JoAnne Rhue Harrison, an American businesswoman, was born on September 2, 1940, in Kernersville, North Carolina, USA. Sadly, her husband, the renowned executive Richard Harrison from the popular TV show, “Pawn Stars“, has passed away. JoAnne shares the zodiac sign, Virgo.

JoAnne has three sons, Rick, Joe, and Chris Harrison and she was once in a legal dispute with that latter one. She also had a daughter, Sherry Harrison, who has sadly passed away. She stands at a height of 165 centimeters, which is equivalent to 5 feet and 10 inches. Additionally, she weighs around 60 kilograms or approximately 132 pounds.

JoAnne Harrison Was The Wife Of The Late Richard Harrison

Richard Benjamin Harrison tied the knot with Joanne Rhue Harrison on July 7, 1959, and their marriage lasted until his passing on June 25, 2018. Their love story began when Richard was just 17 years old. It was at a lively barn dance where fate brought them together. Amongst the cheerful atmosphere and the sound of music, he caught sight of JoAnne, and a spark ignited between them.

Richard Harrison is on his Navy uniform.
JoAnne Rhue Harrison’s late husband, Richard Harrison (Source: Rick Harrison Instagram @rick_harrison)

Richard and JoAnne’s connection grew stronger over time, leading them to take their vows and embark on a journey as husband and wife. They cherished their bond and stood by each other through thick and thin, sharing countless memories until the day her husband bid his final farewell. Though his physical presence may be absent, the love they shared continues to resonate in the hearts of those who knew them.

Net Worth Of JoAnne Harrison

Joanne Rhue Harrison, a successful businesswoman, has accumulated a net worth of $3 million, similar to Tami Gingold’s daughter, Julia Garner. Her notable business venture includes maintaining a majority ownership stake of 51% in the renowned establishment known as Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. Through her expertise and dedication, Joanne played a pivotal role in the growth and success of the business.

JoAnne’s husband, Richard Benjamin Harrison, also known as “The Old Man,” had a net worth of approximately $9 million at the time of his passing in 2018. His primary source of income came from his involvement in the popular reality television show “Pawn Stars,” where he appeared as one of the main cast members. As a co-owner of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, he contributed to the shop’s success, which further added to his wealth.

Has Three Sons Including The Famous Rick Harrison

Richard and JoAnne had three sons: Rick Harrison, Joseph Harrison, and Chris Harrison. Rick, being the most well-known among them, played a vital role in the functioning of the hit TV show “Pawn Stars” and was instrumental in building the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop alongside his father. However, it is worth noting that Christopher was not included in his father’s will.

Rick Harrison is posing with the chicken he just cooked.
JoAnne Rhue Harriso’s son, Rick Harrison (Source: Rick Harrison Instagram @rick_harrison)

In the will, Rick was designated as the executor, and his widow, JoAnne, along with Joseph, were specified as the beneficiaries as mentioned in an article from Las Vegas Review-Journal. As a result, Christopher was excluded from any inheritance that would have been passed down. The decision to omit one of JoAnne’s sons from the will has not been disclosed but fans have speculated a familial rift or specific circumstances surrounding his relationship with his father and siblings.

Had A Daughter Who Sadly Passed Away

Amid their family journey, Richard and JoAnne Rhue Harrison faced a heartbreaking loss when their beloved daughter, Sherry Joanne Harrison, passed away. Tragically, Sherry lost her battle with Down syndrome on May 12, 1967, in Goldsboro, Wayne County, North Carolina at the tender age of six.

Sherry was born on December 10, 1960, in Lexington Township, Davidson County, North Carolina. Her final resting place is at Forest Hill Memorial Park in Lexington, Davidson County, North Carolina. The passing of a child is an immense sorrow that forever leaves a void in a parent’s heart. Despite the pain of this profound loss, the Harrisons cherished the memories of their beloved daughter and found solace in honoring her memory at her resting place.

What Caused JoAnne’s Husband’s Death?

On June 25, 2018, a somber day filled with sorrow, JoAnne’s husband, Richard, known affectionately as “The Old Man,” passed away in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. He had been bravely fighting Parkinson’s disease (the disease that also affected Jayne Posner’s ex-husband, Neil Diamond), which ultimately claimed his life. He was 77 years old at the time of his passing.

The coffin is covered by the US flag.
The Coffin of Richard Harrison (Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal YouTube Channel)

While JoAnne, chose not to speak to the media during this difficult time, their son Rick took to social media to share his heartfelt sentiments. In a touching post on his verified Instagram account, he expressed his deep loss, referring to his father as a friend, a father, a teacher, and so much more.

Rick conveyed his love for his father and expressed his belief in a reunion on the other side. The profound impact that Richard had on his family was evident in his words, reflecting the immense love and admiration he held for his late father.

Who Was JoAnne’s Late Husband, Richard Benjamin Harrison?

Richard Benjamin Harrison, affectionately known as “The Old Man,” was born on March 4, 1941, in Danville, Virginia, United States. He gained fame as a prominent figure in the world of pawnbroking and became widely recognized for his appearances on the hit reality TV show “Pawn Stars.”

Richard, along with his son Rick Harrison, co-founded the famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, Nevada. With his signature no-nonsense attitude and vast knowledge of antiques, JoAnne’s late husband played a vital role in the success of the pawnshop and contributed to its reputation as a go-to destination for unique and valuable items.

Even long after Richard’s death, his work in the world of pawnbroking and his memorable presence on television continue to inspire and entertain people everywhere. He was important in the popularity of the show.

Went Through A Legal Battle With Her Son, Rick

JoAnne Rhue Harrison, the matriarch of the family and wife of the late Richard filed for a restraining order against her son Rick a while back. Allegations have been made that he coerced his mother into signing over a controlling stake in the business immediately after she emerged from a coma, a claim that Joanne denies as per the report from the DailyMail.

This dispute over ownership has led to a legal battle between JoAnne and Rick. She has taken legal action, seeking temporary protection and alleging that he has manipulated her. The article has also mentioned that among the claims, she asserts that he has withheld the financial support she was entitled to from her late husband’s share of the business.

Previously, Joanne was receiving regular payments of $25,000 from Rick, but she now seeks to have this allowance reinstated through court proceedings. On the other hand, her son has denied these allegations, expressing his concern that his mother is being influenced by others who may not have her best interests at heart.

A pivotal point in the dispute dates back to 2000 or 2001, when Joanne claims that Rick took advantage of her while she was hospitalized, pressuring her into signing away her 51% ownership stake in the pawnshop. As this family feud unfolded, the future of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop and the relationship between the two remained uncertain, highlighting the complex nature of family dynamics and the challenges that arise when business and personal interests get mixed up.

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