Jessica Lockhart is the better half of Chris Jericho, who is an American-Canadian wrestler. Fame comes in many ways, and Lockhart gained popularity because of her connection with one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

Lockhart was born on the 30th of August, 1970, in New York but was raised in Tampa Bay, Florida. As per modern astrologers, she holds the zodiac sign, Virgo. Likewise, she has completed her education at the University of southern marine.

Chris Jericho and his wife have made very low public appearances and lead private life. Therefore, many of their followers are wondering about their life, so let’s dive deeper into it.

Net Worth – The Richness Of Jessica Lockhart

Jessica Lockhart is in the limelight only because of her famous husband. She is living a rich lifestyle with her husband’s fortune. Jessica and her husband, Chris Jericho, have a combined net worth of a whooping $18 Million.

Chris has collected this huge cash from a variety of sources. He has won the WWE World championship six times and has been named one of the top 50 wrestlers of all time.

Chris Jerichos 3.25 Million mansion in Florida
Chris Jericho’s $3.25 Million mansion in Florida.
Source: The Business Journals

Along with acting, Lockhart recently embarked on Chris Jericho’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Wrestling Rager, a cruise that included wrestling matches, podcasts, and several performances by well-known bands.

As the main singer of the heavy metal group Fozzy, Jericho has also released a number of albums, including The Evil That Man Do, Judas, Fozzy, All that Remains, and others.

With this huge sum of fortune Jessica is living a comfortable life with her family in Tampa, Florida, where Jericho bought a $3.25 Million mansion in a Tampa suburb.

Relationship Status – Married To Chris Jericho

Jessica Lockhart and Chris Jericho are happily married couples among celebrity couples. They have been together in a marital relationship for more than two decades which marks their love for each other.

Jessica Lockhart and Chris Jericho 1
Jessica Lockhart and Chris Jericho.
Source: The Focus

The love birds started dating several months before their marriage on the 30th of July 2000, at the St. Charles Country Club in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Jessica and Chris have not made any headlines with their disputes and have shown no sign of divorce. Prior to marrying Chris, she was not involved in any relationship.

Lockhart First Met Chris Jericho At A Japanese Restaurant

Jessica and her husband, Chris, first met at a Japanese restaurant in Tampa Bay, Florida. The loving duo met each other through a mutual friend WCW Wrestler Disco Inferno.

When Inferno was performing in Tampa Bay, Chris went with him to watch the show. After the show, he saw Inferno talking to a beautiful lady who happened to be Jessica.

Chris instantly fell in love with Jessica, and it was love at first sight. After he knew Inferno and Jessica were only friends, he asked him to introduce her.

Lockhart and Jericho started talking to each other, and they started dating. Now, the couple is happily married and shares three children together.

Chris Jericho and Jessica Lockhart talked for hours on their first day of dating. 

Celebrated 20th Anniversary In 2020

Jessica and Chris celebrated their 20 years of togetherness as husband and wife in 2020. They reaffirmed their commitments to each other in the presence of their friends and families.

Screenshot from 2022 12 03 11 29 09
David Penzer wished Chris Jericho and his wife Jessica Lockhart 20th anniversery.
Source: Twitter @davidpenzer

Among the many notable characters on her anniversary celebration was David Penzer, former WCW announcer. He has shared some glimpses of the event on his social media and also congratulated the couple.

Lockhart’s Husband Jericho Has Revealed Their Love Life In His Book A Lion’s Tale

Lockhart’s husband Jericho has revealed their love life and his journey in his book A Lion’s Tale. He has conveyed the story of his way of being one of the fifty greatest wrestlers of all time from a student wrestler in Mexico.

Jessica Lockharts husdband Chris Jerichos book A Lions tale
Jessica Lockhart’s husdband Chris Jericho’s book, A Lion’s tale.

The book is available in both online and offline bookstores. It has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 and is being sold at $19.33 for paperback on Amazon.

Jericho Proposed Lockhart Before The World Ended

Jericho was waiting for a precise moment to propose Lockhart but could not find one. Although he did not believe that the world was going to end due to the Y2K virus, he did not want to take the risk and proposed to Jessica at midnight on the 1st of January, 2000, when everybody was nervous about the virus.

Even though the world did not end, Jericho’s bachelor’s life sure ended in 2020. He considers the timing for the proposal appropriate.

WWE Legend Jeff Hardy Choose The Wedding Ring That Lockhart Is Wearing

Chris was not able to choose a perfect wedding ring for Lockhard and had consulted with many of his WWE coworkers, among which the legendary Rock was one.

He and Jeff Hardy went to the Jewellery shop and looked for rings one by one. Chris placed his top three favourites and let Hardy make a final decision as he was finding it difficult.

Vince McMohan’s Unexpected Reply For Lockhart And Jericho’s Wedding Invitation

Upon inviting Vince McMohan to their wedding, Jericho received an unexpected answer from him. As soon as the former wrestler heard the wedding location was in Winnipeg, he asked why he would go to Winnipeg.

That was quite a way to reply from McMohan to someone who is inviting to their marriage.

Blessed With Children

From her relationship with Jericho, Lockhart has been blessed with three children, i.e. One son and two twins daughter. Her oldest child, Ash Edward Irvine, was born three years after their marriage which was in the year 2003.

Jessica Lockhart with her husband and children
Jessica Lockhart with her husband and children.
Source: Essentially Sports

Likewise, her twin daughters, SiSi and Chey Irvine, were born in 2006. Lockhart and her husband have decided to raise their children away from the spotlight, and therefore, they do not make many public appearances.

His older son Ash is in college and is in a College Football team. He loves fishing with his dad and has shared pictures of them fishing on his Instagram.

Jessica Lockhart Was Spotted At The Riot On the 6th of January, 2018

Chris Jericho’s wife, Lockhart, was spotted at the riot that broke out on the 6th of January 2018 in Washington, DC. She was holding a sign “Woman for Trump” in the riot.

Jericho’s Wife At Capitol Riots…Superstar Legit Hurt…AEW and WWE Partnership…Wrestling News.

Jericho has no interest in politics. In contrast, his wife seems to have an interest in politics and involves in political activities. It has created a topic of discussion on the local group of wrestlers on the social media platform Reddit.

Lockhart Was Temporarily Paralyzed By WWE Chiropractor

Lockhart was hit by a car when she was on a run which gave her a back problem. Her husband, Jericho, insisted on bringing his wife for treatment by WWE chiropractor Francois, who was fully confident in his work; Chris took him to the Chiro.

However, Lockhart’s problem became even worse as she had temporary paralysis. She could hardly move her legs, and that was terrifying.

Luckily, everything started getting normal the next day; however, her back problem was the same as it was before.

Social Media Presence

As mentioned previously, Lockhart hates her personal life information being everywhere on the internet. However, she has created accounts on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

The celebrity wife has a private Instagram account with the username @lockon27, in which she has accumulated 257 followers.

Similarly, she joined Twitter in December 2020 and has 890 followers. So far, she has tweeted more than 7k tweets with her username @Jessica22035107.

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