husband?

The stunning lady Jorgelina and her spouse Angel Di Maria met long years ago, but how they met is still a secret. What’s clear is they’ve been together a long while and faced lots of challenges together.

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Jorgelina Cardoso and Angel Di Mario have been married for 12 years. Image Source: Instagram@jorgelinacardoso26

Likewise, the celebrity pair got married on July 30, 2011, and now it’s been twelve years since they said “I do.” Their wedding in Argentina was attended by all their close friends and family, making it a beautiful celebration.

The star wife, Cardoso posted a hearth robing post on Instgaram on their 12th wedding anniversary with a caption, “
💍 SILK WEDDING 💍 12 years married – 07/30/2011
This anniversary symbolizes love, respect, and eternal union between two people who decide to unite their lives.
It’s time to tell this beautiful Eastern legend that says an invisible red thread connects people who are destined to meet. No matter how long it takes to meet that person, no matter how long you go without seeing them, no matter if you live on the other side of the world: the thread will stretch to infinity but it will never break. This thread connects the eternal loves, the true ones, the selfless. An anniversary that has, like no other, this connotation.
To many more years my love. I love you with all my soul ♥️”

Jorgelina Cardoso Is The Mother Of Two Kids

The media sensation Cardoso and her long-time companion Angel have been a couple for a while and have two kids together. Their first daughter, Mia Di María, arrived early in 2013 and needed special care at first, but after six months in the hospital, she was declared healthy and discharged. Their second daughter, Pia Di Maria, was born on November 3, 2017. See another football player Bethany Dempsey‘s married life.

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Jorgelina Cardoso with her husband and daughters. Image Source: Instagram@jorgelinacardoso26

Despite Jorgelina being seven years older than the football star, their age gap hasn’t affected their happy relationship. They’re still very much in love and often share family photos, including their two lovely daughters, on social media.

Jorgelina Cardoso’s Unfiltered Take on Manchester and Angel Di Maria’s Move

The 41-year-old Jorgelina made big news in August 2022 by saying some not-so-nice things about Manchester. She called it a “bad place,” said the people there were strange, and thought the local food was yucky. Maria had moved to Manchester United from Real Madrid in 2014, but he didn’t stay for long. He left after just one not-so-great season to join Paris Saint-Germain.

Further, the celebrity beau wasn’t a fan of Di Maria going to United from the start. She didn’t like Manchester when she visited. She mentioned a trip where they went to Sergio Aguero‘s house in Manchester.

Similarly, the gorgeous woman and her friend Gianinna Maradona, who used to be married to Aguero, went there from Madrid when Di Maria had some time off from playing for Real Madrid. But she thought it was awful! They visited the house and quickly decided to leave. Cardoso even told Di Maria that he could go play in any country, except for England.

Jorgelina Cardoso’s Husband Has Good Relationship with Messi

The household names Lionel Messi (Celia María Cuccittini‘s son) and Ángel have been best buds for ages, and their wives, Antonella Roccuzzo and Cardoso have become super close too. You often see both couples hanging out together, and Jorgelina always cheers Messi on, even when some fans give him a hard time.

Likewise, the celebrities met up in Qatar for the 2022 World Cup final. Messi and Di María played for Argentina and won! The celebrity wives Cardos and Antonella have built good bonds over the year through their husbands’ fellowship.

How Rich Jorgelina Cardoso Is?

The media personage Jorgelina is a full-time homemaker and an Instagrammer. Likewise, the lady has also worked as her husband’s manager. She’s got around $600,000 from being an Instagram star, while her hubby, Ángel, has amassed a staggering net worth of $18 million. Their family enjoys a lot of fancy stuff.

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Jorgelina Cardoso lives a comfortable lifestyles. Image Source: Instagram@jorgelinacardoso26

The 35-year-old María made his money playing soccer. He started in ‘Rosario Central’ when he was young, and scored his first goal in a pro game against ‘Quilmes’ during the ‘Apertura’ league. He was part of the national under-20 team in the ‘FIFA World Cup.’ To add more, the renowned player made history through his amazing performance in the World Cup 2022.

In 2014, the big name signed a big contract with ‘Manchester United’ and later moved to ‘Paris Saint-Germain.’ He’s played in multiple FIFA World Cups for Argentina too.

In addition, the lovely mate’s house has some cool cars like the Lamborghini Huracan, Range Rover Sport SVR, Chevrolet Corvettes, and Audi Q7.

Is A Social Media Influencer

The Argentinian nationality Cardoso is popular on social media, especially on Instagram, where she has more than 1.6 million followers with these ername @jorgelinacardoso26. She shares stuff about her kids, hubby, and their travels. She’s also on Twitter and Facebook.

Her social media game got bigger, especially after Argentina won the 2022 FIFA World Cup in December 2022. She’s been using her online space to talk about things she cares about and spread good vibes.

Looks & Height

The sizzling lady Cardoso has a great body, standing 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighing about 59 kilograms. She looks fantastic with her blonde hair and black eyes.

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