Jamar Jakes is the oldest son of the well-known author and filmmaker T.D. Jakes and his wife, Serita Jakes. He’s a private guy but famous because of his celebrity dad. Jamar also works with the family business, T.D. Jakes Enterprises, as the director of business development.

Jamar Jakes’s Early Life

Jamar Jakes was born on January 4, 1979, in the United States. He’s the oldest of five siblings: Sarah, Jermaine, Cora, and Thomas.

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Jamar Jakes is the first child of T.D. Jakes.

His dad, T.D. Jakes, leads The Potter’s House, a big church that’s not tied to any specific religious group. His mom, Serita Jakes, is an author and speaker. See another celebrity son Malachi Jakes.

Is Jamar Jake Married?

The celebrity son, Jakes might not be dating anyone right now and seems more into his career and life than relationships. He’s been around for a while, so he might have been married before. But there’s no news or info about his love life. It’s possible he’s never dated anyone or he’s kept it super secret.

Besides, Jamar’s not into sharing much about himself publicly. No brands have backed him up, and he hasn’t had any public relationships.

Jamar Jakes’s Heart Attack

In December 2004, when Jamar was 25, he had two heart attacks. His dad, T.D. Jakes, was in Nigeria for a sermon but had to cancel and rush back to Dallas.

It was a surprise for the family, and Jamar got quick care at the hospital. T.D. had to leave Nigeria to be with Jamar. Luckily, Jamar got better and left the hospital in good health.

How Is Jamar Jakes’s Professional Life?

Jamar Jakes, T.D.’s son, plays a big role in his family’s company, T.D. Jakes Enterprises. He’s been the general manager and director of business development there. Before that, he did movie work in films like Jumping the Broom, Winnie Mandela, and Not Easily Broken.

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Jamar Jakes is a versatile personality. Image Source: Instagram@jamardjakes

At T.D. Jakes Enterprises, the media sensation is in charge of the company’s TV programs. He started there in February 2014 and is still working hard.

In addition, the charming personage is also part of his dad’s church, The Potter’s House. His dad’s a founder of TDJ Enterprises, where he makes movies and writes books. His dad won Grammy and Image Awards for his work.

How Is Jamar Jakes’s Social Media Presence?

The TV star Jamar enjoys being on social media and has around 12.5 thousand followers on Instagram with the username @jamardjakes and 12.6k followers on Twitter with the username @JamarDJakes. Even though he has posted 6 times on Instagram, none of his posts are about his personal life.

On the other hand, Jake’s father, Jumping The Broom producer T.D. is well-liked on social media, having about 6.1 million followers on Instgaram with the username @bishopjakes and making around 4.6 million fan followers on Twitter with the username @BishopJakes.

Net Worth Collection

The star kid Jakes has kept his work life private, but he might be worth about $300,000.

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Jamar Jakes with his father. Image Source: Instagram@jamardjakes

On the contrary, his dad, T.D. Jakes, is believed to be worth around $20 million. He’s got lots of awards, like a Grammy in 2004 for Best Gospel Choir Album and an Image Award (NAACP) the same year. His movies include Jumping the Broom, Winnie Mandela, and Not Easily Broken. Plus, he’s written books like Anointing Fall on Me and The Crushing Is Not the End Study, among others.

Who Is T.D. Jakes?

Thomas Dexter Jakes, also known as T.D., is a preacher who talks about Christianity without being tied to any particular church group. He leads The Potter’s House, a big church in America. Besides preaching, he writes lots of books and makes movies too.

Moreover, the big-name was born on June 9, 1957, in South Charleston, West Virginia, and grew up there. When he was 10, his dad got very sick, and both he and his mom took care of him until he passed away in 1973.

Further, Jakes gave his first sermon in 1976 and officially became a preacher in 1979. He met his wife, Serita Ann Jamison, while giving a guest sermon at her local church. They got married in 1981. At just 23, in 1980, Jakes started a small church called Temple of Faith Church in Montgomery, West Virginia. At first, it had only ten members.

Similarly, the renowned personage studied Bible stuff and got a Bachelor’s degree from Friends International Christian University. Then he got a Master’s degree and a Doctor of Ministry degree too. In 1987, he became a bishop, and in 1992, he preached a famous sermon called “Woman, Thou Art Loosed,” which talked about women’s pain.

To add more, The Potter’s House, T.D.’ church in Dallas, Texas, has more than 30,000 members. He talks a lot about not having sex before marriage and has spoken about it on shows like Good Morning America and Dr. Phil. In 2015, he said his thoughts about gay rights were changing.

What’s more, the TV star is also a Grammy-winning gospel singer and has written over twenty books. In 2009, President Barack Obama asked Jakes to give a morning service before his Presidential Inauguration. Right now, he lives in Dallas with his wife, Serita. They have five kids and two grandkids.

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