Jamal Zook is known for being the nephew of the late legendary vocalist, Freddie Mercury. Freddie was a British musician, singer, and songwriter, best known as the lead vocalist of the rock band Queen. He was famous for his powerful vocals, and prolific songwriting.

Jamal is the son of Freddie’s sisters, Kashmira Bulsara, and Roger Cooke. His birth name was Jamal Cooke. He also goes by the name of Samuel. Let’s learn a bit about Freddie’s Nephew. However, there are no details regarding his exact date of birth he might be in his early 40s.

Relationship Status: Is Jamal Seeing Anyone?

Well, Samuel also known as Jamal has always lived a low-profile life with very few media appearances. He has not provided a lot of information on himself and that includes his relationship status too. There is also no record of Freddie’s nephew’s previous relationship if he had been in one.

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Jamal Zook in an interview with BBC (Source: YouTube)

For now, Jamal is focusing on his career goals. He might be actively seeking a partner too but we can’t tell as he hasn’t brought it up in the media. His absence from social media also makes it hard to learn about him.

His Relationship With Freddie

The charming guy Jamal only got to witness Freddie in the early part of his life as the We Will Rock You singer passed away when he was still young. Kids don’t remember much however, during an interview with the BBC, he revealed that even though his uncle was only present at the beginning phase of his life, the singer had a significant impact on it.

Moreover, the media star also shared a story about the I Want to Break Free singer which happened when he was small. He once sent them a huge Easter egg that was bigger than me and almost as big as my mother. He cared for his sister and her kids and would send gifts all the time.

To add more, Kashmira Bulsara’s son also revealed that even though Freddie was a world-famous performer, at home he was just another member of the family, sending them amazing presents and looking after them in his special way.

Did You Know Jamal’s Parents Are No Longer Together?

Jamal parents sadly no longer live under the same roof. He is the son of Bulgaria and Cooke. The two had walked down the aisle in 1972. Nottingham Post has mentioned in their article that Freddie was also present at this wedding as a witness.

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Jamal Zook’s mother, Kashmira Bulgara (Source: Marie Quisel YouTube Channel)

Likewisse, the article has also mentioned that Kashmira and Roger relocated to Sherwood, Nottingham shortly thereafter, citing the reason for the move as her husband’s career. It is unclear as to why and when these two got separated. Both of them have always lived a normal life, away from Freddie’s limelight.

Net Worth Of Jamal’s Uncle, Freddie Mercury

The estimated net worth of Zook’s uncle, Freddie Mercury at the time of his death was around $50 million. The majority of his wealth was generated from his music career, including record sales, tours, and royalties, thanks to the success of his rock band Queen.

Further, the significant portion of Bohemian Rhapsody singer, Mercury had a significant portion of his wealth tied up in real estate, with an estimated value of $40 million as per Express. It is also no secret that Freddie’s sister, (or, Jamal’s mom), Kashmira also inherited some of his wealth but the amount remains to be disclosed.

Growing Up With Queen’s Influence

Queen is known to be one of the most influential rock bands of all time and it’s no surprise the band’s influence was on Freddie’s family members too. Jamal has revealed how his family was influenced by the success of his uncle.

As a kid, Zook didn’t know how influential his uncle was. As he grew up, listening to Queen’s music around the house seemed like a typical routine. But as time passed, he started to understand that his uncle Freddie, was a very famous person.

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Jamal Zook’s grandmother, Jer Bulsara (Source: Marie Quisel YouTube Channel)

It wasn’t until Kashmira’s son reached the age of 12 that he recognized the significant influence that Freddie had on the music industry and the importance of his legacy. While speaking to BBC, he also revealed his parents who helped him to learn about his uncle.

Moreover, the star kid has revealed that his family instilled a sense of pride and appreciation in him for his uncle’s music and legacy. His grandmother, in particular, spoke about him with an immense amount of pride, like the proudest of mothers.

As a child, Jamal would make scrapbooks with my family, cutting out articles about him from magazines and newspapers. He has also revealed that whenever his uncle’s music would come on the radio, he would turn up the radio and listen to his music with joy and admiration.

Has A Sister

The household name Zook wasn’t the only child of Freddie’s sister, Kashmira. He also has a sister named, Natalie Cooke. She is the younger one of the two. His sister is even quieter when it comes to her life as she hasn’t disclosed anything about herself.

In addition, Jamal’s sister has stayed away from the public eye her whole life. She is also absent from social media and has avoided public events or gatherings. However, a significant portion of the fans of late Freddie speculates that she must be living in Nottingham as that’s where her parents used to live at one point.

A Bit About His Famous Uncle, Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury was a British musician, best known as the lead vocalist of the rock band Queen. He was born Farrokh Bulsara on September 5, 1946, in Stone Town, Zanzibar. After moving to London in the 1960s, he formed the band Smile, which later evolved into Queen.

Likewise, the star was known for his flamboyant stage presence and incredible vocals and wrote many of Queen’s biggest hits, including Bohemian Rhapsody, We Are the Champions and Somebody to Love. Despite his relatively short career, his influence on music and popular culture has endured, and he remains one of the most beloved and iconic figures in rock history.

Also, Jamal’s uncle’s personal life was often private, but he was openly bisexual and had relationships with both men and women. He was diagnosed with a disease that Fran Lebowitz has been vocal about, i.e., AIDS in 1987 and died from complications related to the disease on November 24, 1991, at the age of 45.

Was Jamal Adopted?

Jamal is a name that has been talked about a lot in the Queen community. The fans of the band have always wanted to learn about this mysterious Freddie’s nephew. One of the biggest debates surrounding him is that if he is a biological son of Kashmira or if he was adopted.

People are divided on the internet regarding this and a lot of stories have also emerged because of it. One story suggests that after Jalam’s grandmother, Jer Bulsara‘s death, an offensive post was left on her Facebook page by an unknown internet troll, claiming that he was adopted.

Many also believe that not only Jamal but his sister, Natalie was also adopted. While there are also people who claim Natalie was Kashmira’s biological child but not the son. This is a debate that has gone on for a long time and there is no concrete evidence to prove if he was adopted or not.

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