Jesse Lynn Madera is a talented singer and songwriter who adds composition of Piano on them. Some of her songs include Hola Papi, At least for a while, I’ll be home for Christmas, and more.

She is known for her soothing voice and seamless transition of genres while singing. She sings in many genres including a blend of pop, folk, blues, Americana, and jazz.

Net Worth

Jessy Lynn Madera has not officially stated her net worth, however, she has a combined net worth of $1.4 Million with her husband Hemky Madera.

Madera is a singer and a songwriter and has released a lot of songs. She has also collaborated with music personalities like Stevie Black. Some of her songs include Hola Papi, At least for a while, I’ll be home for Christmas, which received wide appreciation from audiences all over.

In addition to this, her husband Hemky Madera is an accomplished actor who has made a good sum of money from his acting career.

With all this fortune, she is living a happy life with her husband.

Married To Hemky Madera

Currently, I’ll be home for Christmas singer Jesse Lynn Madera is in a relationship with Hemky Madera. They first met in 2010 in New York and after a couple of meeting up, they started dating.

Jesse Lynn Madera with her husband Hemky Madera.
Jesse Lynn Madera with her husband Hemky Madera.
Source: Hollywood life

The loving duo exchanged the wedding vows in a holy ceremony completed in 2011 that was attended by her family and friends. After their marriage, the couple moved to Los Angelos where she started focusing on her music career.

From their union, they are blessed with two sons i.e. George Madera and Jack Madera.

The love birds are happy and comfortable in their relationship and have not displayed any sign of divorce. Besides this, Jesse Lynn is not known to have been involved romantically with any other celebrities.

Early Life

Madera was born in west Virginia, United States of America. However, she was raised in many cross countries because of her mother’s work. Due to this, she gathered a lot of information on different traditions and lifestyles which has helped her in writing songs.

Her mother is Linda Turek whereas her father is John Fitzpatrick.

She spent most of her childhood growing up in her grandparent’s house. Madera started playing her grandmother’s piano at the same time she started walking. Being an enthusiast she is deeply focused on learning music and has become a self-taught musician.

Jesse Lynn stayed in Houston since the age of 11 and completed her education there. She shares her birthday with her mother. They were both born in what some astrologists refer to as The Week of the Child.

Educational Background

Madera is a well-educated person who has learned from the famed school. She completed high school in Houston where she has pursued Performing and Visual Arts.

After that, she spent a year studying classical theatre in a conservatory program at the North Carolina School of the Arts under the direction of renowned director Gerald Freedman.

Later, Hola Papi singer Madera enrolled in the renowned Tisch School of the Arts at New York University to study acting, and she received her degree there in 2004.

Blessed With Two Children

From the marital relationship of over a decade of Jesse Lynn with Hemky, she is blessed with two sons. Her sons George Madera and Jack Madera are school-going kids.

Jesse Lynn Maderas husband and children 1
Jesse Lynn Madera’s husband and children.
Source: TheCelebCloset

Hemky and Jesse Lynn are doing their best to raise their children by fulfilling all their needs. They spent some quality time as a family which is displayed on her Instagram.

Apparently, her older son is a fan of the Anime Naruto. In addition to this, he is good at drawing, which is something Madera is so proud of. She has shared the image of her eldest son drawing Kakashi which is a character from Naruto.

It was revealed that her son George was 6lbs – 7 oz at the time he was born.

Jesse Lynn Madera’s Husband Is An Actor

Jesse Lynn’s husband, Hemky Madera is an actor who is famously known for his role as Pote Galvez in the series Queen of the south. Besides this, he has appeared in numerous TV series and movies.

ATX Television Festival 2016: Hemky Madera talks “Queen of the South”

Throughout his career, Hemky has had 77 credits as an actor on his IMDb profile. Some of his credits are for Perry Mason, Sisters of the underground, Satanic Hispanics, Peter’s To-Do-List, Lethal Weapon, The Good Doctor, and so on.

Talking about his personal information, Madera blessed his parents Luis and Gisela Madera on the 26th of January 1977 in Queens, United States of America. He has a degree in marketing.

Hemky Madera Was Hospitalized

Hemky has played a lot of roles as a tough guy, however, it appears that he is not as tough as on the screen. He was hospitalized after he felt an instant pain.

He has spent at least four hospital stays at Vanderbilt University Medical Center over the past year for various operations, including the surgical treatment of diverticulitis, perforation, and infection following that surgery, as well as, most recently, the repair of four hernias.

Jesse Lynn Said His Grandfather Looked Much More Like Her Husband

Fortune singer, Jesse Lynn has shared the image of her grandfather and father working on their family farm in Parkersburg, WV on her Instagram.

Jesse Lynn maderas father and grandfather
Jesse Lynn Madara’s father and grandfather.
Source: Instagram @jesselynnmadera

She has also written that her grandfather looks a lot like the man she is currently married to i.e. Hemky.

Can Play Various Musical Instruments

Madera is a singer whose vocals mesmerize and soothes everyone. Not only she can sing in a melodious manner she can play melodious music too.

She has a good knowledge of music and can play different musical instruments. Madera learned to play piano at the time she started walking. Likewise, she is also proficient in playing guitar.

Loves Doodling

Jesse Lynn loves doodling and she has done this from a very young age. She has revealed that whenever her system needs rebooting she starts doodling.

Jesse Lynn Madera doodling face
Jesse Lynn Madera doodling face.
Source: Instagram @jesselynnmadera

She has a tendency to draw faces with an expression that tells their own stories that she herself could not explain in words.

Career Highlights

Madera was interested in music ever since she was a kid. She followed her passion and started writing songs. Her first record Fortune was released in 2020 and received wide appreciation.

Following that, she has written numerous songs and has released them. Some of her songs are Funny man, Holy Water, I’ll be home for Christmas, At least for a while, The Door, and many more. They are a blend of different genres

Jesse Lynn Madera – Holy Water (Official Video)

Her vocals fluctuate between being strong and eerie one moment and light, whimsical, and sweet the next as she effortlessly transitions between genres.

Her song is available on online song-streaming platforms like Spotify, apple music, and so on. In addition to this, Madera goes on musical tours playing music. She informs about the location and tickets on her Instagram as well as her personal site.

Wanted To Get A T-shirt That Says Avant Pop

In an interview, when Jesse Lynn was asked to describe her music, she revealed that some on her team call it Avant Pop. She wanted to get a t-shirt that says Avant Pop.

However, she describes her music as a mixture of different genres and it is more like she does what she wants.

Owns Two Dogs

Jesse Lynn is an animal lover and displays affection for them. She enjoys spending time with her two dogs that she owns and considers them part of her family.

Jesse Lynn Madera with her dogs.
Jesse Lynn Madera with her dogs.
Source: Instagram @jesselynnmadera

She has shared pictures of them on her Instagram. One of them was Jesse Lynn sleeping with her two dogs on the sofa. In addition to this, she had a cat named Kris but it died.

Social Media presence

The American singer Madera is a social butterfly who keeps posting about her personal and professional life on social media. She loves to interact with her close ones and has activated accounts on major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

She is available on Instagram under the username @jesselynmadera where she has amassed more than 13.3k followers. Likewise, her Facebook account has 2.1k followers.

Jesse Lynn joined Twitter in February 2016 and has had 186 followers so far which is very fewer compared to the number of followers from her other social media platforms. She has over 607 tweets under the username @JesseLMadera.

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